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Escaped from NC.
04:52 PM on 01/18/2012
It is the vegetable they are eating in schools called pizza that is the problem.
Partisan thinking is an oxymoron
04:18 PM on 01/18/2012
Of course not, it's the sugary nonsense inside the vending machines.
Beware the monsters lurking in word swamps.
02:06 PM on 01/18/2012
Did the researchers test whether the number of blue cars in the parking lot altered the children's preference for blue clothes? /sarc
Progressive Christian
12:31 PM on 01/18/2012
Kids don't exercise. Gym classes have been favorite targets of cuts and video games are replacing fun outdoor activity. My opinion anyway. I watched a lot of tv as a kid but we had gym class everyday. Everyday! We even played such dangerous outlawed games as dodgeball! And the vending machines were full of crap and believe me I ate plenty of it since I quite often had the munchies. I am not nor have I ever been obese.
"C is for COOKIEEEEE. thats good enough for me"
02:02 PM on 01/18/2012
brool story co
08:27 PM on 01/18/2012
Our middle school vending machines are turned on before
08:29 PM on 01/18/2012
And after school but not during class. No pop. All kids take either PE or athletics. Our school meals are cooked in house and are not bad. Dodge ball is huge here. We have hime ec. We still have obese kids. It is the parents