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09:58 PM on 02/02/2012
There are numerous problems with Ralph Messer's actions - which Dr. Gafney does a great job in addressing.

Since Dr. Gafney so eloquently addressed the other matters, I want to address another serious matter. I want to make very clear that Ralph Messer is not affiliated with the mainstream Messianic Jewish movement, nor is he a legitimately ordained Messianic Rabbi. Furthermore, he does not actually have the authority to speak on behalf of Israel, world-Jewry, or G-d.

Earlier today I confirmed with Rabbi Russ Resnik (Executive Director of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations) that Ralph Messer has never been affiliated with us nor has he ever spoken at a UMJC conference. I also confirmed with Ari Hauben, with the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America, that Ralph Messer is not affiliated nor ordained through them, either (both of these organizations represent the majority of Messianic Jewish congregations around the world). In my asking around today, I also was not able to confirm whether Messer is even really Jewish.

I cannot speak out more strongly against Ralph Messer, his teachings, nor his affiliations with the likes of Eddie Long. Ralph Messer should be ashamed of himself. If it were within my power he would be stripped of his congregation and ministry, defrocked of his self-appointed title, and publicly forced to offer an apology for mishandling a Torah scroll, defaming Messianic Jews, and coronating as king a known pedophile.

Rabbi Joshua Brumbach
Ahavat Zion Messianic Synagogue
Beverly Hills, CA
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10:46 AM on 02/03/2012
Thank for your post!
06:26 PM on 02/03/2012
Amein! I wrote an article about him yesterday, since Messer was actually the first person who helped me find my way to Torah: What a disappointment he turned out to be....
09:36 PM on 02/02/2012
Ezra Black
Long Live New Orleans
08:49 PM on 02/02/2012
People who pose as leaders and use titles to fool the people will become more and more ... this is a travesty
I can has micro-bio?
06:23 PM on 02/02/2012
"The frequent references to significant numbers may be an attempt to mimic the Jewish mystical tradition of Gematria that elicits meanings from numbers and their contexts. The speaker is devising his own system without reference to any of the classical texts in Judaism, frequently by simple free- and word-association."

Gematria is a Greek word that was popularized by the English.
The Hebrew's call it Kabbalah.
06:11 PM on 02/02/2012
thank you for working through this and breaking it down; I had neither the time nor the inclination. My PhD is in Biblical Studies and I teach the theology and literature of the Hebrew Bible; I'm also African American and have a concern for the way some of our people have gotten carried away with certain "celebrities" of the church. You did a great job in this post -- and provide a good service for thoughtful people.
06:00 PM on 02/02/2012
Rev. Wil Gaffney can you inform: What are the traditions as associated with the elevation of a Christian King in Ethiopia?
Nigel Goodnow
05:01 PM on 02/02/2012
What a surprise. A church that can't get Christianity right doesn't get Judaism right, either!
01:03 AM on 02/03/2012
There's one that can?
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10:59 AM on 02/03/2012

@What a surprise. A church that can't get Christiani­ty right doesn't get Judaism right, either!
04:42 PM on 02/02/2012
most humans need a King of some kind to worship. been that way since the beginning of the human species. he fits that bill for some.

that ego is so bloated and I suspect some day it will explode. they always do history tells us that.
He thinks outside the box.
03:55 PM on 02/02/2012
Who were the majority of people in his audience? Look the video.
06:02 PM on 02/02/2012
Are you trying to say that people of your ethnicity have never followed behind some religious B.S.?
09:11 AM on 02/03/2012
Why didn't you see them?
03:34 PM on 02/02/2012
Thank you for the detail you put into this article. I saw this video of Long earlier and it made me sick to my stomach. I knew that the man was loosely representing any truth, as it relates to Judaism and doctrine.

The look on Long's face is one that makes me think he feels his battle has just begun. It appears like he finally sold out and gave in, to a organization more powerful than himself. I graduated from the same Seminary Long did (The ITC in ATL) so I know he is no fool to doctrine... I don't know what he feel into. He can't turn back now, he obviously is digging a hole into more hellish ground.
Marlene Bomer
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12:50 PM on 02/03/2012
Look up Ted Patrick's book "Let My Children Go!", Nikoyaa. In his book he gives a commonality among the leadership styles of all the cuts he encountered during his time as a deprogrammer.

What "bishop" Eddie did is pure cult leadership, so you watch that he'll slip further into this mindset; telling who can have sex with whom, that all women will be required to have sex with his "royal scepter", ad nauseum.
Stephen Stafford
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03:03 PM on 02/05/2012
Hwy fellow ITCer! Looks like dude missed quite a few classes, or has a major case of CRS. In any event, in light of his education, this nonsense is even more heartbreaking and appalling.

Remember, he has the same opportunity to turn around as does all of humanity. Each of us can turn to God any instant and seek needed reconciliation and renewal for any manner of distress and brokenness.

God is better at this than we are. If left to me, I would take advantage of my outside studies and oil him down good, call in the intercessors, and ...Yeah, let God handle it.
03:31 PM on 02/02/2012
Thank you for responding to this ridiculous display of arrogance and ignorance.
03:28 PM on 02/02/2012
I watch, with popcorn.
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11:01 AM on 02/03/2012
..kettle corn, lol.
O K Ali
Wash your hands, seriously.
03:13 PM on 02/02/2012
Preaching to the "choir", but thanks for the detailed explanation of why it was a sham.
02:40 PM on 02/02/2012
Not only a patently false declaration of a Jewish ceremony but now like a Jim Jones he draws his congragents into the narcacism of what gives the resemblance of a carefully tailored show. The thing that will change New Birth and thing that Atlanta would like to see is a change in the leadership of the church. I'm not judging Pastor Long in any way but just like Ted Haggard once inflicted in leadership by poor choices the leader should reconsider his path. This does little to nothing in my mind to make things right for the people of New Birth.
One day at a time. Then, tomorrow.
02:35 PM on 02/02/2012
Eddie Long is one of the primary reason that Mental Health facilities exist and are populated with people claiming to represent God. SMH.