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Bianca S
You can't go trick-or-treating. Ever. For a week
12:33 AM on 02/24/2012
This isn't about what women "need", this is about what women "want" and if Bethenny's sales and expansions into other markets are telling us one thing, it's that women do indeed "want" this product.

As for your question if anybody would make a "Skinnyboy Wine", that all depends on if there's a market for it. You can be rest assured there are marketers testing a similar product on said focus group as I type this.
Allena Tapia
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10:24 PM on 02/23/2012
I have always always said that "diet wine" would be a million-dollar seller. BUT this isn't enough of a calorie savings to make much of a difference. I'm interested in that White Lie one though!! There was one called .9- Point Nine- that was similar.

Yeah, sorry, disagree. Get together with three girls, play cards, let the kids run around and you've gone through three bottles, easy. So less calories is def a bonus.

And my hubby drinks ultra light whatever, too.
10:24 PM on 02/24/2012
There is such a thing as "diet wine". Its called drinking lower alcohol wine and its been made in Europe for generations and is also produced on the US east coast - especially Long Island
08:36 PM on 02/23/2012
What a silly article. Who approves these things?
Sandra Wilson
06:31 PM on 02/23/2012
I totally disagree with this writer, and I will buy these wines to try for sure. I think she will be just as successful if not more so with this new launch. If they are good they will sell, times have changed and she is a great BRAND herself and very respected amongst her fans and now the MEN that owned the liquor business since the beginning of time!
05:18 PM on 02/23/2012
"Would anyone make a Skinnyboy wine?"
/challenge accepted
10:39 PM on 02/23/2012
They actually do make a Skinnyboy wine. It's called Bud Light. I don't see anyone raising an issue with breweries pandering to men simply because that is their market; nor am I offended by it. Marketing wine to women is the same. It's simply marketers understanding their respective markets.
losing faith in humanity one vote at a time
04:26 PM on 02/24/2012
Very Astute
05:05 PM on 02/23/2012
Maybe this wouldn't seem so trite if I didn't buy wine on a student budget, or if I didn't prefer spirits-- or had we not had the week in women's news that we just had. My female friends do tend (not all!) to prefer sweeter, simpler, less alcoholic drinks, for personal, social and biological (if I could drink manhattans through a late night, I would!) reasons. I bet the wine does suck, though. In fact I liked your article other than this was a poorly chosen time to get indignant over typically cynical marketing.
05:05 PM on 02/23/2012
Adn even women don't think those wines are very good:
05:03 PM on 02/23/2012
I have no problem with brands trying to market to different audiences. What I do have a problem with is crappy wine, and that most brands seem to be selling women bad, cheap wine. It's just insulting. -
Liberal is not a dirty word.
11:45 PM on 02/23/2012
I am too discerning to drink crappy wine. I for one will not be buying Skinnygirl wines. I like mine full bodied and Frankel's wines are the modern equivalent of a bad box wine from the 70's.
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05:01 PM on 02/23/2012
Sounds like Boones farm to me.
04:57 PM on 02/23/2012
It sounds like you are taking this thing a bit too personally. You have a wine blog so you are in a different market. You even mention that wine is intimidating enough. That is the whole point... to take the intimidation out of wine. This is not about insulting women's intelligence, it is about appealing to their palate and what appeals to them which is: #1 Price and #2 Label (cuteness factor important). Marketing wine to women makes great sense because they have the buying power...
02:52 PM on 02/24/2012
"appealing to their palate" by selling cheap, crappy wine based on "cuteness factor." really? that is insulting because it assumes that women don't care (or have any knowledge about wine) to know the difference in quality vs. a popular brand. I think marketing to women IS smart, but not the way Bethenny does it.
So much dirt, so little time.
04:36 PM on 02/23/2012
I disagree. Frankel is exploiting a successful marketing strategy and her own fan base to add to her considerable fortune, a fortune she acheived through hardwork and business smarts. She's not a wine snob and neither are the people who buy her products. She's not marketing this stuff to people who know anything about great wine. And why not market specifically to women? Beermakers have been trying to do the same thing for decades without success. Can Skinnygirl Beer be far behind? Hey, if she can sell the swill then good for her. Nobody is making you buy it.
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08:30 PM on 02/23/2012
I am so happy for her.
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04:33 PM on 02/23/2012
Make a wine - that doesn't come in a box - that men will drink in place of a can of bud light, and you'll be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

I make a variety of fruit wines, and about 15 gallons of 'white' from several green grape vines in my backyard, and I can't meet the demand because I tailor the fruit and dryness for each of my friends who take the time to help me do the prep. The guys usually make a wine 'for the wife' and come back a week later to make a batch of beer suited to their taste.

The point is, 'skinnygirl' is wholly marketing...anyone who buys into it, buys this product, deserves to be duped because there are so many other choices out there for someone concerned about calorie counting. Even beers have followed this trend (slap the word 'ultra' on a brew and I can tell you who buys it). It's horrible when people with more money than common sense and taste get what they deserve...
me are no nice guy
04:56 PM on 02/23/2012
Make a wine - that doesn't come in a box - that men will drink in place of a can of bud light, and you'll be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

mmmmmm mad dog 20/20... mmmmmm
04:29 PM on 02/23/2012
I don't think this wine is a good idea at all.
04:25 PM on 02/23/2012
I'm more offended by the price. $15 per bottle? Hell to the no! I can buy a fabulous bottle of pinot noir from the Central Valley or Sonoma for that price or lower. And I get what I want as opposed to just the three kinds she's putting out. Truly lame Bethenny!
Carl Caroli
I just don't understand people
04:23 PM on 02/23/2012
Marketing. Woman do much of the shopping and are more susceptible to it, plain and simple.