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12:59 PM on 09/04/2008
This is no more than a dog and pony show. And a sleazy one at that. The attacks made her look little, unintelligent, and ill-prepared to be a leader. There was nothing of substance in her speech but yet they want to claim Obama is the one full of rhetoric.

Picking Palin was desperate move by a desperate campaign that will work to doom Mr. McCain's bid for the WH. When all this dies down and the issues and platforms of each candidate come to the forefront we will see the GOP slowly fade. There are issues in the GOP ticket that simply can't be spun. Further, no matter how much the GOP tries put lipstick on the elephant, people will still see the elephant.
12:53 PM on 09/04/2008
You can try to cover Nobamas lack of experience if you want by smearing a 17 year old but realize every time you do there is a girl/woman somewhere in an identical situation and she has an entire family with a base of friends that will make you pay in November. This tact is making people see what true hypocrites you "open-minded" liberals are and your comments make me think the little hockey mom fit the moose antler right square in your asses.

Got to absolutely love the comparison between "community organizer" and mayor. If you have more than 2 brain cells, it does make you ponder –
1) Exactly how big a budget does a "community organizer" manage?
2) How many people are on the payroll of a "community organizer"?
3) What kind of public works projects does a “community organizer” get involved in?
4) Do you have to punch a time clock or just hang out on the street comer when you're a "community organizer"?

So we have Sarah Palin who has managed a city, a state, took on special interest, fought corruption AND raised a family. Can you please explain what Norealjobama has been doing with his affirmative action derived Ivy League education besides cavorting with racists and communists and “organizing communities”?

Please Sarah, nail their scrawny asses for every woman who has ever been minimized – including Hillary, only the latest and most public example.
06:57 PM on 09/04/2008
It would seem you are more out of touch than most. Berate and belittle, yeah that'll win over voters.
12:46 PM on 09/04/2008
Democrats should be concerned, not least reason for which is that Obama didn't choose HRC as a running mate. I remember thinking what a joke the governor of Texas was in 2000--after all, how could the country entrust the presidency to an intellectual lightweight, nothing more than a political legacy with an important daddy? I mean, who could take such a candidate seriously? Well, let me tell you, Palin is tailor-made for places like western Pennsylvania, and if Obama loses that state, then we'll all be scratching our heads after election day once again.
02:28 PM on 09/04/2008
GOOD LUCK TO THOSE PA VOTERS WHO CAN BE FOOLED AGAIN. THEY WILL SURELY NEED IT WITH MORE OF THE SAME. Yes, good luck is all they will need if they don't awaken to reality.
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12:44 PM on 09/04/2008
The speech was off-putting to a large swath of voters, with its sarcasm and schoolyard name-calling. And as for the serious issues facing the country (remember them??), it was completely devoid of any mention of how the Reeps are going to get us out of the mess they spent the last seven years getting us into.
I'm sorry, but it still looks like a bonehead pick to me. And it's being compounded by a bonehead "culture war" strategy.
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12:41 PM on 09/04/2008
If you consider a vote for racism a victory, then we all are in trouble.
20 Minutes into the future.
12:41 PM on 09/04/2008
The same tired talking points, delivered by a new parrot. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.
06:59 PM on 09/04/2008
wha wha.....polly want a cracker? hehehehe
12:13 PM on 09/04/2008
Surely you're joking? This speech was fraught with deception and flat out lies. Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of Google can knock down every single assertion that she made. Furthermore, for her to pretend that being the mayor of some tiny little town, and the Governor of the 48th most populated State somehow gives her a font of experience, she's full of moose crap. Let's face it, John McCain is 72 years old. He's no spring chicken. His VP choice is very important. Choosing someone whose biggest worry is snow removal, is not a brilliant idea.
12:06 PM on 09/04/2008
Democrats are in trouble.
Musician, wordsmith, accidental mystic, etc.
01:35 PM on 09/04/2008
The tabloids will destroy Palin -- the Dems won't have to lift a finger.
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No, giving me catnip was actually your idea.
01:56 PM on 09/04/2008
Democrats in "trouble"?

Ever step back to view the far, far bigger situation indicators much?
That said . . .
Paraphrasing something gleaned from "Psyche 101" . . .
"Never overestimate the depth of the fear-driven".

Not this time, Ms Donahue.

The (historical) pattern (political) "indicators" used within your expert observations, just do not apply this time. Never before have "We the People" recognized such BS as we have seen in the last 8 years . . . and never before (since the spine exhibited by the Founding Fathers and Mothers) has there been a more dissatisfied cross-section of educated Americans willing to reverse the course of this country's absurd direction. There is no doubt that the GOP base (and those who are seldom driven to fact-check, well . . . anything) were inspired by Palin's speech (written by a Bush senior speechwriter), but those numbers have shaken out. McCain/Palin, with every passing day, will lose more support as the real truth is allowed to surface.
Don't contribute to the continued dumbing-down of America, by irresponsibly utilizing trend determiners that no longer apply. Think!
11:58 AM on 09/04/2008
Before Governor Sarah Palin, I was going to vote for McCain because I'm NOT voting for Senator Obama. After last night, I couldn't be more thrilled to see the future of the Republican party!
11:54 AM on 09/04/2008
Last night while dining at Moosewoods in Ithaca with some of my granola snapper colleagues, I was surprised to hear how awestruck they were over Sarah's speech. One 38-year old even ventured that she hated Palin because she (Palin) made her wonder if she had been living a lie all her adult life.
All I could do is quietly smile.
11:27 AM on 09/04/2008
I will admit that we need to ensure that we don't underestimate her, but she's still not going to help enough to win the election!