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07:49 PM on 04/04/2012
What a great story! However, were they married for 71 years or almost 60? I don't see why he would sent her a note saying he bought an engagement ring over 10 years into their marriage
07:55 PM on 04/04/2012
i questioned the same thing
08:02 PM on 04/04/2012
The 71 yr marriage is that of a different couple :-)
08:07 PM on 04/04/2012
seandinthea & lack of leaders:

You've got the read the story mentions two DIFFERENT couples, the Haucks and the Dwyers. Mr. & Mrs. Dwyer are both 100 years old, and have been married for 71 years. The first couple mentioned, the Haucks, are youngsters in comparison -- according to the dates given, Dick Hauck must be in his early to mid-80s -- and have been married for 60 years. Not that complicated...
Sorry, Sometimes I'm controversial
10:28 PM on 04/04/2012
Unfortunately I had a 3 ring wedding.There was the wedding ring, the engagement ring and then the suffering.
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10:55 PM on 04/04/2012
I'm sorry - how many years did you suffer with HIM?
07:31 PM on 04/04/2012
My father was stationed in Miami Beach, Fl. in 1942, leaving his girlfriend (who became my mother) back in NY. One day she got a telegram, delivered by a human, which read, "marry me. stop. "won't take no for answer." stop.
the next week, my mother and grandmother boarded a train for Florida. They were married for 49 years when my father died. He never once took his wedding band off in 49 years. My husband now wears that ring!
Pro deo et patria
12:51 AM on 04/05/2012
"He never once took his wedding band off in 49 years. My husband now wears that ring! "

How sweet and touching!
09:58 AM on 04/05/2012
Thanks, YakittyGirl! My husband has had that ring on his finger for 19 years, and has never removed it. My father died before I met my husband but I know he would be proud that it is being worn by a good man! It was my mother's idea to pass it on that way.
09:56 AM on 04/05/2012
And that ring has been on my husband's hand for 19 years....and counting! LOL! He, too, never removes it.
Helen Burkhardt
07:30 PM on 04/04/2012
How sweet, true love still exists, you just need to go and find it. Its great that they are still alive and be able to share those memories again!!!
07:24 PM on 04/04/2012
The US Mule must be in its last throes!

Now it is vomiting up stuff it ate over a half century ago.

RIP, Mule.
07:51 PM on 04/04/2012
It was delivered 60 years age. It was lost in the womans childhood house under the floor.
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09:21 PM on 04/04/2012
Reading is fundamental. . .
07:24 PM on 04/04/2012
A great story. Clearly these two lovers have found the magic keys of respect for one another. What a good test before speaking in anger, "would I say this to my best friend"?. Maybe they just don't have issues because they look around and can honestly say "don't sweat the small stuff" and this keep the daily troubles in perspecctive.
07:06 PM on 04/04/2012
I never heard of a mail man who leaves mail under the linoleum, most people have a box. Headlines should read was found 60 years later , you make it sound like it was the post office's fault.
09:56 PM on 04/04/2012
There you go, Janka51.
Pro deo et patria
12:53 AM on 04/05/2012
Maybe the girl's father didnt approve of the guy and hid the letter. That sounds like something my father would have done.
Gratitude is the catalyst for all change.
06:52 PM on 04/04/2012
I'm so happy to see such a sweet story, this one is golden!
06:41 PM on 04/04/2012
There is no secret, you have to actually love and care for each other.
07:21 PM on 04/04/2012
Most people I know anyway, long for this kind of a marriage. We dream that we'll have one, when we're young, but so few of us achieve it. You're right. You have to really love someone, and be willing to put them first. When people marry for physical attraction, thinking its love, they are usually doomed to disappointment. My parents made it almost 60 years, and then my dad died. If he was still alive, they'd have made it 71 years by now. I just assumed my marriage would be the same way, but it wasn't. Hindsight is so revealing.
06:32 PM on 04/04/2012
Awwww =)
06:31 PM on 04/04/2012
My husband & I were both recently divorced when we married, & we just had our 45th anniversary. Everyone (and I mean everyone) said it would never last. We beat all the odds & statistics! He had two kids and I had one....we NEVER let the kids come between us, which is difficult in blended families. We also never had children together...a good decision for us. Would we do it all bet!!!! I think mutual respect & a commitment to be "partners" is paramount.
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06:24 PM on 04/04/2012
HeartWarming Story! Love it!~
06:19 PM on 04/04/2012
For us the key is to tell each other everything that comes up. We talk about our BMs, our head aches, memories from childhood, our favorite memories from when we first met, we talk about why we fought the last time we did, all the things that go through our heads come out of our mouths. In a nutshell, before fighting with your mate ask yourself if you would talk that way to your best friend. If the answer is no, try treating this man or woman you love with the same respect as you would them.
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06:14 PM on 04/04/2012
How sweet and amazing!
i can want peace and the death penalty too
06:12 PM on 04/04/2012
my secret is sex. nothing seems quite so bad after it.
07:52 PM on 04/04/2012
How long have you been married?
i can want peace and the death penalty too
09:03 PM on 04/04/2012
20 years
06:02 PM on 04/04/2012
it seems herbparents hid the letter or one of her brothers,glad she got it,and god bless his service even though it was not by his choice,he had was a world war, not vietnam,korea.or today's conflict.s he was in a real war.ww1@ww2