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07:14 PM on 03/29/2012
As a 5' girl, I'm scared of any man. It's hard to tell people you're scared of that you just don't want to gamble on the situation and would rather run away. It's not fair by any means and you sharing your story will hopefully help everyone to change how they act to one another. You should never hate yourself, which can be hard in the gay community, and I'm so sorry to read that. I will share this with my friends to get your word out. Thank you for sharing. :)
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kutcher balzov
I have multiple personalities.
06:49 PM on 03/29/2012
This says a couple thangs bou yo slf

1st u lack GOD & Faith n yo life
2. U lack direction and purpose
If u had @ least 1 of des thangs u would Love b n Blk & c it as a strength nstead of a weakness.
Seek GOD so u can b saved.
But 4rm yo life choices I take it az u Dnt probably B Leave n My GOD r nt real close 2 GOD & 'll take what I said offensive.
"N E Way"
"Stop Sell'n Yo Soul 4 A Meal Ticket"
Learn 2 Survive da Struggle Young Brother!
Mindy Czech
Cindy's wife for life.
11:10 PM on 03/29/2012
I just got a headache trying to decipher your post.
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kutcher balzov
I have multiple personalities.
01:28 AM on 03/30/2012
We dont share da sam slang dats All
11:45 PM on 03/29/2012
This says a couple of things about your character:

1. You lack a third grade education and knowledge of forming complete words and sentences.
2. You lack the ability to read the Bible and research the text behind it.
If you had at least one of these things you would love your fellow man and have the strength of mind to lead and not follow a myth that has no real sound basis if you knew anything about the teachings of God.
Seek God so you can be saved, but from your comment I take it you probably believe in the same God people claimed supports slavery, the oppression of women, manifest destiny, separate but equal laws, the illegal status of interracial marriage, the love of same-sex couples, etc. Just to name a few, but you'll probably take what I'm saying offensively.
Anyway, stop trying to push God on someone when you claim "life choices" would make them a nonbeliever. It's people like you who make anyone outside of social norms believe Christians think they'll burn in hell.
Have a blessed day.
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kutcher balzov
I have multiple personalities.
01:27 AM on 03/30/2012
Of Course A Non B leaver Kiss My Az ! I Sat wht I feel!
Ed Baker
All Hail Big Mother
06:21 PM on 03/29/2012
I Don't believe this even happened. Racially, New York is like a wild flower garden - Los Angeles is the same - I don't even notice the race of people around me.

If it did happen, it wasn't by accident. I've had black men stare at me - I think just to see how I'll react. I usually say "hello."
It is what it is.
01:46 AM on 03/30/2012
It happens, you are just oblivious to it. I ran a convenient store in Atlanta and Dallas and I am very observant. I watch body language. I seen so many people react sometimes subtle and sometimes not to a black man being near them. Not all do, but it happens. We definitely live in a time where it is better than before, but it is always there. This wasn't about a stare, this man backed up from him. Many time the people who are accepting are blind to those who aren't. That is nothing personal, but it is the case.
I am white and I was in the passenger seat of a car that had a black driver and two other blacks in it. It was about midnight and we were heading back to Corona, CA from orange county. A cop passed the opposite way, did a u-turn, and drove up next to us. Drove long enough to take a look in the car and then drove on. It was definitely a racial profiling drive by. He looked me right in the eyes and drove on.
Maybe you should make a conscious effort to watch how people interact.
Ed Baker
All Hail Big Mother
01:25 PM on 03/30/2012
I know there is bias out there - but just as you say some of us aren't conscious of it because we're not biased, I think sometimes people read things through their own filters and interpret things as racism or what have your - when it's really something else.

This anecdote just seems incredibly far fetched.
Medicine left in a bottle cannot heal
06:17 PM on 03/29/2012
Wow !
All i can say, wow !
The jogging thing happens to me all the time.
06:00 PM on 03/29/2012
I'm right in there with you, Wade. Except my "mean streets" are Beverly Hills when I have to take doctor-prescribed walks/runs to control my diabetes.
05:42 PM on 03/29/2012
Wade, Wade, Wade, Wade.......Wade

“The tears fall, they're so easy to wipe off onto my sleeve, but how do I erase the stain from my heart?” ~ Unknown

The black man has always known strength. We are built to take it, to endure, to perservere...but where do we find the moment to release?

This kindered spirit has walked your journey...deeper and deeper, still...Blackness. But listen to you!?! ...For I Have Been! Blackness...deeper and deeper- Still...Blackness. Deep into the shadows you will be bathed and showered in a beam of light that will burst open doors to a new beginning...a reawakening of self and you- my brotha will be free.
standing up for what is right
05:41 PM on 03/29/2012
What a great article. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
04:52 PM on 03/29/2012
It's not you. Blame the young, black men who do commit crimes at a disproportional rate that make it hard for everyone else. The guy probably had a previous experience with someone black who wasn't a good guy.
08:57 PM on 03/29/2012
Should I blame the young white men who shoot their fellow students/teachers in schools the last 20 years for me not wanting to be a teacher. You white wing nuts are always spouting the 'moral equivalency" argument that because young black people commit crimes all 18 million Black MEN ARE SUSPECT.

Nice article Mr. Davis live for freedom.
Just a girl!!!
04:39 PM on 03/29/2012
I have black friends who say black people can never be racist as its a white condition dating back to colonialism.... what do you think?
Kiss my Micro-bio.
04:21 PM on 03/29/2012
Just by the example you set, you should hold your head up and be proud. I am shocked too by the ugly racism we have seen lately, but please know that all white people dont feel this way. Keep living proud of who you are, and hopefully these stereotypes will be crushed by the fine example you set. You wrote a moving and personal piece that will show people the damage they cause by their actions. Good luck to you and keep up the good work!
04:16 PM on 03/29/2012
Hang in there, man. Life deals us a hand and we have no control over it; what we can do is play it with grace, intelligence and style.
04:05 PM on 03/29/2012
This anecdote is very insightful simply because it demonstrates just how pervasive the stereotypes still are against African Americans. Even in Manhattan, one of the most diverse cities in the world, minorities are automatically feared without reason. The only reasonable reaction ironically, as the author notes is anger.

04:02 PM on 03/29/2012
Ce n'est pas bien. Love yourself, for you are beautiful. Black is not scary. Black is not wrong. Gay is not wrong.
Yes, you'll always be Black, but maybe someday you won't be in the sense that phrase seems to convey. Maybe you will live to see a day where it is scarcely a problem.
Well, as I write this, I realize how unlikely it is, though. We still are a sexist country that makes misogynistic laws, and women have been working towards equality for some time now, and given the right to vote in 1920. We are still a country riddled with racism. We have so many anti-women, anti-Black (White Supremacist groups, for example), anti-minority, anti-GLBT, and just generally anti-anyone who isn't a white, black, middle class or wealthy man. :/

Thank you for writing this.
04:00 PM on 03/29/2012
Very good piece. I'm white, Canadian, specifically a french Québécois, from a small city. I'm wondering if a black man born and raised in Canada, living in a big city (Toronto, Montréal or Vancouver) experiences the same kind of scared looks you would experience in a big city in the US? Historically and culturally, we never went through segregation, having the volume of black slaves as some plantations down south, ghettos, etc...I might be naive, but I'm pretty well versed in my history, specifically, in Québec history. Of course, there was and still is racism. But having lived in Montréal for over 40 years (until 3 years ago), I don't think it is as pervasive as in the US. As for being scared, walking the relatively safe streets of downtown Montréal at night, if I had to cross a group of 2 or more men, whether they be black, white, orange or green, and I didn't feel confortable, I would pretty much walk as quickly as possible to the nearest store, bar or club for safety.
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03:50 PM on 03/29/2012
Hello where is my opinion????