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08:35 AM on 02/23/2012
You apologists crack me up. It's easy to ask what the big deal is if you haven't been subjected to racism all your life and had to overcome stereotypes.
Sum Ting Wong here. 有些不妥。
11:59 PM on 02/24/2012
08:25 AM on 02/23/2012
Does anyone remember the Howard Cosell "look at that little monkey run" comment during a football game (I forget the player he said it about.) the player was small, fast and elusive. And he was black. When Cosell said it, it took about 30 seconds for it to spread like wildfire, and this was well before the information age. Howard Cosell was anything but a bigot. His friendship and support of Muhammed Ali is well known. He did make an apology but the real thing that got him off the hook was that he refused to accept peoples opinion that he made a racist comment. He said interpreting what he said as racist was ignorant on peoples part because he's not a racist, therefore the comment couldn't possibly BE racist. He didn't roll over and die, he fought it. And for all intensive purposes, he won.

I know many times, racist comments are made deliberately. But I believe that in this case, it was just an honest mistake. A simple apology shouldn't be good enough for something like this done deliberately...but when it was a mistake...maybe we should cut a guy some slack. He lost his career over a thirty second decision.
08:24 AM on 02/23/2012
Honesty exceeds your grasp. Just because you think it was cute does not mean that it was not racist.
Gary Hayes
Beauty Screams and Eternity Whispers
08:57 AM on 02/23/2012
I agree that it would be hard to not see this as a racist comment. everyone of us know that the word chink was and is still used to describe asians. I am not sure I accept that an editor could miss the significance but I dont know if it was intentionally meant to be racist. We are becoming so sensitive to words and expressions I wonder where it will end. Racism is a major issue and needs to be addressed. I know that being conscious of what we say is a start but I also believe that taking a position of understanding and trying to see a person's life in perspective is important too. If this was the first time he ever said or did something like this then it seems over the top to fire him. Wht not sensitivity training along with an apology that was sincere.
10:28 AM on 02/23/2012
The man's history is one of not being a racist. If the man is not a racist and says something that can be interpreted as racist, he should get the benefit of any doubt. What good wwould sending him to sensitivity training do? He is not a racist! Period, end of story.
11:27 AM on 02/23/2012
Actually...he was a good editor. He spelled it correctly "Chink" not "Kink". It's pronounced "Kink" but spelled "Chink". The slang word is pronounced and spelled "Chink".

Two, too and to?

Lead and Lead?

There's a difference in the pronunciation vs. the spelling. Nobody seems to get that! It was a mistake. It should have been left as such.
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09:23 AM on 02/23/2012
The term he used was a valid phrase. If you took it as racist, then that's on you, not him.
11:38 AM on 02/23/2012
But apparently it was on espn since they had to handle the complaints which is why the guy got fired. That's how the world works. Everyone who works in the media knows you don't write offensive things that would upset large groups of readers or advertisers.
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08:16 AM on 02/23/2012
Isn't it funny, Lisa Chan did it, now Federico does it. They make an apology, then tell everyone how they go about helping society and how their "lapse" in judgment was not really about them.

They must all have the same publicist.

People in the public eye have an opportunity to influence others and should be held to a higher standard and exercise some thinking before acting. THAT is the lesson in all of this.
Gary Hayes
Beauty Screams and Eternity Whispers
08:59 AM on 02/23/2012
good point and I agree that the list of "saintly deeds" was a bit much, but I wonder is it necessary to fire the dude for a first offense?
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10:57 AM on 02/23/2012
I think there was a certain amount of overreaction, to be honest. He should have been put on notice of zero tolerance. Someone on the air got a suspension, so in that sense, it was not a fair outcome.
11:33 AM on 02/23/2012
For the most part, I agree. However...if the man had any history of racist "slip ups" prior to this...we would be using that as proof that the headline was intentional. So I don't mind the guy giving a list of the good he does with his life to try to prove he does not have the character of a racist.
08:01 AM on 02/23/2012
Once again, the media over reacts. First of all, most people think "Chink" is spelled something like "Kink", so to those of us that can't spell, the headline looked overty racist. (Can't blame people though, half the words in the English language are spelled strangely).

But once it was brought to the forefront that the editor made an honest, yet stupid, mistake....and jeremy Lin himself thought very little of it, it should have been my humble opinion. I can see this being done deliberately if you WANTED to get fired and become a national joke. But I don't think most people do, and If you google the phrase you will find thousands of headlines that say the same thing over the years (but you'll have to get past the first few hundred Jeremy Lin references first)

I believe people need to be responsible for their actions and mistakes, but it seems like in this era of instaneous, viral news....the responsibility level is often more drastic than the offense....and everyone screams for blood when maybe a slap on the wrist was all that's needed.
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08:32 AM on 02/23/2012
This is an era that requires MORE caution than ever. You're making an excuse for someone who should have known better than to make a clever _headline attempt at humor.
08:57 AM on 02/23/2012
Not making an excuse...just seeing his side of it. I give him the benefit of the doubt.
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09:24 AM on 02/23/2012
Dislike people like you. Ever watch demolition man? Your perfect PC society will not work.
08:55 AM on 02/23/2012
come on if it were fox sports the pitchforks would be out on force!
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07:57 AM on 02/23/2012
If anyone believes that, "Chink in the armor" was about a weakness in a warriors armor, then you must also believe that Honor Blackman's character in "Goldfinger" was all about a herd of cats. And, what does Federico's history of philanthropy and charitable works have to do with anything? Al Capone was a philanthropist as well, and it didn't make him always a good guy. Federico should fess up and say, "Hey, I thought it was a clever play on words, and obviously it was not. I was wrong and I am sorry for what I did."
07:45 AM on 02/23/2012
Funny part of this story is that I read he was born in the USA. Which should make him American unless her parents were illegal. So that term shouldn't apply to him or did they not teach that in the Ivy League.
07:41 AM on 02/23/2012
this reminds me of when a young stewardess with southwest was trying to get passengers to sit. In keeping with their policy of being friendly and fun, she said, "eeney meeney miney mo, grab your seats, we have to go." Southwest was sued by a passenger who said she was racist for saying that. The only version of that rhyme the stewardess had ever heard was eeney meeney miney mo, catch a tiger by the toe so she totally did not get the uproar but was punished anyway. People need to get over stuff like this, Lin accepted the apology, leave the poor writer alone.
Pine Island Joe
08:21 AM on 02/23/2012
I fail to see where what was said by the Southwest Flight Attendant was racist.
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09:25 AM on 02/23/2012
As do I.
01:04 AM on 02/24/2012
you two just proved my point... in the "bad old days" it wasn't a tiger that you caught by a toe. It was commonly said using the "N word" which is why this passenger was screaming racism. The stewardess was too young to know that particular take on the phrase... kind of like this reporter may not even have known that in the 50's chink meant chinese.
07:24 AM on 02/23/2012
Bottom doesn't matter how GREAT things you've done....this article prooves that when you DON'T think BEFORE you SPEAK or WRITE things....YOU are accountable for what you say or do. It's that simple. YES, apologies can (usually) be accepted.....but THINK before you speak or publish things.

Had this writer DIDN'T have his head in a Bucket....he wouldn't have been fired. Enough said.
08:16 AM on 02/23/2012
Unless it was so innocent he didn't see it all.
11:37 AM on 02/23/2012
So you have never in your life said "sorry about what I said...I didn't mean it that way". Because if so, you're the only person that never has.
12:13 PM on 02/23/2012
In response to your question....IF I write something....I read it before I send it....I have another person read it to see if it "sounds right". If I feel I have to explain something that was written...then I do it. I've learned alot in life and ."IF" I have to put myself in a position to where I have to apologize for something I said...I DON'T say it. God gave everyone a BRAIN to use...but it's a shame not everyone USES their brain before they speak..

"LIFE is tough....LIFE's TOUGHER if you're stupid". ACT and THINK before you SPEAK ... it's very simple rule and not hard.
07:18 AM on 02/23/2012
No, you dont owe anybody an apology Its a common saying, having been around for years now all of a sudden we change? stupid Linsanity is spreading like a rash
08:03 AM on 02/23/2012
The "common saying" that's been around for years is "kink" in the armour, not "chink" in the armour you dolt.
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09:27 AM on 02/23/2012
it is chink in the armor, YOU dolt
11:38 AM on 02/23/2012
Webster....dictionary.....find one, then speak. Thank you. Dolt.
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06:36 AM on 02/23/2012
He had a connect the dots word association lapse not a bigotry problem. I think he proved that well. I don't think I've seen a better apology and acceptance of responsibility.
08:02 AM on 02/23/2012
I completely agree, a class act in the apology department.
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In Unity Comes Victory
06:23 AM on 02/23/2012
it's called attention getter headline, you and I read it so it worked but it backfired and he's fired.
08:13 AM on 02/23/2012
Yep, that pretty much sums it up. He gamble and lost while exposing himself . He can apologize for hat he sais ,but its what he is that got him fired .
05:23 AM on 02/23/2012
Rightly so he got fired. And his immediate supervisor should have been too - bet Feddy made up the headline thinking his supervisor would be pleased with and approve it. And that other guy who referred to Lin's manhood, which was done so under the belt (pun intended by this poster), should have faced dire economic and career consequences too.
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04:49 AM on 02/23/2012
"I wrote the headline in reference to the tone of the column and not to Jeremy Lin’s race."

04:45 AM on 02/23/2012