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Never blindly follow anyone or anything
12:04 AM on 02/19/2012
I was in a cover band in the 70s for five years... we played all over the Southwest. Once we were in a record shop in San Angelo, Texas. It was in 1976. Several teenage girls were looking through the albums and one of them suddenly became really excited. She yelled out to her friends, "You won't believe this... Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings... they were called the Beatles." They were giddy.

I swear this is a true story... and that was almost 40 years ago.
11:38 PM on 02/18/2012
I like all kinds of music - each type has its own influences. Rap music however has one crucial element missing - the letter C is missing from the front.
02:49 AM on 02/19/2012
That's really clever, and non contradictory - I swear I haven't heard some other clever person say the exact same thing.
09:53 AM on 02/19/2012
Rap is crap. It denigrates women, its crude, and stupid. I don't know how anyone ever thought this was "music."
11:21 PM on 02/18/2012
He is a TRUE musician . Extremely rare these days.
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10:09 AM on 02/20/2012
Musician? What's that?
Intellect is Learned... Wisdom Already Knows
11:18 PM on 02/18/2012
... the sign post up ahead reads

You have just entered the Twlight Zone

WOW - I turn 50 next month and I have to tell some kids who the Beatles were?

... and the Radio Station said - Now back to the Oldies of 1970 and 80

Really? Oldies?

Ok, so I remember helping my dad replace the Tubes in the TV, and only having AM radio, and OOooooohhhh heck - yep, I sound like my Grandparents ...

... oops - I am a Grandparent

OMG - Ive gotten Old

Soon Im not going to Remember who the F*&^ Paul is either!

... can someone get me to an early buffett - Im hungry

Got to go - bye
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09:46 PM on 02/18/2012
No one knows or cares who Paul McCartney is because the last time he wrote a hit song was over 30 years ago. In current pop culture he's as hep Captain and Tinel.

What ever happened to stars fading out of the lime light gracefully? Homeboy is 70 years old, does he really need to be at the grammys in 2012 performing his old hits? Hasn't he done this about a thousand times before in recent years? Go take a nap old man.
It takes an Atheist to truly appreciate Jesus
12:06 AM on 02/19/2012
Go smoke a blunt young man.
02:51 AM on 02/19/2012
Does Chris Brown really need to be at the Grammy's in 2012 preforming his new hits?
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09:15 PM on 02/18/2012
I have noticed some celebrities names on some of the more uncouthe television
programming of this decade...
I have not yet noticed Paul McCartney's name
on television programming...
maybe he is the ticket
to getting a nice family show..
not a silly Disney one...where the teen actors and actresses look and sound like forty year old friends of mine...
instead, one
similar in nature to the Cosby Show or the one with Alan Thicke...even Tool Time...
in which we remind families and children..
HOW to live...
in which we set a traditional...yet scientifically progressive norm...
for families and young people to justify themselves
among others...
doing homework...having chores...
demonstrating appropriate emotionality and rejecting the many innappropriate advances by society...on the IGNORING THEM completely and showing a REAL WORLD
as it SHOULD BE...
not the new and admissible adventures in Soddom and Gomorrah.
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12:14 AM on 02/19/2012
How about a nice family show where you get kicked out of Japan for traveling with a bag of marijuana so big that only a rock star could afford it? I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Pat Boone.
Hellova Stoner
I throw stones
08:00 AM on 02/19/2012
If you want a tv show the relates how we live, the watch Jersey Shore. In reality, that IS what our world really is, not some fantasy wishy washy cosby pretend crap.
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10:11 AM on 02/20/2012
No big hair smurfs in my world. Want to move?
06:59 PM on 02/18/2012
A friend of mine, who is 60 now, used to say 20 years ago that the problem with dating young women is that you have to explain who Paul McCartney played with before Wings. Now, Wings? Isn't that a sportsbars snack?
07:31 PM on 02/19/2012
Paul should never have left Wings. I mean, he was the most talented one!
07:45 PM on 02/19/2012
Why don't you read replies?
06:45 PM on 02/18/2012
you mean paul was in a band BEFORE wings? ; 0
09:08 PM on 02/18/2012
Wow thanks for the 30 year old joke
09:50 AM on 02/19/2012
y/w i do what i can
06:26 PM on 02/18/2012
Anyone who doesn't know who Paul McCartney is, or who the Beatles were, are either in a lifelong coma or don't know great music, end of story.
07:05 PM on 02/18/2012
Hardly the end of story. They were done over 50 years ago. Their music sounds like Chatanooga Choo Choo to anyone under middle aged. Finally, the most interesting of the fab four are gone.
07:59 PM on 02/18/2012
You are entitled to your opinion, but, the fact remains that they sold over 1 Billion albums and continue to outnumber many of today's artists. The album "1" released in 2000 sold over 31 Million copies. By no means they were done over 50 years ago, their music will continue to be very popular for years to come and their albums will continue to sell as well.
08:28 PM on 02/18/2012
Anyone who values teaching their kids about the history of an American soundtrack (not necessarily American musicians) wouldn't buy that viewpoint for a minute. My kid is 11. She knows Miles, she knows Coltrane, Billie Holiday, Elvis, the Beach Boys, Ramones, Louis and Ella, right on through Alicia Keys and Beyonce, because I've made sure she's heard those who came before her...but she LOVES the Beatles most of all, so go figure.
Apollo C Vermouth
I come, I listen, maybe I'm amazed.
06:40 PM on 02/18/2012
Do you realize this is just a circular reference back to this same discussion?
09:38 AM on 02/19/2012
Yes I do Apollo, but it seemed funny to me because I blistered my fingers playing Mc Cartney, Lennon, Stevie Ray Vaughnand the list goes on. His works or fantastic I think.
05:55 PM on 02/18/2012
My kids 23 and 32 know who Paul is...that's because I'm a big fan. But I can see kids today knowing the name of The Beatles...but not the individuals in the group. Especially...with the 'Sir" in the title.
05:38 PM on 02/18/2012
You can't spell twitter without twit.
06:44 PM on 02/18/2012
08:56 PM on 02/18/2012
Love it.
04:56 PM on 02/18/2012
He's a BEATLE, look it up! That's all you need to know!
Offending InFoxtrination Sufferers With Facts.
04:29 PM on 02/18/2012
Welcome to the new Ignorance Is King generation.
In an age when more information is available, more readily, than at ANY time in human history, kids are more ignorant than they've been in a 100 years.
When 15 year olds can't name all 10 provinces, the names and locations of the Great Lakes, our nation's capital, the location of the Rocky Mountains, or even name their own provincial capital, let alone SPELL "provincial", one can't really be surprised by ignorance of Paul in the face of mega talents like Jay Z, Ke$ha, or Nicki Minaj et al...
And as bad as it is here?
Results are even MORE dismal in US+A!

All of us over 30 need to reaaallly hope we never get sick, need a lawyer, have to cross a bridge, or plan to fly after another 25 years pass!
07:00 PM on 02/18/2012
Yup, you are right. In this wonderful age of information and word processing programs, I get the most poorly spelled papers from my students. People have so many educational resources available, but they just don't use them. It boggles the mind!
Offending InFoxtrination Sufferers With Facts.
10:15 PM on 02/18/2012
For years I would admonish kids to make sure their grammar and spelling were up to snuff because my uni profs had been merciless. By 2002, I had kids coming back and telling me my fib was busted:
"Our prof in psych spent the first 7 weeks teaching us grammar and spelling, no marks off our work till after that!"
"So you're cool with paying thousands of dollars for lessons you could have got for free in public school? Cool.", say I.
08:25 PM on 02/18/2012
It's funny, when I was a teenager in the mid and late 70's, I knew who people like Glenn Miller, Doris Day, and Louis Armstrong were. Not that I was listening to them, mind you. What's really funny (in a sad way) and ironic, is that back then, when you didn't have all this info at your fingertips, it seems like the average kid knew a lot more about history, music and otherwise. I just don't get it!
08:58 PM on 02/18/2012
I really think it's because they spend all their time Facebooking or Tweeting their friends. They know every tiny detail of each other's lives, but very little about the outside world.
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04:15 PM on 02/18/2012
He and his first wife were a good team...
it must be difficult to be a celebrity
and feel
the push
to have a...


I feel sorry for him.
07:33 PM on 02/19/2012
Have a what? Another hit record? Another beautiful child? Yet another snarky fan?