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07:20 PM on 03/19/2012
It's a results driven industry. The strongest survive.
09:57 PM on 03/19/2012
so "the strongest" is the new, heartless, soulless, conscienceless?
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03:42 AM on 03/20/2012
no.. it is those that earn the largest profits for their firms by sacrificing their health, and often working under INCREDIBLY tough stressful conditions.... all so that others, green with ENVY can throw tomatoes filled with nonsense.
02:01 AM on 03/22/2012
yeah, they're not corrupt or anything. they gain everything fairly, as men have always done.

oh for the love of...
06:56 PM on 03/19/2012
I thought the big banks were greedy? If they could pay EQUALLY QUALIFIED women 38% less than what they have to pay men there would be no men working on Wall Street.

Of course these men vs women statistics are apples to oranges comparisons because factors such as average work experience are not equal across genders.
11:25 PM on 03/19/2012
Women get paid less on Wall Street for no reason. None at all.

Salaries should be posted on a no names basis. This way everyone knows where they stand.
in favor of legalized bar fighting
03:43 AM on 03/20/2012
Salaries don't mean anything... and these statistics are full of it...
08:15 PM on 03/20/2012
Actually, there were a rash of studies done over the last few years that female traders made much smaller amounts but did so far more consistently.

So, compare a municipal bond trader's salary to a commodity trader. You might find a similar disparity.
Ashok Hegde
07:47 AM on 03/20/2012
The article didn't say they were paid less for equal work.

That's part of the problem. If you don't sacrifice the hours, you won't get promoted (or even keep your job). If you don't get promoted, you won't ever earn the high salaries.
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06:46 PM on 03/19/2012
He said I'm gonna buy this place and burn it down.
I'm gonna put it six feet under ground.
Oh, and I'm gonna buy this place is what I said.
Blame it upon a rush of blood to the head. ~ Coldplay

Ladies it's time to put self-destructive men to bed and clean up their mess. Pax

No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You can not serve both God and Mammon.
—Matthew 6:24

Evil is NOT born, it is created by MAN.
Evolution of the heart. Revolution of the mind.
06:05 PM on 03/19/2012
Wow, looks like just another battle front in that 'war on women.' Knew about the 77c for every $ national average. Was surprised by the industry-specific 55c~62c disparity on Wall St.
05:49 PM on 03/19/2012
I worked for a wall street bank as an analyst ..In my final job there, we worked in teams of two to three per product. I made 57 cents for every dollar of my first teammate. I was then promoted & made 60/1 of my new teammate, recieved my third promotion and still wasn't making as much as the men at the lowest scale..I was sexually harrased, demeaned and marginalized. I worked in Wall Street for 10 years with two of the largest banks and this article exactly summs up my experience.
06:51 PM on 03/19/2012
When you were an AVP it is not fair to compare your wages to an SVP with 5 more years experience than you.
11:27 PM on 03/19/2012
Thta's not what she's saying. Learn to read - you must be a trader.
Without followers, evil cannot spread.
10:49 PM on 03/19/2012
Not surprising. Disappointing, yes, but not surprising.
05:45 PM on 03/19/2012
Boo Hoo!
05:43 PM on 03/19/2012
I think it requires a great deal of intelligence on women's part for not WANTING to rise to "the top" of the Wall Street game...
05:07 PM on 03/19/2012
Men are discriminated against all the time too .. Teachers are almost all Female.. as are nurses, admins, pretty bartenders, news persons, waitresses .. Weather .. pretty young women have elbowed out the guys in many of these JObs..
Robert SF
06:24 PM on 03/19/2012
Notice too that the status of professions that become all female sinks like a rock along with the salaries. This is not to blame women. They need to work too. It's really not the employers' fault either. I mean, who doesn't pay less if they can? The real problem is that there aren't jobs for everyone, no matter how you slice it.
11:51 PM on 03/19/2012
Teachers salaries have risen .. USA Teachers are paid the most of anywhere in the World. Which Female field has dropping wages?? Nurses are paid rather well 60-80k per year ... the bulk of Federal Bureaucrats are women ..

Which female dominated profession has a falling status? Salary?? Last I checked, Teachers reward and give awards to themselves all the time.

Men are discriminated against in College Entrace, and the fields I listed above .. more Men were laid off during this recession .. so now what say you?
Without followers, evil cannot spread.
10:50 PM on 03/19/2012
Female dominated fields always (no exception) pay less than mens. Including teachers.

So what's your point, exactly?
11:45 PM on 03/19/2012
What false stats are you looking at?

The average family of 4 in the USA makes $48,000 per year with no pension for life, no health care for life like Teachers get from the taxpayers .. what do you think the average teacher makes in America? ... minus the awesome bene's for life ?? Sounds like a good job to me .. work 20 years then retire to Florida, play golf, drink, and still get paid 80% of your salary. Nurses get paid 60-80k per year and work 3 long shifts per week !!

My point is that there ARE Female dominated fields and College is admitting more women than men. Another point is that the Teaching Field discriminates against men. In Washington DC the majority of Federal Bureaucrats are women ..
05:02 PM on 03/19/2012
After reading the Headlines throughout the Women's section here at Huff Po... there seems to be a trend .. lower confidence, lower self esteem, dissatisfaction with your body .. women place a higher value on their relaionships while men place a higher value on their Job Status ...

... all traits which would inhibit performance in a fast paced, competitive place like Wall St....
Without followers, evil cannot spread.
11:20 PM on 03/19/2012
Once again placing all the blame on women.
11:57 PM on 03/19/2012
Why do you think women aren't succeeding on Wall St?

Should they be?? Perhaps women are more honest?
04:38 PM on 03/19/2012
Now women in wall street are victims? Seriously can we find some actual POOR PEOPLE TO WORRY ABOUT! Is there no more pressing issue than the pay of stock brokers? What about women in child care or home health aides. I would rather fight for them to get a raise.
11:28 PM on 03/19/2012
Can't we pay everyone fairly?
12:01 AM on 03/20/2012
Can't we just focus on people with serious problems instead of privileged upper class women looking for promotions and higher pay.
04:35 PM on 03/19/2012
I am a man. I hope all women everywhere come down hard on these corporations, not only on wall street, but throughout business. They discriminate in all aspects of life. Corporations tend to put everything down in order to achieve profits. People, the environment, everything.
05:48 PM on 03/19/2012
Duh! That is why you go into business ,to make money. Business is not a non-profit organization. You really are stupid, if you think otherwise.
Pound the temple to dust
06:19 PM on 03/19/2012
Did you know that the Census Bureau study found that women employers pay women half of what men employers pay them?

Should we not "come down hard[ER]" on them?
11:29 PM on 03/19/2012
that is such a load of b*s.
03:48 PM on 03/19/2012
You can't compare the two unless you are comparing comparable jobs. Salesmen, analysts, and traders whether men or women are paid equitably. Sure there are more women in lower
level jobs but that is true in most industries. Women need to stand up for themselves and
stop whining to Congress. You can't demand equity unless you are willing to take equal
responsibility. Those women who have have done very well on Wall St. I know, I was there.
06:00 PM on 03/19/2012
Sales people earn a base salary based on experience . Most sales people earn commissions on top of salary. Everyone has the same commission number.The winners are those who sell the most product.Bonuses are paid to those who exceed their goals. Women have the same chance as men to sell the product.Many do and many don't.Wall St. traders deal with a higher percentage of men ,who prefer to buy and sell with other men for many reasons. Female traders do not want to bond with men because ,they fear sex will become involved. Most female traders have very little in common with male clients.
11:31 PM on 03/19/2012
Female traders have very litte in common with male clients. translation, they don't want to have sex with old guys and don't want to hang out at strip clubs......
03:34 PM on 03/19/2012
Not surprising in the least.
If you don't have what it takes you don't make it.
Spin it anyway you want.
Case closed.
11:32 PM on 03/19/2012
some people can't succeed unless a large portion of the population has someone stepping on their neck. You sound like one of them.
03:28 PM on 03/19/2012
At the heart of sexism is the FEAR and Hatred of all that is feminine; thus homophobia and the objectification of women in society. And this is nothing but POISON, we are seeing blatant evidence of , everywhere.
03:36 PM on 03/19/2012
Cry me a river.
Whoever can produce gets rewarded.
Those that don't make a lot of excuses.
07:20 PM on 03/19/2012
You can't possibly be as dense about Wall St. as you pretend to be.
06:04 PM on 03/19/2012
There is no such a word as "objectification".Never start a sentence with" And".Your comment smacks of a NOW member.
03:25 PM on 03/19/2012

Men dominate and Control organized religion.

Men dominate and control Supreme Court/Congress/White House/Governors Mansions.

Men dominate and control Wall street.

And we wonder why these three are tanking and destroying our nation and the world . . .
04:47 PM on 03/19/2012
I don't understand why feminist think it makes sense to blame men for ruining a country because they are male, but feminist at the same time complain that it was men who worked nearly all those jobs which built this country in the first place. How is it all of a sudden after hundreds of years we now need to be rescued by women? I am not buying that. I don't think gender equality requires one gender tear down the other. Stop the misandry.
06:05 PM on 03/19/2012
I'd insult you,but you're not bright enough to notice.