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03:08 PM on 02/29/2012
Guess where he got the example . It's called Frankenfood for a reason . This is "without humanity" And we are eating this stuff , in our cars , with our kids ???!!!!
Rev David Huber
A non-progressive mind is a wasted mind.
03:06 PM on 02/29/2012
I'll give up meat before considering this to be a good idea. Sheesh.
02:48 PM on 02/29/2012
Truly disgusting, and it will be interesting to watch the repercussion unfold (more people driven to a vegetarian lifestyle, perhaps?).
I have a question; if this technology were to unfold, where would we draw the line?
live from the PHX
05:04 PM on 02/29/2012
The goal should be to feed the world with doing as little or no harm to others (including animals) as well as the planet. That should be where we draw the line. If die-hard meat addicts need to satiate their taste for the stuff through zombie chickens, then so be it. I'll stick to my beans and veggies, thank you kindly.
06:49 PM on 02/29/2012
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02:39 PM on 02/29/2012
02:26 PM on 02/29/2012
Just when you think you have heard it all. this is absolutely disgusting and inhumane!
live from the PHX
05:05 PM on 02/29/2012
Factory farming is disgusting and inhumane. This sounds like a great way to alleviate an immense amount of suffering. In fact, I would go as far as to say the majority of suffering on this planet is experienced by animals on factory farms. Particularly chickens.
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My bio is not micro
04:09 AM on 03/01/2012
It's not as if chickens from factory farms or the ridiculous idea are the only options.
Hippies were right about fascism, war, & pot.
01:50 PM on 02/29/2012
No brain, no pain.
01:42 PM on 02/29/2012
HufPost asks "What do you think of André Ford's idea?" Here's my answer: Ford is sick and deranged, just as cruel and barbaric as the people who run factory farms today.

What are Ford's credentials? He's an architecture student. Read again: an architecture student. Not a biologist, not an ethologist, not even a college graduate. An architecture student.

The problems the earth and its inhabitants face are beyond this kid's capacity to understand. The fact that he's proposed an inane solution that most certainly has been thought of by others (and understood to be unrealistic, inefficient and downright sick) really merits the question: Why is this idiocy being given credibility by numerous publications?

As for the problems, the solutions are clear - but the average person is simply too lazy and uncaring to make the changes necessary to stop this brutality. I would say "pity", but those same attitudes are what will lead to humanity's demise - and that is NOT a pity.
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03:10 PM on 02/29/2012
It's not a new idea . In the dark , factories are horror shows , who have tried it all WAY before this kid was born !! I am just surprised this has "come to light" this way . Dumb putz of a kid, perfect patsy for Big Ag . Get used to it , you have probably already eaten one !!!
01:07 PM on 02/29/2012
I am horrified beyond words.
02:51 PM on 02/29/2012
pretty much summed up my sentiment.
Every cloud has a silver lining
01:23 PM on 06/28/2014
You took the words right out of my mouth.