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03:40 PM on 02/07/2012
An extremely well deserved honor for Mr. Thomas! Marlo, your father was a wonderful humanitarian and bless you for continuing his legacy. I'm also so happy to see Me-TV running your old show That Girl. I loved that show in the 60s when I was a young teenage girl. It was a great awakening for young girls back then that we could be our own people. I also remember Make Room For Daddy and loved it. I wish they'd run that show again. God Bless!
03:31 PM on 02/07/2012
Beautiful & inspiring.
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TeaParty? We don' need no steenkin' TeaParty
03:15 PM on 02/07/2012
Your dad was a unique and well-loved American, Marlo. So are you!
06:56 PM on 02/07/2012
This is one time I agree with you.
03:08 PM on 02/07/2012
I'm so glad your father was recognized as the selfless and admired promoter of help for needy children. I also admire you, Marlo, for continuing your dad's efforts in seeing to it that children and their families are finding relief in so many forms through the generous and well-respected efforts made at St Jude's Children's Hospital and Research Center.
Cranky old lady
03:01 PM on 02/07/2012
Wonderful story!
02:47 PM on 02/07/2012
A wonderful honor, and deserved. What greater act of generosity than providing medical care for sick children? Now that's the Christianity I respect! BTW, your Dad seemed to be one of the very few actors liked and admired by virtually everyone.
04:06 PM on 02/07/2012
NavyMom - great post and I totally agree!
02:42 PM on 02/07/2012
Very inspiring.

The stamp is well deserved.
02:36 PM on 02/07/2012
I adore Marlo Thomas and her father and I'm sure there are many fine St. Jude Hospitals that are doing wonderful things for children these days. But I have a friend who had a baby at a St. Jude Hospital years ago in CA and she said it was the worst experience of her life! Maybe it was just bad timing on her part, but I'd be very wary of sending a loved-one to a St. Jude hospital after hearing her story!
Eat, Stay, Love
05:23 PM on 02/07/2012
Respectfully, there is only one St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital that is located in TN. Please don't confuse people with other hospitals with the name St. Jude in it.
11:52 PM on 02/07/2012
I was under the assumption that all St. Jude hospitals were catholic-run, hence, the name? My apologies if this is not correct, helping children is always of the greatest service.
Never underestimate the Power of Human Stupidity!
02:34 PM on 02/07/2012
I remember watching Danny Thomas when I was a kid. Even then, on the flickering, low resolution TV screens of the day, there was a warmth and kindness in his eyes and manner that you could see.

His comedy was Funny in ways that the current generation of comics have totally forgotten. He made you laugh without the edge of Meanness that pervades most of "Modern" humor. His jokes left you feeling Warm and Good. Today's comics make you laugh but often leave you feeling like you've just been assaulted and wanting to see if there is blood on your clothes.

Thank You Danny Thomas.
02:31 PM on 02/07/2012
What a marvelous human being he was, its nice to see it becoming a family tradition.
Enriched with lanolin.
01:56 PM on 02/07/2012
Congrats and blessings, Marlo.
01:28 PM on 02/07/2012
Mr. Danny Thomas was a saint himself. May his sprit live on. Marlo you and your family are an inspiration for all man kind.
12:53 PM on 02/07/2012
Shame on you, Marlo, for mot mentioning the wonderful and generous people of country music who give so generously. Do the names Keith Urban and John Rich sound familiar? How about the country music stations that sponsor weekend telethons and raise millions in pledges to St. Jude's!!!!???? There are many stars, and they're not all in Hollywood!!!!!
04:33 PM on 02/07/2012
No, shame on YOU for bringing a bad vibe to a beautiful story about spirituality and generosity. Keith Urban and John Rich don't need your accolades, and Marlo Thomas doesn't need a "dressing down" from you. Now go make a contribution to St Judes hospital as penance!!!!!!
Crisdean Wulver
We've got our priorities screwed up.
07:05 PM on 02/07/2012
I agree, Thomas. Not only that, but it does a disservice to Keith Urban and John Rich, who I doubt would be bragging about their donations.
01:36 AM on 03/12/2012
I'll have you know that I make contributions to St. Jude's on a regular basis, not that it is any of your concern!! I was not "dressing down" Ms. Thomas, just reminding her that there are a vast number of generous, not "famous" people who are not stars that are, in fact, the ones who built St. Jude's.
12:39 PM on 02/07/2012
St. Jude's Hospital is an amazing place, and Danny Thomas was an amazing man. God Bless him for all he has done to help children with cancer and their families.
12:25 PM on 02/07/2012
St. Jude, pray, before the Throne of God, for all our sick children in America!!!