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09:19 AM on 02/06/2012
Women don't allow men to express a natural range of emotions. They get "scared" when we are angry and they get "uncomfortable" when we are sad. It's akin to murder, they may as well be digging our graves.
Without followers, evil cannot spread.
10:38 AM on 02/06/2012
Did you really completely miss the entire point of this article?
11:06 AM on 02/06/2012
My point is that it really isn't up to you when society as a whole has deemed it inappropriate for you to express your emotions as any human being should be able to.
11:47 AM on 02/06/2012
Typical feminist. You deny anyone else a voice because you are so intent on playing the victim.
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we cannot tolerate their obstruction
11:27 AM on 02/06/2012
So true. The difference between negative self talk and negative society talk is that I'm actually easier on me than they are. Men have never had it easier, and for many of us, that is worse possible scenario.