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01:36 PM on 10/15/2008
The sickos are coming out of the woodwork. If the GOP has a shred of decency left they will remove him promptly and never allow him to serve anywhere again. And if this isn't hate speech I don't know what it. An arrest should be forthcoming.
01:52 PM on 10/15/2008
Sorry, no dice. The GOP lost their last shred of decency back in '03.
01:35 PM on 10/15/2008
I live in Sacramento California and could not be less surprised by this behavior coming from our local GOP. It's actually pretty hilarious at this point. If you were down here in Sac you would see Obama/Biden signs EVERYWHERE! Bumper stickers, lawn signs, buttons, hats, it's AWESOME! Obama fever basically has all of the Sacramento rethugs acting like the petulant, whinny, grade school brats they are.(lol)

Sacramento for Obama/Biden '08!!! :)
01:35 PM on 10/15/2008
If all the Republican Leaders are saying this kind of sup rema cist stuff in public, what in the world are they saying and planning behind closed doors?
01:54 PM on 10/15/2008
This is kid stuff for them... behind closed doors, they are planning war with Iran.
01:32 PM on 10/15/2008
"Conservatives" sounds like an oxymoron to me....why so intolerant, judgemental and some down right hateful??

Is it conservative thinking?? Narrow minds?? Small people??

We Progressive people, tolerant people....humantarians who embrace the differences that make this world beautiful and interesting....we do out number them,

Don't we??
01:31 PM on 10/15/2008
The Sacramento GOP site may have cleaned up a couple of the "more offensive" graphics on it's page, but it still is chock-a-block with anger, vitriol, naked racist hate and too many mischaracterizations, distortions and down right LIES to shake a stick at!

Many progressives would rather turn away and dismiss these hate mongering sites as aberrational, but it have become increasingly obvious (as in this case) that Main Stream GOP organizations are endorsing HATE and extolling their supports to take matters into their own hands!

Hopefully an Obama Administration will instruct a Special Prosecutor to investigate the Republican National Committee on RICO charges regarding electioneering and voter suppression!
01:30 PM on 10/15/2008
Will JM chant kill him tonight?
01:28 PM on 10/15/2008
The longer this campaign goes on, the less I think of the Republican party, or at least what passes for it at the present. I live not far from where this happened, and I thought people around here were a little smarter about what works in a campaign and what is totally out of line.
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01:28 PM on 10/15/2008
The last ember to die in a fire is the one that burned the hottest - these losers have nothing left but their hate.
01:28 PM on 10/15/2008
Republicans, highly offensive? Surely not!
Truth, Justice and the American Way
01:28 PM on 10/15/2008
Yep, we have our share of rednecks who never made it beyond the 5th grade here in Sac. Maybe after the election, we can move them all to Alaska.
01:38 PM on 10/15/2008
Come on, now, we've got enough of our own already.
01:27 PM on 10/15/2008
...And still McCain remains silent except for an off the cuff response at at town hall meeting. Why hasn't he publicly and forcefully denounced this behavior?

I keep hearing his supporters say he can't be blamed for the actions of a few bad apples.
He should and is being held responsible for his own leadership on this matter and so far he has been MISSING IN ACTION and REFUSING TO LEAD.

McCain's silence equals encouragement.
Prejudice is not a 'value'
01:26 PM on 10/15/2008
To all of my fellow readers,

I think it's time, that we as "citizens" launch a MASSIVE letter writing campaign to our representatives, demanding a STOP to these egregious and hate inciting tactics!

Sure, "freedom of speech", but at what point does this become outright SLANDER and equivalent to committing "hate crimes"? What's the difference between this and putting up Swastika's with racial slurs???

What's most disturbing, is that it not only unfairly (and falsely!) attacks Obama who is NOT even of Arab descent OR Muslim... But WORSE, attacks HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of our OWN decent, law abiding, U.S. CITIZENS (knowingly or not) who happen to be Arab and/or Muslim by implying that they are somehow dangerous!!! God forbid, your name happens to be Obama, Osama, Hussein, OR anything remotely similar... Are you automatically a TERRORIST??? So does that make anyone who happens to have the name Adolf a NAZI???

ENOUGH... This is UNACCEPTABLE in the U.S. (land of tolerance?) and "WE THE PEOPLE" who are supposed to be holding our elected officials accountable need to do something!!!

I hope all of my fellow readers and citizens will join me in writing to your state reps. and NOT A MOMENT TO WASTE... this is TOO important to the VERY PRINCIPLES this country is supposed to be founded on!!!

Thank you...
01:26 PM on 10/15/2008
Hey, would you believe it, this Sacramento GOP character is an attorney,
I wonder what kind of legal theory is used by that firm when it comes to defending torture.
01:25 PM on 10/15/2008
Let the RNC put out the fire....
is not Chicago
01:24 PM on 10/15/2008
Someone forgot to send them the talking points memo that the GOP doesn't publicly admit to endorsing waterboarding...yet.