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08:27 AM on 03/09/2012
Trip Advisor - as a respected go-to source for vacationers, how can you publish a list like this and not include places like Vieques, Playa Mujeres, St. George Island or Destin, Florida???? By my estimation your choices are waaaaayyyyyyyy off! Daytona? Ft. Lauderdale? REALLY???? At that rate, why wasn't New Jersey on the list??? Ugh! I'm calling for a redo!
03:08 AM on 03/10/2012
re: Vieques -- I added La Parguera if you'd like to vote on that one! It is at #47 of 48 right now. Rincon, PR used to be nice until the surfers found it.:)
03:10 AM on 03/10/2012
Also, I would have liked to have seen St. Thomas on here. Not only is the water beautiful but the coral is awesome.
08:26 AM on 03/09/2012
I like Siesta Key in FLA.
08:13 AM on 03/09/2012
I guess the "writers" of this article have never been to Australia :/
Teri Springer
Educated and Opinionated
09:31 AM on 03/10/2012
They've apparently never been out of a pretty limited area.
08:11 AM on 03/09/2012
Really? Virginia Beach? I'm a little surprised.
rainy n
"Is it soup yet?"
07:19 AM on 03/09/2012
I can't believe Maggen's Bay in St Thomas isn't mentioned. Plus the Florida beaches mentioned certainly are NOT the nicest in Florida by a long shot...where did these people get their info or did they get some kind of payment for putting a given area on their list...doesn't make sense
Sandi K H H
07:08 AM on 03/09/2012
Honolulu was beautiful 40 years ago, but the two times I've been there in the last 15 years, Wakiki was filthy. I also think Ixtapa Mexico should be on this list.
07:06 AM on 03/09/2012
Not even close! One Foot Island Aitutaki beats them all!
06:41 AM on 03/09/2012
Mauritius has the best beaches..nuff said
No matter where you go, there you are
03:09 AM on 03/09/2012
My favorite beaches are the ones that bring me a beer when my glass is almost empty...
01:43 AM on 03/09/2012
I see Revere Beach in MA got an honorable mention, I'm impressed with that. It was the first beach in America to be designated as a public beach. It has a huge panoramic view and some awesome places to get a bite to eat and easy access. Sadly, the amusement area was torn down for condos. Kelly's is famous for its fried clams and roast beef sandwiches and the seagulls there are famous for relieving you of your food. They'll take your clams, your whole sandwich, and your tartar sauce too, I've seen it happen personally twice. One gull actually swallowed the whole plastic container of sauce! I could see it stuck halfway down its neck like a living cartoon and the gull was totally nonplussed. :D
01:38 AM on 03/09/2012
This is the WORST "best" list I've ever seen. I've been to many of the mentioned beaches and several have NO business being used in the same sentence containing "best"
01:08 AM on 03/09/2012
No Cape Cod or Cape Ann beaches on this list? an absolute absurdity. No Hamptons beaches? Just because a beach isn't in a tropical or neotropical zone doesn't mean its not amazing! I'd put Long Point, Provincetown or Cranes Beach, Cape Ann somewhere in the list. What about Fire Island? Somebody didn't do their homework. I've been to beaches in Key West, Miami, Hawaii and those beaches I mentioned are definitely in their league.
12:20 AM on 03/09/2012
Pretty lame selection of beaches. Weak!
conservation ,Your grandchildrens future
12:05 AM on 03/09/2012
The north end of Sanibel, Fl. ...........Lovers key (south of Ft. Myers Beach, Fl. ....& Itamaraca , PE ..Brasil are also wonderful......
** I guess it does not matter which beautiful beach you are on , only that you are on a beach..**
12:04 AM on 03/09/2012
Guys, you gotta travel more. It's obvious that you have never set foot on an Australian beach. We have something like 30,000 km of beaches, and having been on some of the beaches that you claim to be the best 25 in the world - there are hundreds of beaches in Australia better than some of the ones you put in your list. in addition to that the hundreds of islands in the Great Barrier Reef.
Go and have a look !! :)