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05:15 AM on 03/22/2012
A little right of center
05:00 AM on 03/22/2012
Sounds more like parental failure to me.
Sue Boudet
04:07 AM on 03/22/2012
its always someone else's fault.. usually those with the deepest pockets. I love our society.
Trust No One ! "The X-Files"
07:59 AM on 03/22/2012
I agree with your basic concept. I respectfully believe that you have crossed an important line.

When any of us start to get into generalizing and or stereotyping. It then head's toward the direction of the all to over used metaphor: "The Dreaded Slippery Slope".

It's extremely important for all of us to be as objective and also to be equally as honest.
Prior to shooting from the hip about every single case or news story that include's litigation.

There are, have been, and will always' be ( in a future context ) legitimate reason's to pursue the legal path,taking one down the road toward necessary & critically important, required litigation. Please take some of your free time, and in a sincere manner. Give some serious thought to what I have respectfully shared with you & all other's here. reading this post. Thanks! :)
I could use another hour of not this.
03:49 AM on 03/22/2012
Irresponsible parenting, irresponsible reporting. How is it they determined she had between 10 and 17 drinks (which is a huge disparity) but can't comprehend that it wasn't the alcohol that killed her? The fact that she went to a party might be totally irrelevant, but hey, lets hot button college drinking habits that have been going on for decades. Most students make it out college alive.
03:46 AM on 03/22/2012
I do not blame the parents, I blame the greedy attorney who sees dollar signs and offered to take the case, that same attorney COULD have been responsible enough to have said, you know, the autopsy results do not support your case. BUT NO, if there's ANY chance of a pay-out, that attorney will be there with their hands stretched out, better believe it. Seriously, we need to overhaul the system to punish these attorneys who support frivolous and costly litigation. Historically, past cases give attorneys incentive to move forward with cases like this, ala McDonalds hot coffee in lap = million dollar verdict. Right.
06:47 AM on 03/22/2012
the coffee on the lap woman got ten thousand . you shouldnt post lies.
04:16 AM on 03/23/2012
You should do your homework.
03:37 AM on 03/22/2012
I am appalled that this attorney saw fit to file suit when the autopsy shows the girl died of natural causes. This is part of the reason for the ongoing decline of the United States of America. To defend this lawsuit, it will cost all of the parties involved thousands of dollars. This attorney is looking for deep pockets, irrespective of there being a cause of death unrelated to alcohol poisoning. The reality is, somebody will end up paying just to make this case disappear. Sad. That's what our country has come to, and our legal system allows it.
01:46 PM on 03/22/2012
The TRUTH is we don't know. Usually parents aren't to blame. But in this case . . . maybe they were too protective or controling and the girl went nuts overdoing her freedom. (Some of the biggest partyers at universities are the children of pastors reveling in revolting against their upbring!!!) The lawyer COULD be innocent, COULD have told the parents it was a weak case but the parents didn't want to hear that if there was a chance of $$$$.and thus were going to sue anyway (so the lawyer figured he may as well be their lawyer rather than someone else,) We don't know all the details thus don't know whether the bar. bartenders, or the frat boys should be held at all responsible. She may have been totally plastered yet they were not responsible - - - if the autopsy results say it was a natural death then she could have dropped dead while studying, in class, or sleeping. If someone was keeping an eye on her then MAYBE 911 would have been called sooner and MAYBE her life saved.
04:18 PM on 03/22/2012
Quis Custodiet
Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes
03:36 AM on 03/22/2012
Lets see...
In College (X)
Drink Socially (X)
Get Drunk Occasionally (X)
Stupid enough to drink until I black out ( )
Was taught how to drink responsibly by family (X) that's the difference..
03:27 AM on 03/22/2012
Her parents should sue themselves for not teaching their daughter self control...Nobody's fault but her own...People are to damn sue-happy and to damn eager to place blame..
Trust No One ! "The X-Files"
08:46 AM on 03/22/2012
Burberry: Respectfully, Please take a minute of your time to read my two wriiten post's that

are located above this specific post, within this greater string. Thank You :)
03:16 AM on 03/22/2012
This is why you drink responsibly. College does not always mean you "have" to drink, yet I hear from many boys and girls who binge drink every weekend. Parents need to sit down with their children and talk about this and stop pretending like their children wont drink. This girl is responsible for her drinking not her boyfriend and not any bars. No she should not of been given alcohol as a minor, but reality is that its really easy to get a hold of alcohol and it comes down to smart decisions.
03:16 AM on 03/22/2012
If they really don't want another family to get the same call, the parents should write a book about what parenting they did, cause obviously either they didn't parent a child that could make good decisions or they did not conduct whatever test would reveal the heart problem. Of course they, or their daughter bear no responsibility for this is everybody else who are to blame.....BULL.
03:10 AM on 03/22/2012
TO ALL PARENTS: Please have your children live at home while attending college. The part of the brain the senses danger doesn't fully develop until we are 25 years old. That's why there are so many college student's that go missing, are victims of crime and lose their lives. They simply don't have the reasoning ability. Why do you think they can't legally drink until the age of 21????
03:06 AM on 03/22/2012
If this isn't just a way to grab some easy money then any settlement they may win should be donated to a charity of choice because all the money in the world won't bring their daughter back so what's the point?She was 19 and at that age I somehow doubt anyone held her down and forced her to drink.It's a shame that she died and I do feel bad for her parents but trying to get money this way is why things are the way they are today.
03:06 AM on 03/22/2012
Condolences to the parents but it is not the boyfriends or the schools fault that the girl drank too much. I don't want to sound mean at all but underage drinking happens at all colleges, it just so happened this girl was unlucky to die from drinking too much. Besides, I'm pretty sure she was old enough to understand the consequences of her actions. Again... I am not trying to be rude; I am just stating the facts.
03:02 AM on 03/22/2012
"However, an autopsy report found Helal died of natural causes, and not from alcohol. According to KWTX, she died of cardiac arrhythmia because of myocardial fibrosis of undermined origin."

Even after that, the parents are still trying to sue? Fail and case dismissed.
02:46 AM on 03/22/2012
What was Megan Helal's responsibility in this event? If she had just made an active decision to stop drinking, which her parents hopefully had instilled in her during her formative years at home...she might still be alive.