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10:55 PM on 09/10/2008
The repubs love the distractions cause it means they don't have to discuss the issues which they are offering and are just more of the past 8 years. Repubs don't think we can see how they are playing this. They think we are a bunch of aimless sheep.
11:01 PM on 09/10/2008
No pigs! We are going to huf and puf and blow your hollow house down!
11:03 PM on 09/10/2008
No pigs! We are going to hu ff and pu ff and blow your hollow house down!
10:50 PM on 09/10/2008
I just watched Arianna H. and Ari Flischer on Lary King Live. Larry showed the
video clip of Obama making the lipstick remark. Ari made a pure spin comment to the effect that the audience 'knew what he was talking about because of the way they cheered'. The comment seemed to be worthy of cheering on its merits for what the really said about the failed policies of Bush and McCain's support of those failed policies. There was no reason to suppose that the cheering had anything to do with Palin. What was it exactly about the way they cheered lead him to conclude that it wasn't a response to what he actually said?

I wish Arianna had slammed him on that. I know I would have cheered what Barack said if I had been there. But then I'm a Democrat. I don't automatically expect every statement of a politician to be ad hominem attack against someone not present. I don't expect my candidate to make snide, mean remarks. Of course, Ari doesn't expect Barack to make snide mean remarks either. It is just his job to give the Republican spin.
10:49 PM on 09/10/2008
Look, we've gotta put this Palen rumor mill crap on ice and fast.

Does everyone not realize that all we're doing is giving teflon John's campaign and their new golden calf (pitbull) free advertisement? They're throwing things up smoke screens so the media, and we, will jump on it and not their refusal to talk about substantive issues. The media was giving them a free pass, now WE are the ones giving them a free pass. We've GOT to put a stop to this. Start emailing radio stations, cable networks, websites. Tell them that you're going to change the channel, boycott their sponsors, etc. unless they start reporting on issues again, being objective again and not slinging check-out line tabloid news.

We've got work to do. Let's get to it.
10:55 PM on 09/10/2008
Onword and upward! Up Up and away...........
10:43 PM on 09/10/2008
A request to Obama:

Can you please use simple words and simple sentence structures than then ones you use now. I don't think average Joe understands some of your vocabularies. You are loosing them with your Harvard linguistic skills.
11:32 PM on 09/10/2008
and you presume to speak for "average Joe'
06:37 PM on 09/11/2008
Do you?
12:03 AM on 09/11/2008
I concur. (There's someone on the board who should take note of the way that word is spelled.)

He doesn't have to dumb it down, he just has to stop talking like an academician. I took a course to help me stop writing like a Harvard grad (which I am). It did my writing skills a lot of good.
10:32 PM on 09/10/2008
McCain needs to get over it! He's the champion of lipstick comments not to mention he made fun of Chelsea Clinton (when she was very young); he made disparaging comments about Janet Reno and he suggested women liked to be raped by a primate. Now that's priceless! And he is whining about a lipstick comment not directed at anyone! He needs to wipe his fake tears and shut up.!!
10:32 PM on 09/10/2008
What an insult.

How could you compare Sarah Palin to a pig?

What did the pig to do to deserve that?
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Some mayo on that troll, please...
10:28 PM on 09/10/2008
Who'll implode first... Gidget or McSurley?

Is there a Vegas line?
10:42 PM on 09/10/2008
Gidget ... so THAT"S Obama's Secret Service code name!
11:33 PM on 09/10/2008
you wish
10:43 PM on 09/10/2008
Vegas line says Barry O implodes first. He's doing it now...
11:34 PM on 09/10/2008
he fights back after taking all kinds of wild punches but he's the one imploding,.
10:27 PM on 09/10/2008
.Sen. Obama,

You have to dumb it down.


Just say "They are lying asses."

Don't use big words. Don't be your cool-ass self, Holmes.

WE know you are Smart. Don't tell the rest of America.

Please, just act like an Idiot for a coupla months.


The Hopeful Libertarian/Democrat
10:26 PM on 09/10/2008
Enough Is Enough!!!
We are a country with serious issues...the economy, job market, gas and oil prices...the list is length. And people like John McCain is playing games. I don't care about lipstick, pigs, or pitbulls. I care about my family and those in my community! I want Obama to beat McCain up on the issues. We need a leader...we need someone with vision and passion...we need Obama. McCain has had 10+ years to make an impact on the country. Now is the time for Obama!!!
10:25 PM on 09/10/2008
the problem the Dems have is that all they can do is respond. Repubs are steering the campaign, BarryO is floundering to catch up. The more they talk, the worse it gets. When they veer from their talking points, they end up with their foot in their mouths. BO has lost his luster and knows it.
10:57 PM on 09/10/2008
Shhhhhhhh........keep them talking about lipstick that they brought up!
10:22 PM on 09/10/2008
Palin is a creationist, gun loving, pro-life Religious zealot airhead with a BACHELORS DEGREE IN COMMUNICATIONS from the University of Idaho. How is being a hockey mom something that qualifies you to be president?

Obama has a LAW DEGREE FROM HARVARD and was president of the Harvard law review.

And yet people still take Palin seriously.

The world is laughing at us.
10:39 PM on 09/10/2008
So gun loving, pro-life Religious zealot is an intellegent argument? You could have used her communications degree.
The fact that he is a lawyer, from Havard is bad, very bad. That is the reason he can't answer a question and he is always second guessing himself. Obama doesn't know where he stands on anything.
Gov Palin is a woman to be feared. She knows what she believes, she believes what she knows and that is dangerous wheter you agree with her or not.
Obama is lost and has no personal convictions and Biden is asking a man in a wheel chair to stand up.
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11:10 PM on 09/10/2008
"Gov Palin is a woman to be feared"

You're damn right she should be feared! God forbid she becomes president! When it comes to standing up to the likes of Putin, Medvedev, Ahmadenijad or any other fierce opponent she'll be eaten alive. And therein lies the problem. The last thing we need is someone with absolutely no foreign policy experience that close to the button in the oval office. The McSame campaign won't allow her to get out there on her own to speak to the american people, nor have they allowed an in depth interview with an honest broker. Charlie Gibson may do fine with his interview, but you'll excuse me if I withhold judgement until after he's finished. Right now I don't trust McSame to give her the rope to hang him with. My fear is more talking points, no substance, and soft questioning.
11:30 PM on 09/10/2008
Excuse me? How is a Harvard education bad? Don't you want a smart, well-educated president??
10:55 PM on 09/10/2008
You're locked into your own worldview, which is why you can't understand other people. You state conclusions with no supporting arguments of any substance. Harry Truman was a haberdasher with NO college education if I remember correctly. He seemed to do OK, even handling foreign affairs (like dropping the bomb).
Eugene, Oregon
10:13 PM on 09/10/2008
I worked on this graphic for an hour when I got home from work and read all about the lame "outrage" from the McPalin camp regarding the Sen. Obama pig/lipstick comment.
If you like it, feel free to pass it on.
02:58 AM on 09/11/2008
Now that was funny =)
10:09 PM on 09/10/2008
Where the hell is my wallet, that deserves another 20
10:06 PM on 09/10/2008
Obama is very cool.
09:57 PM on 09/10/2008
And he did it with a great deal of cool..MacCheez and Womb Sherif can only benefit if he loses his cool because then he becomes an An gry Bla ck Ma n and that will not be tolerated by the dominant culture...i.e, the low information mall crawling voter
10:53 PM on 09/10/2008
Misanthrope elitist! Good for us they are the majority.
11:32 PM on 09/10/2008
I woulldn't call that elitism, I'd call it realism.
Good for whom exactly they are the majority?
03:00 AM on 09/11/2008
You are so right they want their own version of Birth of a Nation dont give it to them .