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10:28 PM on 01/25/2012
Anybody who borrows money or uses their parents' life savings to go to these types of schools is either nuts (if the borrow the momey) or selfish (if they take that much from their parents). There are MANY excellent state universities that are much less expensive. Here in Virginia, we have the University of Virginia, William & Mary, and Virginia Tech. You can save a lot by going to a community college and then transferring to a good state university. What you study, what subjects, are more important than the school you attend. Do research and find where the job openings will be, then find a good public university, not a ripoff "prestige" college.
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02:14 AM on 01/26/2012
i agree. UVA, UNC, etc. are good. i dont quite see why people pay to go to washington and lee, high point, roanoke, gettysburg, elon, etc. the top state schools in these states are more recognized.
10:28 PM on 01/25/2012
I don't know where they get these numbers from! My son is attending Connecticut College right now and it's not $43,990, it's closer to $57,000!!!
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10:34 PM on 01/25/2012
These numbers are Tuition only, not room, board, books, activity fees, ect. That's how.
10:37 PM on 01/25/2012
I didn't realize that. Thanks for pointing that out.
11:20 PM on 01/26/2012
So the numbers are really a farce. Tuition only means nothing
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11:14 PM on 01/25/2012
I have heard many good things about that college. Sounds like it is worth the money.
11:59 AM on 01/26/2012
It is. Worth every penny and more.
10:01 PM on 01/25/2012
I don't understand why the Best 10 College Towns are all Cities! What about Madison WI or Amherst MA (which has 3 colleges, btw)?
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11:14 PM on 01/25/2012
good point
09:58 PM on 01/25/2012
Somewhat ridiculous don't you think?
09:58 PM on 01/25/2012
Where does MIddlebury College, Middlebury. VT, fit in. It used to be one of the most expensive
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10:03 PM on 01/25/2012
it is right up there with all of those.
09:50 PM on 01/25/2012
Ah screw this!-Community college here i come!
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10:03 PM on 01/25/2012
hahahahahahahaha love it. after seeing those prices i am sure that will be a popular option. so hard to believe how expensive college is now.
09:45 PM on 01/25/2012
This is a list not to be proud of. Education has never attempted to impede inflation and has done it's very best to out distance it. Universities have been for years now, like designer labels, doesn't matter the quality is the same but what does the label say. I got mine from here! Where did you get yours from? It has become the biggest of big business.
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10:04 PM on 01/25/2012
very well said.
09:42 PM on 01/25/2012
25 Most Expensive Colleges and Universities
Sarah Lawrence College (NY) $59,170
Landmark College (VT) $57,330
New York University $56,787
Columbia U. School of Gen. Studies (NY) $56,310
Harvey Mudd College (CA) $56,268
Wesleyan University (CT) $56,006
Claremont McKenna College (CA) $55,865
Johns Hopkins University (MD) $55,742
Berklee College of Music (MA) $55,615
Barnard College (NY) $55,566
Bard College (NY) $55,566
Vanderbilt University (TN) $55,556
Trinity College (CT) $55,450
University of Chicago (IL) $55,416
Dartmouth College (NH) $55,365
Bates Colleges (ME) $55,300
Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ) $55,276
Vassar College (NY) $55,135
Washington University St. Louis (MO) $55,111
Boston College (MA) $55,079
Haverford College (PA) $55,050
Pitzer College (CA) $54,988
Connecticut College $54,970
Bard College at Simon's Rock (MA) $54,960
Bennington College (VT) $54,960
10:29 PM on 01/25/2012
I knew the list presented had to be wrong, SLC is the most expensive and has been for decades because of the low student/teacher ration.
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11:15 PM on 01/25/2012
but the town it is in, ugh. boring.
09:38 PM on 01/25/2012
If you have any sense of math - college and university tuitions have grown exponentially since my graduation in 1960. I could see this initially as professor salaries were rather low, but once the salaries became more reasonable, I figured the tuitions would level off. Naive! I think government aid programs, injecting money into the system, are responsible for getting things out of control.
09:19 PM on 01/25/2012
University of San Diego... $39,000 JUST for school. (does not include housing, books, etc) and worth EVERY cent. Professors are outstanding. Staff is exception. Very connected to past graduates, Great financial aide support. Can not say enough positives about this amazing school.
please note : USD NOT UCSD.
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10:05 PM on 01/25/2012
but UCSD has the wonderful location of torrey pines. location location location
11:07 PM on 01/25/2012
:) Both are amazing school. USD's location isn't too bad either!
09:15 PM on 01/25/2012
My school costs 52,000 a year why isn't it on this list?? Love Southern Methodist University!
09:47 PM on 01/25/2012
Right be proud of that ridiculous price.
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10:07 PM on 01/25/2012
it really is a good school.
10:25 PM on 01/26/2012
Its a great school, amazing academics and sports it's worth every penny.
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10:07 PM on 01/25/2012
Go Mustangs! These lists are not always accurate.
09:06 PM on 01/25/2012
Not University of Akron.
09:03 PM on 01/25/2012
Surprised? Shouldn't be. Yale and Harvard, among the Ivies have such huge endowments (from alumni contributions) they're relatively economical, for those who can get in.
09:47 PM on 01/25/2012
what a ridiculous statement.
10:30 PM on 01/25/2012
You do realize the average student who goes to Harvard pays $13,500 a year right? So Martha is actually quite right.
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10:07 PM on 01/25/2012
very true
08:43 PM on 01/25/2012
I was worried that my college was gonna be on that list. currently with all expenses put together (including tuition, room and board, medical insurance, and student activities fee) Meredith College is sitting at about $36.5-37,000. and the price of going here goes up about $2,000 per year. and not to mention the hidden fees they have - music lesson fees ($250 per credit hour, which is only a half hour lesson) random class fees (which can range anywhere from $30-$80) and then don't even try to get anythin in the bookstore. I recently paid $100.50 for a used textbook and after tax it was $107. and anything with the Meredith name on it is ridiculouly expensive (a Meredith College hoodie, which would probably go for around $20 if it was just a normal hoodie in the store, was $40.) I don't think that I'm ever going to get out of my student loan debt.
I love humanity. It's the liberals I don't like.
11:02 PM on 01/25/2012
What are you studying? Will you be able to WORK after you graduate?
12:23 AM on 01/26/2012
Music education :) Meredith has an AMAZING music department... it's pretty much what Meredith is known for. Well that and education and fashion.. So this education is pretty much worth the money
12:25 AM on 01/26/2012
And I'm mostly here on scholarships... I just have to get about 10,000 per year which isn't as bad as it could be with my family's financial status.
08:42 PM on 01/25/2012
Liberal bastions all.
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08:53 PM on 01/25/2012
No kidding. They scream about college costs, which indeed is atrocious, and the farther left they are the more expensive they seem to be.
09:49 PM on 01/25/2012
Naaa many brag about how much they pay, so they must pay retail, for their houses, cars, never buy anything on sale...only retail.