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06:26 PM on 10/21/2008
She stepped in it good this time, its so funny how they back peddle.
06:18 PM on 10/21/2008
Hey, don't blame Bachmann for not fully understanding what happened last Friday: while we were at home, sitting in front of the TV and watching what happened live, she was out and working, giving an interview and stuff. No time there to watch TV! So, obviously she just hasn't had time yet to see the show....
06:09 PM on 10/21/2008
There should be a way of designating our Congressmen by who they lobby for-I know that Bachmann is on Big Oil's payroll and that to me is more important than her so-called Conservative or Liberal Views. Big Oil wants no part of Obama-something about "Windfall Profits" taxes to finance the Middle Class tax reduction and his "Use it or lose it" policies on landgrants. I personally watched with sheer and total disgust when John Boehner and this fellow "Oily" Republicans stayed in D.C. during break in their bid to force Congress to pass "Offshore Drilling" that they managed to sneak through in the 619 Billion Budget that went to Bush during the Bailout Hearings. "OILY" Bachmann doesn't care if you are liberal-Just don't knock "Big Oil!!!'
Prince of Congo
06:05 PM on 10/21/2008
What a liar liar this Bachmann!! I sent $25 to her rival!!!!
10:22 PM on 10/21/2008
Me too! Never so happy to give 15 bucks in my life!!
06:00 PM on 10/21/2008
What does she think we are, idiots? She is just like that stupid Sarah Palin and needs to be taught a lesson.
05:35 PM on 10/21/2008
Sammy Davis neva tap danced this good!!...

Such a Friking Joke...
05:27 PM on 10/21/2008
I have come to the sad conclusion that huge chunks of the replican party consist of individuals who are devoid of all plausible reasoning skills. Their brains function at the level of infants. They cannot grasp differences between relative and absolute, they cannot grasp the continuity of uttered words, they cannot distinguish between truth, reality, and their own fear-infested fantasies. Was it something in the evangelical wine?
sf girl
I like my micro-bio empty.
05:23 PM on 10/21/2008
Good thing we have video proof of her divisive comments or people might actually believe the spin Bachmann is trying to put on her own words.
05:05 PM on 10/21/2008
What Rep. Bachmann, nor the Republican party as a whole, doesn't understand is that WORDS HAVE MEANING and that meaning carries over from one day to the next. You don't get to change the meaning just because you get blowback and are held accountable for your words. You can retract, or apologise for your words, but unless you do that, the words stand as expressed.
Words don't lie. People lie. And Rep. Bachmann is in a s*it storm of her own making that will likely be her political undoing. Never mind.... these are just words.
05:24 PM on 10/21/2008
Precisely. Well said. The Luntz-propaganda Republicans are engaged in a war on language itself, which means a war on reason itself.
05:05 PM on 10/21/2008
When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.
When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I was not a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

Americans need to be on guard against discrimination of all stripes.
05:04 PM on 10/21/2008
her press conference is for her supporters, which apparently she has a lot of in her district -- they must all be as dumb as she is because they probably don't know there is a video out there of her. so they believe all the crap that spews out of her mouth ...
My microbio: as empty as Michelle Bachman's noggin
04:47 PM on 10/21/2008
Nah, she just called SOME liberals anti-American!

Are these folks trying to start a civil war or something?
05:02 PM on 10/21/2008
No, just a witch-hunt.
04:31 PM on 10/21/2008
Please put the Video on this Page so anyone can hear her words!
04:23 PM on 10/21/2008
I wrote to her and told her that while I was just one person and NOT a political action committee, I found her words so inspiring that I felt positively COMPELLED to donate to the campaign...of her opponent!!! We just have to show ZERO tolerance to this hate mongering BS...Seriously... it's just hate, hate and more hate. If we don't try our best to confront it now, we'll be forced to live with it for four more years. I for one have had ENOUGH!!!
04:19 PM on 10/21/2008
"I never questioned Barack Obama's patriotism but Barack Obama may have anti-American views" = "I never questioned Michele Bachmann's stupidity but Michele Bachmann may have anti-logic views".
04:25 PM on 10/21/2008
hmmm... yeah, that and she's way, way, way stupid.