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11:40 AM on 09/18/2008
Her being hired to do sports announcing is no different than McCain hiring her to be the VP.

It's all about her looks and the novelty factor.

it's already wearing off w/the American public.
11:55 AM on 09/18/2008
Hope So!
Republican For Obama
Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs - Feb. 24th
11:40 AM on 09/18/2008
Her voice... ahhhhhhhhhhh!
I think I am, therefore, I am. I think.
11:23 AM on 09/18/2008
You just KNOW this will end up on Olbermann.... I can't wait.
11:16 AM on 09/18/2008
Not only that, the video has been around since she was first named as VP for the ticket. Personally, I find plenty to disagree with this person on numerous levels. For example- she explains how earmarks are what is important to a mayor or a governor but at the same time are bad when you are representing the Federal side of things. Her ignorance of global issues and even big city issues are enough to vote against what she represents. However, I've seen far worse in terms of sports reports than this and the first time I saw it I thought to myself this is not bad. She may be reading and she may be boring but she is at least not mis-stating facts. This is not shocking and I'm afraid you've lost some credibility based on your argument.
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12:19 PM on 09/18/2008
Methinks you are missing the point. this is her qualifications wrapped up in a simple symbol of her qualifications. Media skills period.
07:02 AM on 09/18/2008
I am more interested in why Palin vetoed a bill as Governor that would help police stop rapists and child molesters and why she charged rape victims for rape kits when mayor of Wasilla.
I also want to know why she isn't cooperating in the "troopergate investigation if she has nothing to hide or does she feel she is above the law like Bush and Cheney declare themselves.
04:45 AM on 09/18/2008

the point you are making about the relevance of the video is valid and well stated

however, your hyperbolic headline (SHOCKING!!!!VIDEO) undermines your point and leaves the reader feeling mislead and let down

just an observation, not a criticism...
03:54 AM on 09/18/2008
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03:23 AM on 09/18/2008
I don't think you're being fair to her. It was her first 'journalism' job, she was new, I think she did OK and would have gotten a lot better if she had stuck with it. There are many jobs that she could have been good at if she had just stuck with them. VP of US is way over her head, though, I don't think she could ever master it even if she decided to go to five different colleges and then masquerade as a small town mayor for a bit, then as governor of a thinly populated state funded by record oil revenues for a year or so. No way, even if she went and did all that....
07:28 AM on 09/18/2008

I agree with u. It is not a fair comparison.

Gov Palin's record on fiscal conservative competence and her record as a reform agent are being scrutinized. A less than capable record is being exposed.

Questions are legimately being asked and no answers are forthcoming to the media or even the public.

Leaving a sense of obfuscation concerning Gov Palin's candidacy for VP and one heart beat from being POTUS, should that ticket win the WH.

It's too risky. McCain has been reckless.
09:52 AM on 09/18/2008
You are right, however this post is pure sarcasm. He is so far over the top that there's no way that he can have possibly meant a word of it.

Having said that, when looking at the only record that matters, her political record, we find......issues. Sarah left her town of less than 10,000 with over $20 million in debt. By contrast, the small town that I used to live in, with around 13,000 people, didn't even have a $20 million BUDGET.

She's against abortion in ALL cases, except the imminent death of the mother. If her husband (god forbid, and I'm NOT saying that he did!!!) had raped their 17 year old and gotten her pregnant, she would be opposed to her getting an abortion.

And finally, we look at her record in this race. She's never stopped lying. Some of them are kinda minor, like "I put the plane on ebay", which is implying that it SOLD on ebay, when in fact it twice missed the minimum bid, and then had to be sold at a loss OFF ebay. Some are more important, such as "I told Congress that if we wanted that bridge we'd build it ourselves!" This one sounds innocuous enough until you realize that not only did she support the bridge, but she kept the 70+ MILLION dollars that Congress had already given AK for the bridge.
01:55 AM on 09/18/2008
Has anyone seen CNN story on Palin and the $14 million hockey rink which she built on the land of a private citizen even when the city had lost a court ruling for ownership of the land. She kept sueing the guy even when it was ruled it was his land. Sounds familiar? Any ways the city end up shelling out almost an additional $2 million dollars adding to the large debt that the city now bear. Totally mishandled from a single minded person.