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04:21 PM on 04/03/2012
Why do all these women have to pose topless? Or pregnant women nude? I don't understand why they have to share these private pics with the whole world? Are they THAT insecure? Do they think the public will worship their "marvelous" bodies? WHO CARES??? STAY COVERED!
04:23 PM on 04/03/2012
Don't listen to nal51955! Don't listen!
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04:35 PM on 04/03/2012
i totally agree with you 100%
Katie Wray
05:05 PM on 04/03/2012
do you think that people who pose on covers really have anything to do with said cover?
04:03 PM on 04/03/2012
No nipples = not topless
04:39 PM on 04/03/2012
06:12 PM on 04/03/2012
I agree. Reminds me of Sam the Eagle from The Muppet Show who complained because he realized that everyone in the world, underneath their clothes, was walking around NAKED
04:00 PM on 04/03/2012
if you got it. flaunt it. good girl lol.
03:23 PM on 04/03/2012
I may not have a glamorous job but I get to keep my dignity
03:40 PM on 04/03/2012
Not sure if you have anymore dignity than her as I dont know either of you personally, or know what you consider dignity, but I have not seen her do any thing that would warrant a comment like yours. I for one would give up my very dignified job or hers
04:53 PM on 04/03/2012
What I am saying is that I am hard pressed to believe that people like her take the clothes off willingly. I would be insulted If being smart (as I am sure she is) I felt pressed to atke my clothes off to please the public.
04:20 PM on 04/03/2012

Insulting those who are not tied to YOUR brand of morality???

Gosh, could it be that condescending attitude and holier-than-thou approach that has turned Americans off to the teachings of churches by the 10s of 1000s over the past decade?
04:35 PM on 04/03/2012
Look at history, when countries lose their moral compass, they fall. Check out the Bible, even God's chosen people paid a price when they turned away from God's rules. It is not the Church's rules, it is God's teaching. The Church is only standing up for what God taught, not what man said was right.
04:49 PM on 04/03/2012
NOt indulting and I said nothing about morality. Do you think it is dignified to have to take your clothes off to stay current?
What goes around, comes around.....
03:18 PM on 04/03/2012
Where are her "Hills"?
Chris Shearin
03:16 PM on 04/03/2012
how is she famous again? my dog is more talented.............
04:21 PM on 04/03/2012
Yeah, but she is WAY easier on the eyes than your pooch...

Just sayin!
04:23 PM on 04/03/2012
Or his "partner."
04:37 PM on 04/03/2012
true and also easier on the eyes than the Kardashians lol
09:08 AM on 04/04/2012
Your dog has a colthing line sold in a national department store?!?! Holy...that's amazing...
06:13 PM on 04/04/2012
lmao... good one :)
wilson f15
03:07 PM on 04/03/2012
I always liked lauren but what ever happened to the other blonde geez i cant even remember her name...
04:38 PM on 04/03/2012
you mean Lo?
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No Mister President NO MORE!
03:04 PM on 04/03/2012
LOL Ok i know topless means no top but darn it (LOL) stop covering them up with your hands
03:17 PM on 04/03/2012
Yeah really, thanks but no thanks had my hopes all up
02:58 PM on 04/03/2012
Thats Awesome I wish my wife looked like that, my wife is either a vary ugly girl or a vary pretty monster.
04:21 PM on 04/03/2012
You had best hope she also cannot read, does not visit Huff Po and /or does not know your screen name!
Fish in a barrel
05:32 PM on 04/03/2012
You must be a good match.
01:26 PM on 04/03/2012
Lauren looks beautiful and teeny in Glamour!