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02:09 AM on 10/24/2008
You seem to be making the case that she simply needed new clothes, when it's really about the excess and extravagence. I don't even know what a $150,000 wardrobe is, if the reported that she spent only $15,000 on a wardrobe I still wouldn't be able to fathom it, maybe my $8 WalMart jeans are squeezing my brain.

Personally it doesn't bother me because I like the sideshow (well the sideshow has become the main feature), but I can imagine how i'd feel if I had donated money to the campaign, and I sympathize with all the "small town" conservatives from "real America" who donated money they probably couldn't afford to part with because they believed in the party, not in Palins pantsuits.

And of course all of this comes at a time where the ticket is touting small town values, mocking "Hollywood Obama" as out of touch, whining about public financing and his campaigns lack of cash, and launching the "Joe the Plumber" campaign. It all reeks of hypocrisy and elitism.

Like I said i'm just here for the show, watching the GOP crash and burn. My mind was made up more than 4 years ago, but I can definitely see why conservatives are turned off by this, especially the ones who have donated.
ran away to be a cowboy
02:07 AM on 10/24/2008
I get it now!!! HA!!! irony and satire !
01:39 AM on 10/24/2008
I agree she should be dressed nice but the point is they spent way to much. In these times it is like a slap in the face for all that are struggling out here. If she needed a new wardrobe fine but as she has said it isn't like them. Then why did she let herself be taken like that. McCain supposedly knows so much why didn't he follow rules. And buying clothes for her is one thing but not for the whole family. There are many families that could use an extra $1000 to buy essentials. No I don't think she should be blamed even though she put herself out there for the choosing. John and his crowd know the RULES. Why didn't they follow them. Must be they still think we are stupid and won't check into things. Obama would have never heard the end of it if this happened in his camp. Please be fair, no more double standards.
01:36 AM on 10/24/2008
Furthermore, I think that red leather jacket was cute, but a little inappropriate for the office she's running for. I like everything else she wears and it seems appropriate, but that jacket was vulgar and looks more suited for a high school student in a hip-hop club.
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03:24 AM on 10/24/2008
The issue is all about judgement and proportion. New clothes, yes. Insanely expensive, no. It's just that simple and only a real idiot would have got it so wrong. I think Palin is in so far over her head on every level that she has ceased to exercise any judgement at all. She is operating strictly on instinct and her instincts stink.
01:29 AM on 10/24/2008
I think the RNC or McCain's campaign could have made an effort to maybe find a shopper to find stylish, moderately priced designer clothes at a huge discount. The everyday Hockey Mom, regular Joe image would have been solidified instead of people having doubts. They didn't have to resort to just simply throwing money at the problem of her look needing to be updated.

I heard another suggestion. Designers could have donated clothes for free but Im not sure on the rules of taking personal gifts while campaigning and all that stuff.

I cant believe McCain didnt anticipate this happening after he made so much noise about Clinton's $200 haircut. Maybe he should have considered rolling back the rules on that one. Its pretty sexist to assume that men dont need fancy dressing expenses, too, right? Hillary didnt need all that cr*p. So how do you find a middle ground between those two opinions?
01:27 AM on 10/24/2008
PS: Is it OK to dislike her because she blew a wad on New York hotels for her family? On per diem payments to herself? On a bunch of stuff that the town of previously debt-free Wasilla is still paying for?

Is it OK to dislike her because she seems to be a spendthrift who doesn't know the value of a buck that's meant for public or private funds?

Just wondering when you would think it's OK to dislike someone running for high office, who seems to be a funds-squanderer. Or is any squandering of (public/party) funds basically a nitpick and too much little-guy, recession mentality for us more enlightened types? :-)

I dunno. Personally, I like to think my elected officials will pause before pouring out a bunch of money. I appreciate Michelle Obama's restraint with her clothing budget - I think it's a propos and in touch with the times and the electorate, and speaks well of her *character*. How's that for big-picture issues? :-)
01:19 AM on 10/24/2008
I don't think the issue is that she blew a wad on clothes, but that the wad was:

a) not her money
b) when the campaign is crying poor and complaining about being outspent
c) at the beginning of a big recession
d) when she bills herself as "Joe Sixpack" who
e) probably has lost or will lose their job in the big recession.

Just not in good taste.

I don't care about clothes per se but suspect it would be the same backlash if it had been cars, computers, cellphones, furniture, or any other toys. One can't say "Who cares about clothes" and then spend the next 15 minutes/10 paragraphs writing about...clothes. One can't say "Clothes shouldn't matter" and then say it's OK to spend a wad on clothes because "image matters".

Either it matters or it doesn't. She blew a wad on toys. What does this say about her/her party's values.

If it really didn't matter, there wouldn't even BE a backlash because you wouldn't get thousands of people posting in and celebrities ranting pro or con her spending spree.

So, it matters. And like it or lump it, whether people "should" or "shouldn't" care about it, they do, and it's had a big negative impact on her campaign.

If they were going to spend so much on "style" and "how she looks" because "image matters", then they should have done a much better job.