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09:59 AM on 03/27/2012
The main entertainers that someone favors says a lot about them - be those entertainers people like Elvis, George Strait, Lady GaGa, Backstreet Boys or Will Smith. Look at the rulers of the black entertainment industry (someone below mentioned BET - good point) what message do they send? Ms. Muhammad is right - how many songs popular with black communities feature a real love song - about love, committment, security and not just gettin' down in a bedroom? Few and far between. Men and women need to fix how they approach and treat each other (yes, it goes both ways) and maybe that'd be a good place to start for EVERYONE, not just blacks.
09:53 AM on 03/27/2012
oh wow another let's seperate ourselves. Why fight for equality and not being seperated and then turn around and try to seperate yourselves and want to flaunt how your not equal but special. I believe fully in equality for absolutely everyone. We are still apologizing for the past. Get on with it. My Neices who happen to be African American have the same oportunities as everyone else. Yet I still hear bellyaching about wanting special days, special rights. When did equal rights mean you also get special rights. Employment is not equal rights either ask the person who is white and has great skills but is past over because the Chinese man has to hired first.
Ashley Smith0327
09:46 AM on 03/27/2012
We all have a "marriage day" it's called an ANNIVERSARY! Keep it that way.
10:54 AM on 03/27/2012
Perfect answer! Thank you!!
11:20 AM on 03/27/2012
most intelligent response I've read in a long time. thanks
Thomas Stieglitz
09:14 AM on 03/27/2012
There is actually a lot of financial gain to be had from not being married and having children out of wedlock--ADC pays billions a year to people. I know, what are we to do--let them starve on the street? But, as long as there is an incentive there, the practice will continue in spite of well intended people wish would happen.
10:14 AM on 03/27/2012
Hunger is a great motivation to get off of your butt and find work.
09:04 AM on 03/27/2012
What do you expect when you back politicians whose only real objective is to get re-elected. When Christians clamor for stricter moral values, your candidates like obama say that it is none of their business. When the socialists in the schools (read that teachers union) do not respect any views but the far left, this is what you wind up with. Check the corelation between the far left getting their agenda pushed in the schools and the downturn in the marriage rates. The far left wants the gov't to raise your kids so that they are beholden to no one but them. Kids are not being taught self reliance, but the advantage of the nanny state. This is why I don't like any of the candidates who will be running for president. Neither Romney or obama have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the far left. They are both part of the problem, not the solution.
10:26 AM on 03/27/2012
i dont trust any of them. it comes from being in the service. dont trust polititians.
11:41 AM on 03/27/2012
Wow... That's an uncommonly silly attitude. No one's "agenda" in schools is affecting the marriage rates in the black community (or the white, red, brown or purple communities, for that matter). You may have noticed that the highest rates of divorce are in states with large groups of so-called Christians "clamor[ing] for stricter moral values", and the lowest rates are in states with all those scary "socialist" teachers' unions who are actually interested in educating their students, instead of preaching religious dogma. If you want your kids and your kids' friends to respect & value the institution of marriage, how about walking the walk and showing them what a happy marriage and a safe secure family looks like? That would be more helpful than just yammering about some shadowy far left conspiracy to make everyone dependent on a nanny state....
09:00 AM on 03/27/2012
Racial profiling blacks again is more like it, it seems sensless to call it Black marriage Day, we need to respect each cultural values, remember to understand , it is solely for the Black Community to deal with that issue individually, you have to remember, it is their right if they do not marry, marriage is not mandated for everyone. We keep blaming the Black male as the problem, ok, the Black women has issues too, so stop down grading one gender to make the other gender look like angels. It is family education we must deal with first, to respect fathers rights equally, too much preferences is given to the females in the wrong way. Family values to say, you do not have to marry if you do not want to, you do not need to bring suffering kids on the planet if you both did not plan that child future, do not use it as weapon to keep a man.
10:15 AM on 03/27/2012
O.K., then quit taking money from the rest of us that support you then.
11:49 AM on 03/27/2012
I agree... If women in general were more interested in planning their families, and looking for partners with whom to raise a child I suspect there would be fewer out-of-wedlock/unwanted pregnancies... and coincidentally less of the abortions that right-wing conservatives always yammer about! Nothing will stop people from having sex, so how about teaching real sex education in schools, not the "just say no"/virginity pledges that pass for education in conservative circles. It seems to me that we need to seriously press the "No love without the glove" concept with teenage guys... Explain in clear terms that if you can't afford a $5 pack of condoms you can't afford to be having sex. And that unless you're serious about making a commitment to that girl you're dating, you'd better both be using some real contraception before getting physically intimate.
03:49 PM on 03/27/2012
I espect your view, the so-called bible touting Bipolar Consevatives refuse to understand the realities, we have women just wants to get pregnant to hold on to a man, most men is not ready to start a family, neither equipt to deal with that reality, today it is all about short term relationship, short term thinking, lack of REALISTIC SEX EDUCATION, LIFE SKILL EDUCATION< to improve the next generation for a better future, instead, we have , we attack poor people of all ethnicity and create a sub culture , instead of integrating everyone to build our country. That is why have a culture of kids misleading kids as the Bible says. People are going to have sex, but we need to have more interaction with our kids, hug them more, spend more time with them more, sak them about their lives, , help shape their lives, stay real with them, for they carry different temperment from our ancestors, some will be doctors, lawyers, artist, tell them look for a better life, do not make the mistakes we did , look into their eyes when talking to them so they know we live through them
Gilbert Albright
08:46 AM on 03/27/2012
NO we don't need a Marriage Day of any kind! Black Men are the smartest ones when it comes to marriage. They know it is nothing than a form of Male Enslavement.

Why should Men want to become a Slave to a Wife and Family. Working all his life to support a bunch of other people and never enjoying the fruits of his labor. All the money he earns goes to other people and when he dies somebody else gets what is left. And having to put up with a wife that nags hims and ignores him while his she devotes all her attention to the kids and can't be bothered taking care of HIS needs.And a Dog provides just as much companionship as a woman.

Who needs to get married and die broke and in debt after working 45 years.
09:13 AM on 03/27/2012
Oh, Wow, either you had a very bad experience or you've seen one in someone else. I have been married 40 years. My husband and I both work. He is definitely not a slave to me. When we make any major purchases we always talk it over and we both contribute to it. He has his own money and I have mine. I pay heating and electric and he pays other bills. We have always worked together. As for taking care of his needs, I have always done for him and he has always done for me. Oh, we aren't perfect, we have disagreements but we do everything as a team. As for leaving what we've made to our daughter has already informed us that she doesn't want us to leave her anything. She said she has a family and a great job and she wants us to enjoy ourselves with whatever money and time we have left on this earth. So, not every woman is a bitch and not every man is perfect. We are just human.
09:17 AM on 03/27/2012
I feel sorry for you. You're obviously very bitter and have not known the joys of loving and being truly loved in return. I've been happily married almost 20 years and my husband and children mean the world to me. I respect him as the head of our household and he respects me as his wife and the mother of our children. I hope one day you find someone that you can go through life with who loves you purely for who you are. In order for that to happen, you will need to let go of your anger and pain. Forgiveness is a blessing for you.
09:58 AM on 03/27/2012
Not saying you are wrong, but this is coming from a female perspective.

As a guy, I am happily committed to a girlfriend, however I don't really want to get married. I could see spending the rest of my life with her, but I am not sure I want children, and neither is she. If that is the case, what is the benefit to me, of getting married.

I make great money, so why shouldn't I enjoy it, travel with her, buy things I want and do things I want to do. I have time to forward my career, keep myself in great shape, and have hobbies like white water rafting, climbing, and going out with friends constantly, like I enjoy.

My married friends say they miss going out and they have to feel this responsibility to take care of someone else, who is completely capable of taking care of themselves. Isn't this what equality and equal rights are all about? I should do things because I want to, not out of a sense of obligation. Marriage offers no real benefit, financially especially, to men.
08:40 AM on 03/27/2012
As though people don't get divorced.
08:24 AM on 03/27/2012
As the owner of a flower and gift shop...."Black Marriage Day" gets my vote!
10:15 AM on 03/27/2012
Ha ha
America. Love it or Leave it to Beaver.
11:05 AM on 03/27/2012
Theoretically speaking, aren't all marriage days 'Black Marriage Days?'
08:22 AM on 03/27/2012
I am not a racist by any means but frankly I am way past tired of the whole "let's make day/holliday just for them" if caucasions wanted a day/holliday just for whites all hell would break loose and the racist flags would be waving everywhere

as Americans we should all have the same days/hollidays

and NO special ones for any one particular race

And as far as marriage goes why buy the cow when you've already had the milk?????
08:39 AM on 03/27/2012
I couldn't have said it better myself...there is no such thing as WHITE history month, the United MEXICAN college fund, or anything else. I AMERICANS, we share the same history. AMERICAN HISTORY...which is made up of black, white and many other races. Why in Gods name does everything have to come down to race? Doesn't anyone look beyond the color of skin anymore?
08:57 AM on 03/27/2012
I'm with you all the way !!!!
08:09 AM on 03/27/2012
This country isn't 1/2 black and 1/2 white......why present your figures this way? I'd like to see the divorce rates for all the racial groups in this country.....Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Middle East, American Indian, Polonesian.
Elroy Jetson
Spacely Space Sprockets, Inc.
08:06 AM on 03/27/2012
Is there a month Hallmark doesn't have a holiday for selling overpriced gretting cards?
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08:00 AM on 03/27/2012
Not directing this to any race ...
Why get married ..../.
.I have been with my sweetie for over 10 years..... we feel no need to 'get married';......what does it change ....perhaps filing income taxes...
No need for a piece of paper or fancy smanchy wedding..... all ones prefrence of course.....
Old custom for some .....
08:27 AM on 03/27/2012
Marriage means commitment. Living together means no commitment. Think about it.
08:42 AM on 03/27/2012
That's so far from true. Just about everyone I know who has gotten married in the past 15 years is now either separated or divorced. Marriage does not equal commitment and given the divorce rates in the US, there's your proof.
Gilbert Albright
08:49 AM on 03/27/2012
Men don't need a committment. They can support themselves! It's woman who need a committment from a Man to pay for everything while they fulfill their lifelong dream to sit home all day and play Mommy to the kids.

Women don't get married to become a wife, they get married to become a MOTHER!
If it wasn't for bacon, I could be a vegetarian
11:48 AM on 03/27/2012
12 years for my sweetie and me. If we got married, the only thing that would change would be our taxes. We would have to pay over $10,000 a year MORE! o_O
Lisa Tomlin
07:31 AM on 03/27/2012
Why Black Marriage Day? We have Black History Month. How about Native American Month/day or Hispanic Day/month, or Asian Month / day?Those other minorities also deserve the right to be honored. Blacks also do not need a special day for marriage. If they have an issue with single parenting then a special day for marriage will not help. It starts in the home and so forth not in some special day.
10:47 AM on 03/27/2012
National Hispanic Month is mid September to mid October. I get what you're saying though. I'll say this: when students study history, there is not much said about African Americans outside of slavery & civil rights. When students study history, there isn't much said about the accomplishments that Hispanic Americans have achieved; they mainly reference the wars. When students study history outside of talking about Native Americans being here FIRST, there is not much studied about Native Americans. We may learn tribes that are native to the area we stay in, but not much else.
It's easier for people who are not in the minority to say that we are all Americans & that we should just study American History; but most Caucasians that I have met can tell me where their ancestors come from; African Americans don't have that history. It may not seem important, but as an African American woman, I'd like to know where my ancestors came from. Yes, I'm American & proud of it; but just like I learn about American History I'd also like to know about the history of the Africans who helped to build America. I'd like to know what country my ancestors came from. I love celebrating cultural diversity. I'm that teacher that celebrates every culture's holidays, so that my students can appreciate the differences that makes us unique.
07:30 AM on 03/27/2012
WHY do it? It has to be something you DO.
If men would stop having 20 kids with 9 women without being married to ANY of them (and getting on "Maury"), this would work.
muscle guy
Vietnam Special Forces Veteran
07:52 AM on 03/27/2012
exactley so.............