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03:53 PM on 08/25/2008
I saw Hillary giving an excellent pep talk to the NY delegation this morning, telling them with complete conviction to support Obama and "work just as hard for him as you did for me."

I want to get on board again for Hillary, and see her as a positive force in the party.

Let's judge her by what she says and does (so far, great)! Not by McCain's misrepresentations of her--or by whatever Bill or his people say.
03:45 PM on 08/25/2008
Oh leave the Clinton's and their people alone. Wouldn't you have suffered if Obama had lost?
Obviouosly they are thin skinned.

Time to give hell to John McCain.
He deserves it.
I'm Just Me!
03:24 PM on 08/25/2008
And FlipFlop McCain will bring the speech he made for the Vietcong, calling America a criminal nation!
05:16 PM on 08/25/2008
he'll get it as soon as he logs on to Wikipedia- then he'll add the words 'surge' and 'POW' about a hundred times to his C&P and call it good...
03:16 PM on 08/25/2008
They should have had Biden in the ad also.
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Disabled Vietnam Vet
04:03 PM on 08/25/2008
Taking polite behavior out of content and using it against you is how Republican love ot operate.

Republican don't have and morals or ethics or a line they won't cross.

They can go to church on Sunday and be forgiven and then do it all again.

Most of us choose not to lose our morals and ethics for money or political gain.
Yellow Dog Democrat
03:04 PM on 08/25/2008
She doesn't approve it? Then she better get an ad on tv that states exactly that in no uncertain terms. Otherwise, I am quite sure she DID approve it. Onward to 2012.....
03:29 PM on 08/25/2008
she didn't approve it...

but did she approve of it ?
06:04 PM on 08/25/2008
MIzLiz - and should Joe Biden get out an ad taking back what he said about Obama? Grow up - stuff is said during campaigns. And, if O doesn't like the ad, he's the one with the big budget to put up an ad to counter any McCain ad.
02:52 PM on 08/25/2008
To all Senator Obama supporters:
lets all take a solem vow starting today that we will not bash the Clinton's in any way - that we will forget the past and begin anew - that we will stand up to rumors, gossip, and lies from main stream media - and that we will do everything in our power to get Senator O elected.
I have not been a Hillary supporter, and I have bashed her, and I fully apologize. I will never utter another harsh word against Hillary.
Please - we have to unite. This election is the most important ever.
Lets unite against John McCain and everything he stands for!

Pass the word - we need to really unite and get out the vote, otherwise, we're lost.
03:17 PM on 08/25/2008
As a former Clinton supporter, I appreciate the constructive attitude. Those Clinton holdouts who are not actually Republicans should be embracing the unity theme as well. Any lingering resentments between the Obama/Clinton factions can be deferred until AFTER the election. First we need to win the damn thing.
Been there, done that, lived to tell
03:24 PM on 08/25/2008
I'm SO with you!

Obama/Biden '08. Beat John McCain (and bring a friend)!
02:06 PM on 08/25/2008
Hillary Clinton should DEMAND the GOP stop using her in their divisive ads. Otherwise, the DNC will be force to use Mitt Romney & Mike Huckabee in ads.
02:09 PM on 08/25/2008
she can't/won't 'demand' it - that would handcuff the DNC from using Romney/Huckabee and every other repub who's called mac out -- let 'em run it...there is much more damaging comments about mac the dnc can use than vice versa
02:15 PM on 08/25/2008
Please, she wants O to loose so she can run on 2012. She is thrilled they are using this against him, that is why she said it in the first place. Another reason to vote O.
02:26 PM on 08/25/2008
I don't care how he lose, it will all fall on Hillary,Bill and Puma, and beleive me people will fault them and at that time They could not run for dog catcher and win, also on the state level all those who supported Hillary will also be blame for Sen. Obama lost because of this, the Democratic Party will be destory.
02:48 PM on 08/25/2008
Aww...Hilldog. The gift that keeps on giving.
02:05 PM on 08/25/2008
and comments like that are why she's not veep!
02:11 PM on 08/25/2008
That and because she is terrible.
02:00 PM on 08/25/2008
If Obama can’t survive the criticism of those in his own party, than he shouldn’t be the nominee. People need to stop pre-blaming Clinton (or Biden, whose GOP commercial is actually more damaging) for Obama’s future failure. He is the master of his own fate and he only got better and stronger because of the heat from Clinton and the others. In fact, his biggest accomplishment demonstrating his suitability to be president is that he has run a $200M+ campaign that bettered all the old timers. If he continues to play it smart (and Biden as a VP was smart), he will better the GOP too; but he is the one who is in control of that. Stop blaming others and hold him accountable for running a smart campaign and he will win.
01:56 PM on 08/25/2008
I do think that if somehow Hillary had won then some Obama supporters would feel the same, for different reasons. It has been a completely historic race on both counts and there are lots of passionate supporters on both sides.
However, I don't understand why her supporters haven't retired her debt?
I think it is a bit too much to expect Obama supporters to do so - my view is why should I contribute to what seemed to me to be her staying in the race after it was nolonger mathematically possible for her to win, and loaning her campaign money to continue - something I see that only ended up damaging the Democratic party and contributing to the hurt feelings?
At least that is how I feel.
01:57 PM on 08/25/2008
they would rather stay bitter than help her out, which proves they don't give a d amn about retiring her debt

18 million supporters $2 each = Debt paid off
02:14 PM on 08/25/2008
Except that how many of those supporters were Repubs trying to screw up our process. Funny how she never mentions that she is so devisive and that the Repubs were dying to run against her.
01:55 PM on 08/25/2008
This ad is such a joke. Since when did repubs have anything but contempt for Hillary Clinton's opinion?

I am glad that Sen. Clinton denounced this crud. She knows that the progressives have a Supreme Court to balance, and dems have got to restore actual SCIENCE to our approach to public health information before they even get to the issue of health insurance.

Dear RNC:

It's not about what he said, or she said. It's not even JUST the economy.
It's our overall welfare, stupid!
02:19 PM on 08/25/2008
They are hoping the Hillary supporters and P.U.M. A don't catch on that the Republicans are using reverse psychology. That ad is not intended to praise Hillary, they are using her words against her to gain her supporters. Since when has the likes of Sean Hannity and the rest of his cronies cared about seeing the Democrats win the White House. All they keep saying is Senator Obama can't win without Hillary (yeah right, like they really want him too) on the ticket. Do you really think they mean that? I find it kind of silly to hear Republicans discussing the Democratic race so much.
01:39 PM on 08/25/2008
All those mothers out there with children especially sons. Please do not vote for McSame, he will reinstate the draft and your child will be send to war to get killed.

I only have one son, if he does not chose to join the military voluntarily, he will not be forced by McSame to join.

Vote for President Obama and you will enjoy your children.
Navy Wife
04:25 PM on 08/25/2008
Thank you so much for stating this! I teach High School and have nightmares about seeing my best students put in uniform, handed an M-16 and trotted off to one of McCains wars in Iraq, Iran, Georgia, North Korea, where-ever there's a problem.
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If you don't like my principles, I have others
01:38 PM on 08/25/2008
How low can you go, Mac?
01:45 PM on 08/25/2008
I'm J'ohn Mc'Cain and I approve this message.
01:37 PM on 08/25/2008
Maybe McCain will ask her to be his VP. If they think she is wiser than Obama, and they're spending money getting her word out, the GOP should just force McCain to pick Hillary as his 2nd in command. He wants her voters, he should give her the slot - it's only fair, right?
02:00 PM on 08/25/2008
Hill voters will never vote for Johnnie Mc, despite what the MSM says

Mc would appoint radical judges to the bench to overturn Roe vs Wade, that should turn them off right away.
02:08 PM on 08/25/2008
when you have a 24/7 news cycle and run out of real news what does the msm do? oh yeah that's right they create news as opposed to reporting it...and thus the great non existent clinton divide
01:34 PM on 08/25/2008
Good ad.......hits the center. Very tough for Hill.
01:55 PM on 08/25/2008
face it PumaAnn, you PumaPuketards are finished...

keep being bitter, thinking JOhnnie Mc will get you through...

BTW, Hillary releasing her delegates... PWNED.
02:29 PM on 08/25/2008
PUMAS= Pathetic Unintelligent Motormouthes who are Angry Sourpusses
02:42 PM on 08/25/2008
Seriously, is there a power off switch on you?