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10:01 AM on 10/05/2008
I don't agree totally with your assertion that Republicans try to "shift the political conversation from substance to frivolity." It's worse than that, Barbara, by far. Sarah Palin just told a crowd that Barack Obama would pal around with terrorists. GOP voters will no doubt pick up the chant - just as they have for years as Limbaugh would spoon feed them their talking points. When backed into a corner, they now raise their voices and try to talk over you just as O'Reilly does when somebody attempts to make a valid point. He might even shout "Shut up!!" So now McCain, Palin, Limbaugh, Coulter and O'Reilly are not only telling the blind how to respond, they are telling them how to behave. Act surly. Get dirty. Lie if you have to. Make gross distortions of your opponents record. No! Make gross distortions of your opponents character. Steal votes, if you must. Myself, I am voting for the only two adults running for president and vice president. The GOP culture of ugliness, now deeply ingrained, is disgraceful. Surely, there is something upstairs that is wrong with these people.
10:36 AM on 10/05/2008
I agree we have passed frivolity. We are in the realms of intimidation, bullying tactics, outright lies and most importantly the reprisal of 1960s style racial politics.

To imply minorities were the root of the financial crisis sends a subliminal message that it is the Blacks (and by the way Obama is black) and minorities who are ruining this country. Attack on Ifill was to imply "Palin won't have a fair shot" because she will be impeded by someone "black". Palin's suggestion that Obama "doesn't feel the way about america as you or I" is a rehashing of the 1940s stereotype that Blacks are not patriotic. On mainstream talk radio shows, the hosts have degenerated into producing rants complete with name-calling like calling minorities the "dregs of society".

This election is turning out to be one of the ugliest elections since 1968.
08:33 AM on 10/05/2008
Barbra, Thank you and I agree with you. The problem, however, is that Americans want the President to be just like them. How about, thoughtful, intelligent, competent and able to lead? Palin is a sorry person, who is unfit to lead anything. If the Pallin-McCain ticket becomes a reality, we will have more years of the downfall of our great country.
07:49 AM on 10/05/2008
It has worked for them in the past. They become increasingly shrill in their protestations because It is not working for them now. Pity it has taken an economic meltdown to get "the people" interested in substance over sound bite.
03:52 AM on 10/05/2008
The American people have to ask themselves what they think it takes to be president. They also have to ask if the parties are living up to their promises. The fiscally conservative republicans, the less government republicans, well obviously we haven't grown up to the degree that we know how to behave with less government and could care less the amount of the tab we're passing on to the next generations. I believe we're at a tipping point in our evolution, aviation and the computer have brought the world together, we're global whether we like it or not. It can be an exciting time for the planet, if we start to work towards saving it versus destroying it. Having a knowledge of history, of our place in the world historically, is important to move ahead. Questioning how the housing market is going to rise, when we keep losing jobs and have no leadership that is willing to define how a service industry economy is going to provide us with those jobs, to pay for those houses, that's what we need to do in order to vote with integrity. It may not be rocket science, but we don't live in the land of Oz, where all the real policy makers are behind closed doors!
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03:28 AM on 10/05/2008
Thank you for all you've done over the years to support liberal causes, Barbra, and my condolences to everyone in the entertainment business for the loss of Paul Newman.
Celebrities often get a bum rap, especially during elections, and it's very unfair. Celebrities are always looking for ways to be of help, both during large disasters, and behind the scenes doing things most people never hear about. The work you all do is very much appreciated.
As for the election, we're gonna win this one! The Fates have ordained it!
02:31 AM on 10/05/2008
I think we're all owed a refund for the last eight years. Is there such a thing as a class action suit for presidential bait and switch?
03:14 PM on 10/04/2008
In fact, it's the right-wingers who long for another 9-11. They'll use it to justify martial law, polish off the Constitution and come after us with the truncheons.
They've been itching to use them on the skulls of people who are smarter than they are for years.
03:10 PM on 10/04/2008
I used to vote Republican sometimes, back when I thought some of them were actually honest people of honor rather than religious cult nut jobs, war-mongering sadists and crony-capitalist crooks. I won't EVER be making that mistake again.
03:58 AM on 10/05/2008
I quess I'm one of those you'd call a "religious cult nut job" but what is the truth. I'm a roman catholic that for a 25 yr period was probably in agreement with most of what you stand for. I have to say I look back at my prior self and am amazed at just how wrong an intelligent and fundamentally "good" person can be. I think i understand the "left" thinking because I used to live there intellectually. I know a few things about my old self (those 25 yrs) that I didn't know then. I was an agnostic and I had marxists leanings. Agnostic in the sense that I believed there was likely some type of Supreme Being but didn't think the church had it right about Him. Marxist(this I had NO insight into) because I thought man had the total responsibility to order the worlds affairs to protect the poor and needy. The democratic party is where I used to be. This is why democrats are for abortion,euthanasia ,gay rights and a very heavy handed policy in regards to govt. involvement in our lives. Democrats see injustice and they believe(being secret agnostics) there in nothing but themselves between the poor and their suffering. Democrats also have a very difficult time identifying "true evil"because they have no supreme being they can put their trust in. There is nobody to tell a democrat that abortion,etc. is evil just because I (God) say its evil
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10:17 AM on 10/05/2008
I'm Catholic, Bibbo. And I am ashamed of you. First of all, please capitalize Roman Catholic. Sister would rap your knuckles with a ruler 10 times if she found out your identity. Also, it's "I guess" not quess. I could go on, but you really do represent the Republican base, the 27 % who still think highly of George W. Bush. So McCain will get that 27% and maybe 10 or 15 % more from other fringe elements of the Homo sapien species living on soil arbitrarily called "America." That gives your McCain/Palin ticket 37-42 % of the vote on Nov. 4. You are going to lose in a landslide. Do yourself a favor and remove yourself from the political arena. Go to confession. Say your penance. Ask God to make you a better person, and a better speller, too.
11:50 AM on 10/04/2008
Excellent post as usual.

just wanted you to know that years ago you appeared at the Harvard/Kennedy School of
Government (actually 1995) and gave
a little talk. It was on C-span. You spoke about what "liberal' really meant and what being
a "liberal" had brought to our country and society
I was so moved, so inspired i contacted c-span and bought the tape. I really wish
it was availble and rerun often, and posted somewhere - how about on your blog?

No one can under-estimate with all the problems facing our country - and the one
no one is talking about - the supreme court judges - that this election could very well
determine the fate of the world. scary..............

thank you.
10:59 PM on 10/03/2008
Thank you, Ms. Streisand , for putting the truth so succinctly. I still can't believe what I see/hear down here in Georgia. There is a small but growing contingency of us fighting for Obama. Things are getting ugly here and it is so sad. My 11 year old son has been threatened at school to "not show up after the election if Obama wins. We're gonna jump you. I'm bringing my shotgun to school." This seriously happened this week. Needless to say, I have been in close contact with the administration of the school. They handled it well, but why are our children being tormented instead of using this election as an opportunity for learning? Guess I'm naive......Thank you again. Denise
06:38 PM on 10/02/2008

I always like reading the columns you right for the Huffington Post and not because you're a celebrity but because have a way of expressing the state we're in because of 8 years of misery under the Bush Administration. It's refreshing to know that Celebrity don't only promote themselves but promote causes that assist the American people.


05:00 PM on 10/02/2008
I hope you are right Ms. Streisand - and people are paying attention - and will NOT vote for the vile Liar/Liar2 ticket.

Thank you for your support for Obama - we still have much work to do to convince people that McSame is truly more scary than the current criminal in the white house!
01:27 PM on 10/02/2008
No, we don't want more of the same. The people however need to stop relying on government for miracles to happen. That's the biggest blame game of all. You've been famous forever Barbra. Every step you take has given you a more brilliant career. So I am not sure you can relate to the ordinary man becoming extraordinary.

Change is constant. Wars resist diplomacy or we would not be fighting. A good question might be to ask how to change the tradition of war as the last resort? We are smarter than this. However what you resist you get. So in time this war will end, and a new one will be on the back burner...just waiting. Resistance groups will argue and fight because those people are just corrupt no matter what they do.

We need to chart the next course for world peace. If the United States is the foundation, then it needs to change from the people not the powerful.
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01:25 PM on 10/02/2008
"Isn't it about time America had a leader that started out as an ordinary man and became an extraordinary one?"

Beautifully said

I was a Hillary supporter in the extreme and now, I am just as passionate about Obama and I have just as much hope for our future.
I think we're so lucky to have had so many extraordinary people looking to accept the challenge of leading us in these times. Obama is more than up to the task.

I've saved another $100 and, even though my husband will soon be out of a job (he's in manufacturing), we're using it to invest in our future by making a donation to the Obama campaign!
12:48 PM on 10/02/2008
I have an idea: Throw one of those huge benefit concerts to aid Americans affected by this credit crisis. Those concerts raise money for poverty around the world, why not help the people here at home. I wouldn't do this until bush is out of office. Bad idea to turn over a large sum of money to the bush administration.