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03:47 PM on 09/04/2008
This is true, but I'm happy no matter who wins this election. Obama means the chance to change things for the better. McCain will be first against the wall, and the sooner it comes the better.
03:45 PM on 09/04/2008
I wholeheartedly agree with the piece. There are so many reasons for voting FOR Obama and against McCain. Palin just adds to the list of reasons against.

1) Trooper gate
2) Membership of the Alaskan Independence Party
3) Supported the Bridge to Nowhere and lied about it
4) Railed against corruption and ran Ted Stevens' 527
5) Railed against pork and collected it by the ton as Mayor of Wasilla (having engaged a lobbyist to do so)
6) Claims to be fiscally conservative, but increased spending in Wassila by 33%, increased taxes by 38%
7) Vindictive practitioner of cronyism - including attempting to fire the City Librarian of Wasilla for refusing to censor the library's books (Reminds me of Bush practices).

For the first time in a long time I get to vote FOR somebody. Not just pick the lesser of two bad candidates.

03:40 PM on 09/04/2008
well said. after hearing guiliana and then palin i had nothing but disdain for the republican party, its constitutents and their message.

their arrogance speaks about their fear of finally losing the white house and finally restoring this country to
its rightful place in this world. the mccains and palins have no place in this country with their rhetoric. it's meaningless and creates nothing but fear.

my anger knows no bounds as regards these people. who the hell do they think they are? did someone die and elect them god? eventually this crap will come to bite them in the ass and i cannot wait to see it.
have a great day and don't forget to vote for anyone other then mccain and palin
It is never too late to try.
07:41 PM on 09/04/2008
03:29 PM on 09/04/2008
I agree 100%, I am standing right there with you-----
Education/intellectual curiosity/ belief in science ----all so important and yet are never, ever mentioned by Republicans in public discourse. I was feeling frustrated with McCain's lack of smarts, wondering how in the world he could be a Senator and not WANT to use a computer, learn about insurgents etc.....
Then in walked the #2 Distraction............Now the attention is wholly focused on Palin, who's acting like a mix between the class clown and the bully, riling up the mass minions. It makes me cringe....
It's so sad, I read somewhere on Huffpo, it's like the "chickens voting for Colonel Sanders."
We can't let Rove distract us with a very articulate, pretty dummy. We still need to focus on McCain and how much he does or does not understand the issues of importance here and abroad.
03:20 PM on 09/04/2008
Chaz, I stand on the side of intelligence and investigative journalism. Palin is quickly becoming a media darling, and it frightens me to my pro-choice, idealistic, future generation core. Her speech last night just proves that the Republicans clearly don't think the American people are intelligent. They think that we'll nod in agreement to Palin's ridiculous views and flat-out lies and laugh at her seriously insulting jabs at Obama. Is this the way we want to conduct ourselves? By coming up with the most offensive one-liners we can? By saying our country's community organizers, who are really the ones rolling up their sleeves and digging down into the trenches to lift up our embattled cities, have no actual responsibility?

Shame on you, Sarah Palin. You could've taken the high road and actually provided substantive arguments in your national debut. Instead you've diminished the most important election in our history into another culture war that is seriously getting outdated. You're right about one thing- you are a pitbull. Where is animal control?
03:10 PM on 09/04/2008
There's an old redneck saying: "If you're gonna be dumb you better be tough." That is the mantra that they live by.
03:55 PM on 09/04/2008
Did you notice in Palin's speech the insinuated endorsement of torture when she mocked "...worried about reading their rights" to captives. Maybe terrorists are not soldiers but Americans should not descend to the ruthlessness of dictatorships. The military leaders know that torture is counter-productive. Also, I heard on the NPR station early this AM an Alaskan office holder state that Gov. Palin kept the funds for the "bridge to nowhere" eventhough it was not built.
04:18 PM on 09/04/2008
The worry about reading their rights needs to be hammered home on..... over and over again. That line worried me the most.
I think I am, therefore, I am. I think.
03:01 PM on 09/04/2008
And people wonder why the Republicans are so intent on destroying the education system in America. How would they keep their base if people were educated?
02:58 PM on 09/04/2008
You say between smart and dumb. I say between the lowest common denominator and the highest. How far have Americans come in the last 8 years? Did the last 8 years see the last play out of the country's lowest common denominator winning out or have enough people jumped in consciousness to finally give the edge to their highest common denominator? Angels ... yes, I'm talking better Angels.
02:58 PM on 09/04/2008
I stand to be in the corner of the smart people.Let the dumb ones spew their hatred and we, the smart ones will bring America back
02:57 PM on 09/04/2008
Ive chosen my side and I stand with America and its dream that a little boy from humble means can work hard educate himself . He can thrive with love from his family and feel that he has to give back what his country has given him . This man can inspire millions of American from all walks of life. I stand with B.O. a man who has given me hope for my children and their children . Im ready to fight for them and my country that I love.
02:54 PM on 09/04/2008
Nice. The Smart vs. Stupid analogy is really going to win Obama a lot of votes.
02:53 PM on 09/04/2008
02:52 PM on 09/04/2008
Couldn't have said it better myself, though I try daily.
02:49 PM on 09/04/2008
Then why can't we Dems ever become smart enough to learn not to keep nominating Adlai Stevenson?
Micro-bio? Sounds serious.
02:40 PM on 09/04/2008
If the young people don't follow thru nothing will change.