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06:14 AM on 01/24/2012
that was fun to read
05:29 AM on 01/24/2012
Mercury is retrograde on Election Day 2012. Wonder if this will be a replay of 2000, where one guy won the election and the other guy became president.
05:14 AM on 01/24/2012
From colonial days politics was the original American show-biz (next to relligion of course).
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07:02 AM on 01/24/2012
Of course, and money was king then and long before as well, only the costumes change.Guess what? that's the way it is and will be-
04:25 AM on 01/24/2012
I have to say I really enjoyed reading that. Humorous and sadly true.
Dean Dalton
05:14 AM on 01/24/2012
Same here!
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03:04 AM on 01/24/2012
Thanks Steven, you hit the nail on the head with this commentary.
Don't be Republican or Democrat, be Objective!
02:43 AM on 01/24/2012
Most straight-forward political commentary I've heard in some time....preach on!
04:11 AM on 01/24/2012

Probably one of the best blogs I've read in a long time, regardless of what the topic was.
01:39 AM on 01/24/2012
Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul put out two of the most fiercest albums of our time back in the mid 1980s: "Voice of America" and "Men Without Women". These albums basically went unnoticed, except for those that were and are, still paying attention. Notice the lyrics from "I am a Patriot":
"And I ain't no communist, and I ain't no capitalist
And I ain't no socialist
and I sure ain't no imperialist
And I ain't no democrat
And I ain't no republican either
And I only know one party
and its name is freedom
I am a patriot

And the river opens for the righteous, someday"

After the idiot circus leaves town, and perhaps in smoke and rubble will always remain the patriot. These are the ones that bow thier head in prayer to show the rest of the world that there is no price tag on the top of their heads. Not even all the richest evil billionaires combined in the world can buy the patriot, These men make the so-called "wealthy", poor. And the most "powerful", meak.

"It takes very little time for the common working man to put down his shovel and pick up a rifle."

"Refuse to be Governed by Lesser Men."

TJ Marz
Gimmie the beat boys and free my soul....
10:17 AM on 01/24/2012
Fanned for your good taste. Those are two of the best albums of all time.
01:39 PM on 01/24/2012
I really wish he had (or would someday? Please?) done more albums like "Men Without Women." As I recall, I wore out one copy on vinyl, and broke two tapes, before I was able to get my first CD player and bought it in my first pile of CDs.
01:29 AM on 01/24/2012
Obama's graduated to another level. He's literally singing and dancing.

They can't touch him. He's the best performer of them all.

brightest thing ever said about obama and candidates
03:30 AM on 01/24/2012
Obama may be fooling you Steven, but he's as shallow and easy to peg as Jimma Carter. The gig is up. He didn't graduate. He has flunked and can soon go back to that Rezko home of his in Chi-town. Or with F&F scandal picking up steam, maybe he'll end up in Rezko's current digs.
Dean Dalton
05:16 AM on 01/24/2012
So who is fooling you?
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07:08 AM on 01/24/2012
ahhh your situation didn't change overnight, no miracles you can think of, how sad, however imagine how sad it would be if we had not elected the only decent guy I see around this political circus. McCain and Palin?:John's expertise on the Economy( not his thing as he said) Palin: "what is it that a Vice President does anyway") actually that was the most sane thing she said, and the most honest. Anyway the countries dire straits did not pop up overnight, and they are not going away overnight, much to the dismay of spoiled impatient American's- Be cool
12:59 AM on 01/24/2012
Me, I prefer his horn arrangement on Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out.
08:39 AM on 01/24/2012
Each candidate should have to form a band and do something audible in it. The best band wins the election.
homer winslow
Truth in Beauty, Beauty in Truth
10:24 AM on 01/24/2012
Each candidate should be required to go up against Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter for five games of Jeopardy. I doubt any of them would be able to beat ken or Brad, but the one with the highest score would be president.
12:52 AM on 01/24/2012
You could say that being a performer is important, but first you need enough money to get the role. Just look at Buddy Roemer, here is a guy who would do well, but he's yet to get enough money to get noticed.
11:59 PM on 01/23/2012
The author should not disparage political science, at least the subfield of biopolitics. There's been decades of research on candidates, their facial attractiveness, their use of facial expressions, etc. To a large extent, for offices as visible as the presidency, performance in debate does matter far more than issue positions. Romney seems to lack the Duchenne smile. Newt has a squarer jaw indicative of higher levels of testosterone. He looks and talks more like a stereotypical alpha male political leader (indeed, he was once speaker of the house) and that probably gave him the edge over Romney in S.C. for the many voters who makes such judgments unconsciously. At this time Romney needs some anger-threat displays. A sense of humor and a natural Duchenne smile would help too.
12:57 AM on 01/24/2012
OK Newt does not equal testosterone, just listen to his voice. Romney's problem is not that he's not handsome, it's that he has been on both sides of every issue, there is the Mormon thing which evangelicals are not going to like and he is a super rich hedge fund guy when there is a backlash against the 1% and Wall Street.
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Ma Lucille
a crack ~ that's how the Light gets in
11:51 PM on 01/23/2012
"In politics, nothing happens by accident... If it happens, it was planned that way." FDR
Dr Idris
polymathy is not understanding
11:08 PM on 01/23/2012
Maybe. But I have one question. Is the story true, that when FDR met Orson Welles he told him "you and I are the two best actors this country has!"?
10:53 PM on 01/23/2012
"the Ultimate Manipulator, the King of Them All -- after all it was his previous profession -- Ronald Reagan!"

Kudos to Steven VZ for pointing out that Reagan was the latest in a long line of actors who proved they make lousy elected officials, but great on the campaign trail, b/c after all they're trained in role-playing & deceit!

It was Reagan who opened the door to Big Business who realized they could buy Seantors a lot cheaper than pay the fines for anti-trust violations. Reagan's 8 yrs. were a shameful nightmare, even worse than his Gov. of CA gig.
Dean Dalton
05:42 AM on 01/24/2012
I agree, but I just have to say that the re-election of W in the midst of the Iraq War certainly tops the list as well.
This is the real Bearcat - a Binturong
09:56 PM on 01/23/2012
With all the BS, lying, stupidity to the point of they are seeing how stupid you are at identifying their intended stupidity and unreality on TV/cable,etc., other than PBS and maybe a couple other channels out of the hundreds, we almost need to give classes to kids on how to ignore and filter out this BS. There has to be 10 times or maybe 100 more times of BS units (maybe should be in pounds) than there was 30 years ago and it was getting a little distracting even then. No wonder kids are different now adays, and maybe we all are because we have to filter through all this entertainment BS and I call advertising entertainment competition BS between companies. So your belief that getting entertained the best is who they will vote for is a sign of the sad sad world of the communications industry, they have warped mankind and our thinking. That's why Europeans are much further ahead with maturity thann USA citizens (repubs just want you to buy guns and play with them like kids until you die at 100 anyway, and they probably control most media).
Dean Dalton
05:55 AM on 01/24/2012
I am world traveled and I completely agree.