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Insurance is not the same as welfare
11:00 AM on 02/27/2012
That guy in the lead-in picture is hot, but I guess that's not what they're talking about.
11:03 AM on 02/27/2012
Methinks the facial hair is intentional which leads me to believe there has been a faux-hawk and there is a pair of manwoman jeans with embroidered stuff on the pockets and maybe an Usher album or two.
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11:15 AM on 02/27/2012
Whatever. I wanna go wherever he's going!
Insurance is not the same as welfare
11:49 AM on 02/27/2012
Spoilsport. Now you've ruined it for me.
10:59 AM on 02/27/2012
Do these Universities still think the flag still has only 13 stars? Southern states, New York and Boston seem to rule the roost here. We've moved on since 1850, guys.
11:15 AM on 02/27/2012
...somehow one Colorado school and one California school were able to squeeze in
And the truth shall set us ALL free
11:24 AM on 02/27/2012
An Northwestern U is in Evanston, IL. Very cool, very academic. But many of these lists tend to not look past the east coast it seems.
"I write to make it right, don't like what I see"
10:45 AM on 02/27/2012
Muhlenburg? C'mon. I'm from PA, and went to a school in the same athletic conference, and never heard a single thing, good, bad, or nuetral, about Muhlenberg
09:40 PM on 02/27/2012
Maybe if you had gone to Muhlenberg, you would know how to spell neutral...
10:23 AM on 02/27/2012
These lists are straight bogus. It's the same colleges every time - mostly private and mostly east coast.
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11:19 AM on 02/27/2012
If Liberty, Bob Jones and Bryan had been included, I'm sure you'd have said the same thing.

10:19 AM on 02/27/2012
I call shenanigans on this list.