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02:18 PM on 01/25/2012
There is nothing to be confused about. The man won football games, big deal. When it came to one of the most basic decisions a grown man can make, to protect a child, he failed. He put his football program above human decency. This man of education, with his sham "graduation rate" (does anything think those football players were really part of the mainstream campus curriculum and classwork?) was the worst kind of person and role model to have at a University which is supposed to be a place to learn and to grow into responsible adulthood.
Hank Koebler
05:06 PM on 01/25/2012
First things first - we're on common ground in that I'm no supporter of Paterno by any means. Here's my previous article on him:

But when enough former players come out and say he's made a positive impact on their lives, there's something to be said about that. Does it outweigh his inactions? In my mind, no. That's for each individual to decide on his or her own though.
...I am Siamese if you don't please.
08:18 PM on 01/25/2012
the former players support is grounded in their own attitudes toward football and the lucrative careers they have from the sport. People who have been granted privelege in school, playgrounds, work their whole lives based on their ability to play a sport are not surprising us with their support of this man. They just don't get it. Most people cannot see beyond their own experience. There is no excuse for what Paterno didn't do. There is no amount of good that balances that out. This adulation, the protests after his firing, the very minor acknowledgement if any that the children are the vicitms here not Paterno is indicative of a very skewed view on life.
03:23 PM on 01/26/2012
Give it up Hank. You stirred up a hornet's nest with your article. Now be a man and take the stings quietly!

Many of us really do not care a hoot about your opinion.

If one mistake ruins a man's life, you're done as journalist.
07:26 PM on 01/25/2012
Ever been to Penn State? Ever had players in your classes? Ever seen Joe Paterno walking across campus,by himself, to his little ranch home a few blocks off campus and saying hello to him? No? Did you know he personally donated over $4 million to Penn State? Do you know any other coaches who have done the same? Do you know he remained one of the lowwest paid head coaches in major college football and yet still managed to donate the most?

He loved Penn State and we loved him back.

I guess your characterization of his players and his life aren't very well informed, are they?