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07:46 PM on 10/17/2008
Lord, how did the party of intellectuals become the party of idiots? And why are they so proud of it?
07:40 PM on 10/17/2008
First of all, have the decency to state Barack Obama's mother's name in full. Speculation= Gossip.
07:34 PM on 10/17/2008
They fire Christopher and keep this piece of pond scum.
Man of Mystery
07:32 PM on 10/17/2008
The writer is certifiably nutso.
07:30 PM on 10/17/2008
07:27 PM on 10/17/2008
The author is incapable of progressive thinking. The core concept is not abortion... it's choice. Every successful citizen is a product of choice. When we are denied choice in life, we are doomed to repeat the errors of yesterday.
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07:23 PM on 10/17/2008
I guess I'm just not very bright. Is the author saying he wishes that Barack's mom would have had the choice and made the choice to abort Obama because the author believes even the maverick, even with this ridiculous campaign he's run and with the incredibly ridiculous running mate he chose, even with all that, even the maverick could potentially beat a forty-three-year-old aborted fetus?

I mean if this is what the author is suggesting, I might point him back to the last three debates. If you turn down the sound when Obama comes on and imagine a forty-three-year-old aborted fetus in his place, and then turn the volume back up when the maverick comes on, I'm not sure the maverick beats him.

And, really, couldn't a forty-three-year-old aborted fetus do a better job than the last 8 years and the continuation of these policies represented by some of the admittedly very sparse, but more coherent things the maverick says? I mean "Umbilical Cord to Nowhere" couldn't do any worse.

Please accept my apologies if anyone is at all offended by my post. I just find the best way to meet stupid is with stupider and with this author's post it was real hard to get to stupider.
07:26 PM on 10/17/2008
Ah, mirror technique -- highly effective!
09:16 PM on 10/17/2008
You are correct in assuming that this piece of scum author wishes that Obama's mother had aborted him.
Then we would not have had the best presidential candidate representing our collective hopes for a better America going up against rethug narrow mindedness.
Obama is a gift to the whole world and the rethugs just can't stand it.
07:22 PM on 10/17/2008
wow this article is HIGHLY offensive...the writer should be ashamed
07:20 PM on 10/17/2008
Obama’s mother isn't here anymore
America invaded and occupies Iraq
Obama’s mother isn't here anymore
Trickle down has failed
Tax breaks for the wealthy did not give back
Obama’s mother isn't here anymore
Democrats controlled congress for only two of George Bush’s years
The GOP offers no solutions beyond tax cuts, wars, hate, divide, and smear driven fears

Obama’s mother died.
Yet I feel her pride in her country and her son
Our long struggle for justice is not yet over
Peace and love have not yet won
Post race was premature,
Some may disagree I am sure
But you cannot hide the foul
You can pretend if you want to
I see the slight of hand behind the toothy smile

Smiling faces, they lie, they don’t tell the truth
All over America, one can view the proof
Love don’t live here anymore and it never did
“Grown up politicians?” Surely, you jest?
All I see is simpleminded hateful kids.

Redistribution of wealth and the premise that life is all about self
Starving bellies turn high ideas of selfishness to jelly -- as people storm the mansion
Not redistribution of wealth but rather -- the reasonable seek wealth expansion
Giving all a chance to do more than just survive
Coming to a national understanding that for fairness we must strive
Paying tribute to Obama’s mother -- no longer alive
Saying that we love her, as we love ourselves
We share in her pride -- truth shall prevail
07:19 PM on 10/17/2008
That is truly one of the stupidest things I've ever read.
53%er for Obama
07:17 PM on 10/17/2008
How dare he? Is he trying to suggest that Obama should thank conservatives for his life?
How depraved are these right-wing thinkers? And how dare they make claim to patriotism, family values, Christianity, pro-Americanism.... I'm dismayed. This National Review person has truly lost his way, in the deepest, most profound way. It makes my heart mourn for this country that there are people like this are given such voice. Obama should personally address this person on behalf of his late mother, his wife and children and his country.

I would expect this from someone as ridiculous as Hannity, but from the National Review? They should close the mag. down for this alone.
07:17 PM on 10/17/2008
What a repulsive statement. That man has no shame whatsoever.
07:16 PM on 10/17/2008
Obama's mother was obviously a highly intelligent and capable woman. Even when terminating a pregnancy was illegal it was still possible to have it done. If she had wanted an abortion she would have had one.
07:13 PM on 10/17/2008
Abortion was legal and I CHOOSE to have my son at 18. This ignorance and and speculation is not what is needed right now. Or was the writer of the article psychic?
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07:08 PM on 10/17/2008
The logic of Whelan's argument basically says that God wants Obama to be president.