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Live and learn
10:11 AM on 01/26/2012
Ate at Paula Deen's buffet in Tunica, Mississippi and it was so good ya'll. She should open more of those. Not everything was fattening either.
People are responsible for their own weight, not Paula or McDonald's or Olive Garden.
algonquin j calhoun
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10:29 AM on 01/26/2012
well, the line at her restaurant in savannah has disappeared...
10:54 AM on 01/26/2012
The line at her restaurant has "not" disappeared. Was there recently and her restaurant is booming. You also have a ton of choices at her restaurant, Nobody is forcing fried cihcken down your throat or anything else you may find offensive. Paula is not the Food God telling you what to eat, she just presents good 'ol Southern cooking. We still have the freedom of putting what we want into our bodies.
10:08 AM on 01/26/2012
Paula Deen is unapologetically Southern, and some folks have a problem with that. I say, the best revenge is that everybody's heard of Paula Deen, but Gail Simmons? Not exactly a household name, LOL. Never heard of her. Never heard of Anthony Bourdain, either, until he started publicly criticizing Paula Deen.
10:36 AM on 01/26/2012
I never heard of them either! Enough with criticizing Paula Deen. Don't watch her show, or go to her restaurants. As Paula said "everything is moderation". She doesn't eat that way everyday and she is responsible for her own health as we all are. Look at some of the other major chefs and their weight. I only hope that the cook shows just don't start making everything a diet food. I believe in eating healthy but I also like to enjoy my food. What happened to the good old days. I wonder what Julie Childs would say about all this!
Life is tough.. it's tougher when you're stupid..
11:05 AM on 01/26/2012
If Paula "doesn't eat that way everyday" why is she so fat?
11:53 AM on 01/26/2012
Yes she is overweight and I can't disagree with that. She has been cooking for many many years and made the show what it is today. She started from nothing and at one time in her life she suffered from agoraphobia which is a fear of leaving her home which lasted many years. Being confined could have added to her weight and starting her business. I give her credit for all she has raising her sons after her divorce. Hopefully, now being a diabetic she will lose weight which she already has and she will eat healthier. There are other chefs on tv who also make a lot of fattening food. Eat in moderation.
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10:02 AM on 01/26/2012
I am so sick and tired of the 'reality', 'competition', and 'Drama Queen' RUBBISH that the Food Network and the Cooking Channel programmers are jamming down the throats of their viewers. It is now at the proportions of an all encompassing plague. Americans DO NOT cook like that. I want to look at shows where I can learn something. I HATE this reality TV non-cooking garbage that dominates these two once very informative and instructive channels. As far as Paula Deen is concerned, this woman is a total fraud and an annoying, scheming opportunist. She is just about as plastic and put together as an empty milk jug. Anthony Bourdain I can handle, with SOME reservations!
10:14 AM on 01/26/2012
we went to lady and sons while in savannah...hideous food... i am a southern gal but let me tell all y'all, her "recipes will kill ya!....and brother bubbas place is worse......
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12:35 PM on 01/26/2012
Well Miss Bunny, at least you lived to tell about it. Blessings for the heads up. Savannah is a beautiful city with a lot of really nice places to dine in. I hope that I'll have a chance to get back there some day. It has been a long time since I was last there. Cheers!
I flunked micro-bio
10:01 AM on 01/26/2012
Kind of piling Paula Deen these days. At least she doesn't take herself so seriously as some of these reality chefs do. Maybe her changing her tune and promoting healthier cooking now, will help some people out
Science teacher, grandmom, constitutionalist
10:27 AM on 01/26/2012
I so agree! Good way to put it. But, I don't think she needs to necessarily change. [Would it hurt for her to include some healthier interpretations of course not - and she may. Does she need to? No] I truly believe it's all about personal responsibility and choice. Folks who watch her most certainly know that one can't eat like that everyday, all the time, and if they do - they risk diabetes (as well), heart disease, inflammation, and obesity. Simply, her niche is country, southern cooking... heavy comfort foods, laden with carbs and sugar. But again, she's not in anyone's kitchen forcing them to make her meals everyday.
09:58 AM on 01/26/2012
Next time someone asks Gail Simmons who the most overrated celebrity chef is, she should take a good look in the mirror before she answers.
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11:07 AM on 01/26/2012
Gail Simmons is a food magazine editor...she has never cooked on BravoTV Top Chef on any of it's versions. Gail Simmons is not a chef, and Paula Deen has never called herself a chef either, she calls herself a cook.
09:53 AM on 01/26/2012
09:53 AM on 01/26/2012
I love Paula Deen! Would rather eat her cooking than anything Gail Simmons cooked up anyday! I think it's idiotic that everyone is attacking her for the way she cooks. We all have a choice, how we cook, how we eat, how we live. No one is forcing anyone to eat or cook like her.
09:51 AM on 01/26/2012
Love Paula Deen she cooks the way most people cook. Simple easy food. We do not all want to be gourmet cooks. We want someone to show us how to make food that the average person eats. Not something that costs alot or is only enough to feed a bird. I believe if you were walking down the street and met any of the famous cooks, the one that would stop to talk to you and treat you like a friend would be Paula Deen. So keep on cooking Paula and we will keep on watching.
Life is tough.. it's tougher when you're stupid..
10:37 AM on 01/26/2012
Sorry, I marked this as a favorite by mistake while going for the reply button. She cooks like most people cook? I have lived in many diverse parts of the United States and I have yet to find evidence to support your claim. Do not confuse "gourmet" with complicated recipes consisting of small portions of expensive ingredients. Gourmet can be simple, healthy, delicious and cost effective.

As a sidebar, I had the pleasure of meeting Julia Child back in the late 90's and, I need to tell you, she treated me like an old friend. She also refused to make endorsements of any kind.
Don't make me call my flying monkeys
11:19 AM on 01/26/2012
I also love Julia Child, but she also believed in butter, butter, butter. :)
02:49 PM on 01/26/2012
I too have lived in many diverse parts of the United States. California, Arizona, Pennsylvania,Michigan and Maine. If you compare her to most of the other chefs out there I think she is more in tune with what the average person eats.Her recipes are easy to follow. Believe me I do know the difference between "GOURMET" and complicated!! I am sure Julia Child is a lovely woman but I was speaking of the chefs that have their cooking shows on TV now !
09:31 AM on 01/26/2012
now he sons are - she did not pull herself out - her husband built their position - she was played by her sons to keep her from mooping around and to make them rich
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09:20 AM on 01/26/2012
Pulled herself and family out of hardships into the spotlight and success. Who can fault a woman for taking responsibility forself and her sons using her God given talents and wit. Applause to you dear lady. Too many women remain victims to circumstance. Doing what you love and including your sons in the process was a brilliant move and I admire you. RATHER HAVE GOOD HOME COOKING THAN FOU-FOU PLATING WITH FOOD BEING USED AS AN ARCHITECTUAL SHOWCASE.
08:59 AM on 01/26/2012
I know and Love Paula Deen. Why are these to want to be short order cooks harassing her???
08:55 AM on 01/26/2012
I like Paula Deen she is down to earth and I love watching her. So all the other so called chefs on tv.. go sit in a puddle and play.. bawl babies.. It was her business if she wanted to announce her health problems I think it is great she is endorsing a medication which may help milions with the disease.. Wish it had beenaround 23 yrs ago.. Maybe my mom would still be with us. If it was me trust me I wouldn't have endorsed it without trying it first.. .. Paula is and always will be my favorite cook next to the Barefoot Contessa. You go Paula..
08:51 AM on 01/26/2012
Bourdain ....a nobody....bobby Flay is the most unskilled cook...not chef...on the cooking channel
08:58 AM on 01/26/2012
AMEN! They don't like her because she is a real person with her fans and not just in front of the cameras. I'd take Paula anyday over those drips!
09:11 AM on 01/26/2012
A real annoying person!