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06:38 PM on 04/09/2012
Muslims created a God in their own image : intolerant, oppressive, sexist and violent.
Both salubrious and lugubrious concurrently.
07:35 PM on 04/09/2012
Replace the word 'muslim' with 'Tea Party'. This isn't a religion thing, this is a more universal narrow minded bigot thing.
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09:16 PM on 04/09/2012
Given a choice of irritating but peaceful political opponents or murderous Jihadist fanatics I always...ALWAYS... choose the political opponents.

If you develop any cognitive ability you'd do the same.
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Keep calm and carry on.
12:59 AM on 04/10/2012
Hmm, not sounding too lugubrious here, but sounding somewhat judgemental. Mayhaps you possess some esoteric knowledge that we don't.?.
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Safe from zombies until my 2nd cup of coffee
02:08 AM on 04/10/2012
Hullo? -- Muslims worship the same god as Christians and Jews.

It's the bigoted fundamentalists of all three who are intolerant, oppressive, sexist and violent -- and ignorant to boot.
08:02 AM on 04/10/2012
Thank you... well said
obviously a senior patriot
10:36 AM on 04/10/2012
NOT true. Obviously you have NO idea what a real Christian is....stop watching all the hollywood BS! And you will NOT find either a jew or a christian come to your town and KILL YOU for not being one. MUSLIMS ARE ORDERED TO!
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06:37 PM on 04/09/2012
People who believe absurdities will commit atrocities.
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06:34 PM on 04/09/2012
They should only be allowed to read books by: Christopher Hitchens, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Richard Dawkins, Voltaire and Salman Rushdie.
01:50 PM on 04/10/2012
Agreed and fanned !
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06:28 PM on 04/09/2012
"Some worry that even tighter surveillance may carry the risk... stigmatizing a Muslim population... deprived of the means to properly practice their faith behind bars."

Stigmatizing Muslim prisoner population?
Oh, golly jeepers. What horror! To the barricades!!!
05:21 PM on 04/09/2012
Throw more $$ toward fighting highly ilusive foe, is. This lonewolf shadow recruiter thing too. Soon as gov. gets onto it or figures it out, They'll do another querilla shift that we can only react too. over & over again.. :(
I say AQ has met their goal at fighting them w $$ expenditure on all fronts and being debt ridden; by it.....((
04:16 PM on 04/09/2012
Hard to infiltrate an individual, though I'm sure it's often been tried, and will be.
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06:29 PM on 04/09/2012
True. Far easier to keep him or her behind bars until they're too old to cause murderous mayhem in European societies.
12:17 PM on 04/10/2012
The only possible solution to the impossibility of predicting the future action of a prisoner who has no terrorist associated and belongs to no terrorist organization is to retroactively extend sentences of those who have done nothing wrong, yet might.
03:07 PM on 04/09/2012
That is the problem with this mess. 30 guys train and bring tdown the WTC and smash into the entagon and whatever else they were planning, and we cannot accept it. The classic Seal Team or Special Operations Group. A small group penatrating enemy lines work behind the scenes to cause as much damage as possible. We call them CIS, MI6, or Mossad, but the reality is they are small independent groups working towards a goal. Some are highly trained and others get lucky. 9/11 they used our own plans against us and got lucky. The price paid was two invasions, and what now appears to be massive unrest in the middle east. How big is Al Quida maybe 5000 total real members? Even in prison these guys can cause problems and need to be housed in secure sections. The whole point of the attacks was not to bring down the buildings, but to make all the Non-Muslim countries spend money to stop anything in any capacity. The targets being hit were a major bonus, and moved the time table up. Europe, and the US are spending a fortune in security.
We are the Many. They are the Few.
09:57 PM on 04/09/2012
There's something there, shyguy. All that fortune spent on "security" means many are profiting from muslim-inspired "terror" whether real or not. And not just in the U.S.
08:06 AM on 04/10/2012
The real "bonus" for them, in their opinion, I'm sure must be WTC building 7 collapsing into it's own footprint without even being hit by a plane or suffering any serious fires.
09:49 AM on 04/10/2012
I would agree with you. The more collateral damage makes it more expensive.
01:49 PM on 04/09/2012
Note to criminals of the Muslim faith - If you want an Imam and Halal foods in prison, commit your crimes in Islamic countries. Not much need for Christian pastors in Islamic country prisons - most of them don't have any Christian populations any longer.
01:23 PM on 04/09/2012
The he11 with them & their special foods. If they dont want to do the time then dont do the crime
New Year, New Hopes
01:19 PM on 04/09/2012
Correction: It should be spelled Timothy.
New Year, New Hopes
01:18 PM on 04/09/2012
Can you classify Timpothy McVeigh as a 'Lone Wolf' radical ?
02:59 PM on 04/09/2012
Sure it was lone wolf attack.
05:11 PM on 04/09/2012
unproven .. and case closed, Mc Veigh was we will never know .. there is some insight worthy of study in Gore Vidals "perpeutual war for perpetual peace' .. Vidal did have direct correspondance with Mc Veigh and voices his opinion that Mc Veigh was NOT a 'lone wolf' and has documentation to back up his 'opinion'.
The patients have overtaken the asylum
12:03 PM on 04/09/2012
What about the category of simply "the Lone Wolf radical"? Sadly, it seems they come in all flavors and I doubt that, absent the intense media coverage, that the "Islamic" variety are the majority.
01:50 PM on 04/09/2012
Really? Is that just a feeling or do you have some proof? Sadly, the vast majority of terrorist acts are by radical Islamists.
The patients have overtaken the asylum
01:09 PM on 04/12/2012
Ms. Parker and I agree: This was written without fear and without research. If you think the only radicals out there are Islamic, you have tunnel vision, and you are living in a world that is far, far more dangerous than you imagine
11:27 AM on 04/09/2012
How are they lone wolves when they are known informants to the French government.

France is trying to be like the Americans but they just don't have the stuff. At some point the French government needs to be rolled up.
02:53 PM on 04/09/2012
05:20 PM on 04/09/2012
Every 'Empire' and former empire has at some point in time have to deal with the 'blowback' of controlling/occupying other lands in order to facilitate wealth transfer.. the vast majority of the huge population in the world that identify themselves as 'muslim' are people with little to zero personal wealth... poverty tends to eat on a persons soul and can often cause bitterness and the need to find a scapegoat... being a mis fit in a society that is less then welcoming tends to fuel the fire ...
10:30 AM on 04/09/2012
Just one more excuse to persecute Muslims! Was the 'lone wolf' who killed the people in Norway a Muslim? Crackpots come in all sizes, colours, denominations...and religions.
02:56 PM on 04/09/2012
christianity and judaism are very pure .....
03:33 PM on 04/09/2012
My foot!
I flunked micro-bio
09:41 AM on 04/09/2012
Certainly no expert on the subject, but I doubt that the lone volves don't have some kind of influence from a larger group at some point. Might be as simple as "go off and create mayhem" with no details. Who knows though. Obviously the smaller the group the harder it is for the authorities to catch them before they do something terrible.
De gustibus non est disputandum
01:00 PM on 04/09/2012
One way is to know where they go. This one went to Pakistan, not Mecca..
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01:23 PM on 04/09/2012
Why would you doubt that?
The guy in Norway worked alone, as did the Beltway Snipers, as do all Lone Wolves.
It could just be your paranoia.