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I Don't Want Facebook!!
01:53 PM on 09/05/2008
Not only did the puke green returned, but McCain's boring speech returned. The only time he can sound presidential is when the questions and answers are given to him in advance, like Saddleback interview.

From this point on, all candidates will need to come across as qualified for the undecided, but I know for sure that McCain's VP pick WILL NOT get those 18 Million Clinton voters.
01:32 PM on 09/05/2008
Oh, it gets even better. That school was also used as the backdrop for Matt Santos speech announcing his candidacy on The West Wing (Santos was modeled on Obama).
01:14 PM on 09/05/2008
I just can't wait until the Repubs confuse Iran with Ikea and bomb Sweden.
12:58 PM on 09/05/2008
Speaking of backgrounds, it is interesting that no actual PEOPLE are portrayed on the RNC screen, only inanimate objects. To use people, the republicans must either use Blacks and other minorities - not their preference - or display only (White) republicans. They clearly love the SYMBOLS of America, but not actual Americans; at least not those who look like them.
Opinionated, Vivacious, Super Smart Scientist
12:51 PM on 09/05/2008
I was laughing so hard : the lime green jello monster is BACK!!

They shoulda let it stay!
12:47 PM on 09/05/2008
The staging was awful. I broke up laughing last night when I saw yet another "green screen" moment, and, yes, I'm sure Colbert's fans are already hard at work -- well, actually they don't even have to work that hard this time, since they don't even have white lettering to remove from the background.

Priceless about it being the wrong Walter Reed. I wonder if it went through the same approval process as Sarah Palin did.

And I dunno -- was it just me, or did the stage jutting into the audience look like a giant upraised middle finger? What was the theme of the evening again?
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12:41 PM on 09/05/2008
Reminds me of a kiddy song my sis and I used to sing (And the Green Grass Grows All Around):

There was a liar, a bandy rooster Napoleonic war-mongering liar,
And the green grass grows all around, all around and the green grass grows all around,
And then this liar, etc.
12:38 PM on 09/05/2008
Watch: Community Organizers
Radical Progressive
01:10 PM on 09/05/2008
Thanks ccmd, that is awesome, I'm sending it to the Obama campaign. I think everyone should, this needs to be an ad.
01:46 PM on 09/05/2008
I agree... loved that ccmd!
12:31 PM on 09/05/2008
Walter Reed? No doubt a junior staff flunky couldn't tell the difference. It is only the latest indication that the little "thinking" that is going on inside the McCane campaign that is being done is so focused on spin that there is really no place for substance and competence. Its a fitting tribute for a campaign promising another 4 years of the McSame OLD.
12:29 PM on 09/05/2008
I’m still on the flag pins. Palin and her husband were wearing Alaska Flag pins rather than American Flag pins. Does this mean that Alaska is first rather than America?
01:21 PM on 09/05/2008
Three words: Alaskan Independence Party
01:47 PM on 09/05/2008
one word: un-American
wisdom is beautiful
12:21 PM on 09/05/2008
Ok, who is on the hook for the lousy backdrops and staging? Wow. Seeing the green again just shocked me... I thought they learned their lesson. Lime green jello with a splash of whipped cream (although the cool whip had a fake tan this time around). The enormity of the backdrop made everyone look like they were 1/2 inch tall. The flashing, changing backdrop was a huge distraction. The re-built stage looked like a fashion runway (maybe that was Cindy's idea?).

And, what was with the "hug"? Cindy took Johnny Bus.h by the shoulders, cringed and wouldn't let her body get within 13 inches of his. The body language was hysterical. What a loving family!
12:09 PM on 09/05/2008
TPM explains where the green came from: The lawn of Walter Reed Middle School. Which was supposed to be Walter Reed Army Hospital. Way to go, guys!
wisdom is beautiful
12:33 PM on 09/05/2008
Classic! This is why they will lose. Sloppy, no attention to details, illiteracy.
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01:08 PM on 09/05/2008
And THAT is how they would run the country IF McCain/Palin win.
The shadow of God is beauty.
12:07 PM on 09/05/2008
Would that the screen were all green, with no talking head in front of it.
Could anyone be more's torture.
But then he believes in torture.

McSame / Appaling '08
12:05 PM on 09/05/2008
Are they freakin crazy? It made his yellow teeth stand out
11:58 AM on 09/05/2008
I couldn't believe they used the green background AGAIN! Makes him look like a big pink $cr0tum.