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03:27 PM on 09/13/2008
Bomb, bomb Iran, Korea, China and Russia - that's all you hear from McCain. He will reinstate the draft to have more bodies to send to these wars. I have one child (a son voting for the first time), if he does not want to join the military voluntarily, McCain will not force him to. So far, over 4,000 lives of our men and women in uniform have been lost in an unneccessary war in Iraq. McCain has opposed to every bill that has come through Congress with regards to our veterans including the GI bill passed this year that McCain was opposed to and did not turn up to vote for it. I do not want my husband to have another tour overseas with this war. I am a pro-choice Catholic but I would never think to force my views on anyone else like McCain and Palin are forcing down our throats.
03:24 PM on 09/13/2008
i got nothing against palin as a person, seriously any of her personal matter is none of my business unless she requested help, ill be more than happy to help. but the matter is when she uses her personal beliefs and personal matters in public office and manipulates laws and freedoms enacted for the entire society for her personal benefit i draw the line. you can be religious evangelist and a politician, but dont bring your personal beliefs into a neutral place of government and manipulate the situation for your own benefit. thats just not right. from hypothetical of banning certain books, to firing people elceted by the people because they wont help hurt an ex family member, to bringing your beleifs into the neutrality of laws enacted by a consensus of millions not just a select few.
Retired USAF Major, 100% DAV, MOPH
03:03 PM on 09/13/2008
It makes me glad to see so many smart ladies out there, I have been saying that this pandering would be seen for what it is and it's good to see I am not alone. Actuarial tables give McCain a 1 in 4 chance of dying in his first term, so that 's a 25% chance this woman will become President if they are elected. Add to that her complete lack of foreign policy experience and knowledge (but she can see Russia from Alaska, lol) and the thought of them elected scares the hell out of me. I've seen too many young men die for this nation to see our freedoms pissed away by another Republican administration, the Constitution is just something to wipe their feet on.
02:56 PM on 09/13/2008
Sarah has now left town. She says she'll be back in November. I guess that means she doesn't plan on coming back to be interviewed by the special investigator with regard to Troopergate (which as you all know began LONG before August 29). Here is the link to KTUU's coverage of the Anti-Palin campaign threats made by the listeners of KBYR's Eddie Burke

Eddie called the women who organized this rally "a bunch of socialist baby-killing maggots"
Charming language coming from one of Sarah's favorite radio personalities.
02:45 PM on 09/13/2008
I've been a stay-at-home mom since my second child was born. When my children started school, I became quite active in the PTA. After they graduated from high school I ran for school board. Our district serves approximately 7,000 students and has an $80+ M budget. In 3 campaigns I garnered well over 15,000 votes. I have been to 5 foreign countries, including Israel. Given the Republican vice presidential qualifications, I believe I am more than qualified.
02:15 PM on 09/13/2008
I personally think that McCain is using Palin as a gimmick, using her to take the attention away from the facts and onto Obama "disparaging" a woman. For a man who has a record of telling off colored jokes about women, including his wife, it is ludicrous that all of the sudden he is saying that Obama is sexist.
It really saddens me that he thinks it's okay to do that, and you know that if indeed Obama did pick Hilary McCain's tone would be totally different, his campaign would have continued it's line that Hilary (and now Obama) was playing the gender card. It is just disgusting that Politics have sunk so low.
06:27 PM on 09/13/2008
He has more women than men in his campaign staff and they make more money than the men. The other candidate has only 1 person in high position in the campaign and the women make $0.87 on the dollar than the men.

By their actions you shall know them.
02:09 PM on 09/13/2008
To paraphrase the movie Jerry McGuire, it's "Show me the women" time! I want the Republicans to show me all those white women who are supposedly lining up to vote for McCain now that Palin's on the ticket. Actually, I want to see ALL the women and ALL the men who have switched just because of Palin. I don't believe there is a groundswell. We're just paying attention to her addition as we would to a train wreck.
02:01 PM on 09/13/2008
This morning, In Anchorage, Alaska, Sarah Palin will speak at a rally at our new convention center. Hundreds of people are expected to attend. At noon, another rally will be held on the lawn of our library, this one held by Women against Palin supporters. Yesterday, Eddie Burke, a DJ on radio station KBYR, announced the names and phone numbers of the women who were organizing the anti-Palin rally and ENCOURAGED his listeners to call these women at home and tell them how they felt. He claims that he did not ask them to harrass or threaten these organizers. The calls these women got were disgusting and threatening. The police department is investigating some of the most disturbing calls. Eddie Burke had no right to project his venom towards women whose views are different from his own on the public airwaves. He does not own the station, yet the station owners are comfortable with both Eddie's cream puff treatment of Sarah on the air and his vicious attacks on those who disagree with Sarah. Eddie Burke got the FIRST interview with Sarah and John McCain the DAY the VP announcement was made. Living in American means that I have first amendment rights and I can exercise them. So can Eddie. But, I would never threaten the life of another human being because I disagreed with his or her stand on politics. Eddie Burke has such no qualms.
02:01 PM on 09/13/2008
Thank God there are other women out there that feel as I do. I cannot believe that any woman would ever fall for John McCain's offensive lies and belief that we would vote for her just because she is a woman Hillary Clinton SHE IS NOT!! Obama/Biden 08
06:28 PM on 09/13/2008
I am almost 60 and listened to the campaign speeches, both conventions and the 9/11 interviews. I saw a man of integrity and one of power mongering.
01:16 PM on 09/13/2008
I am a 59 year old grandmother, just now founding out how to use these blogs. I love you! I really can identify with Erica from Colorado Springs. I have always felt "So What!" Now I under stand why that response is no longer acceptable. I watched Sarah Palin on TV while I lived in Anchorage, Alaska. I saw a young woman who was unbelievably sure of herself. I now know why. It was the assurance of religious fanaticism. As it is now. Justic Alito wants to change the consititution to allow for a state religion. He basically said so during his interview with Bill Moyers. So does the religious right. How better to control a population than through religious persecution. Of course young fanatic catholics support McCain. I just don't think that they understand the viscious fight that will ensue between the fundamental christian churches if this is ever allowed to happen. It was why Jefferson wanted the "wall between church and state." We have so much to lose if Obama loses this election. I know a lot of people will say this "isn't possible" in this country. I never thought I would see a pres. candidate pandering to the religious right with his "concern about religious VALUES!" I know he felt he needed to, but that scared me more than anything that has been done in the election.
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01:12 PM on 09/13/2008
Worth reading:

01:07 PM on 09/13/2008
I was so happy to read this article! It was wonderful. It is good to know there are many, many people that feel we can't take 4 more years of the same as the last 8. I am following the issues. I do not base my vote on whether or not the canidate is a woman. I want change. I am really glad Obama picked Biden. I believe he is a good man with honest beliefs. He knows foriegn policy and his experience will help all Americans. We have had enough! Please vote Obama/Biden, tell everyone you know. If we all spread the word we women are interested in the issues maybe that can make the press pay attention. I really don't want to see another headline about palin.
12:24 PM on 09/13/2008
I am retired and since I stay home I watch MSNBC,CNN & CSpan(Never FOX) mostly all day and I have heard Obama's speeches and for the 1st time in so many years I felt that he was honest and had such a vision for this country. Thinking of my children's new world and remerbering all the Lies and above the law, not to mention the econmy, I see a country that cannot survive another 4 years. Palin & McSame have done nil except lying about Obama. If you lie before you get in the White House what does that tell you about when you are there. Obama is so nice and such a kind, caring person that I think he doesn't know gutter politics. A survey from around the world asking whom would be the best President for USA standing in the World Obama WON by a landslide. Is the world wrong? Intelligence & Youth with New Ideas or Old Age & Same Old Ways & Dumb Your choice?
Sarah Palin is kindof like The Bimbo who would steal your boyfriend and not blink an eye and she is just a REP. clone. Scary - Very
11:55 AM on 09/13/2008
why is this election year all about pleasing the White Women? what about other Nationalities? all you hear is the white women are angry, The white women are for Palin, Something is wrong with this picture, Are white women so stupid and blind that they can't see they are being fooled? Sounds racist to me
Southern liberal, lonely here
02:34 PM on 09/13/2008
I'm a white woman, 52, mother of2, nana of 4 1/2, step-nana of 3. I'm for Obama all the way. He reminds me so much of Robert Kennedy for many reasons. For the first time in a while, I too, have hope that my grandkids will HAVE a future. Most of my friends are also backing him - even Hillary supporters.
To your question - elections are about pleasing "white women" or "soccer moms" . Why? Because we carry a HUGE portion of the vote. White men aren't going to vote for Obama more than likely - now that is racism. They are going to vote for McCain. White women are more likely to vote for Obama - IF we can capture their vote. That is why McCain went out and picked Palin - in an effort to pull off the white female vote. Why he chose her over more qualified white female Republicans - I couldn't tell you. Maybe he thought she would be no competition, maybe he thought she would be easily molded into his image, maybe he thought she was so new to the political scene that she had no baggage (hehehehe - really wrong on that one). It is OUR job to make sure the Palin strategy doesn't work. WE need to work together, no matter our race, our nationality, our gender, our religion to make SURE that his team does not get the chance at four more years of the last eight years!
02:39 PM on 09/13/2008
White woman here. They do not speak for all of us. Hopefully, they do not speak for most of us.
A woman of substance.
04:06 PM on 09/13/2008
11:44 AM on 09/13/2008
I am so encouraged to read this! I did not know about the Women Agaisnt Sarah Palin site. As a 55-year-old woman I too am so very insulted by McCain thinking that I would vote for this woman. She has no foreign policy experience, knowledge of the economy, or even of her own party. I find her annoying and have been so put off by her that I litterally turn the TV off. This is one Independant I wish McCain people would stop calliing. I am a solid Obama/Biden supporter. Always have been, always will be.