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reason: strategize: succeed
06:11 AM on 04/11/2012
So, Jaweed, I would like for you to isolate the prophecies of the Holy Scriptures that are yet to be fulfilled, and the ones that are being fulfilled right now. Then as a way for this to be of any value to readers, link their fulfillment to what God promises for mankind. Make this ongoing so that while we are living our lives and doing this and that we can assess if that common thread, the fulfillment of God's purposes, is really panning out.

This will take time though. Are you going to be employed by Huffpost for a while?

I am making this request since the word religion means "belief in and reverence for a supernatural power recognized as the creator and governor of the universe."

I don't think spending time figuring out what so-called religions are doing is of much value since they are transient. God's word though remains forever.
08:53 AM on 04/11/2012
If we are serious about religion we need to get away from prophecies. They just mess things up.
reason: strategize: succeed
09:54 AM on 04/11/2012
Well, one cannot, in truth, discuss religion without talking about prophecy. The true God is a "God of Prophecy."

Otherwise what the discussion will just be about a business entity that is doing their own thing and has nothing to do with God's standards as laid out in the Holy Scriptures.

That is what is happening anyway. Religion is a big farce and is nothing but a laughing stock.
01:29 AM on 04/11/2012
I would like to see more in-depth articles on African Diaspora religions. These include Vodou, Religions under the Yoruba umbrella (Lukumi, Ifa, Palo Mayombe) Candomble, Umbanda and similar religions. Stephen Prothero started to look at some of these religions. They are highly misunderstood and mis-characterized. I would especially like to see how environmentalism is manifested in these religions. For Fun here is a Samba school Vidadouro which took Candomble as inspiration for Pura Energia (using sustainable energy)
11:52 AM on 05/06/2012
Hi Philippe,
I watched the u-tube video, interesting and very well done, looks like everyone enjoying the event.
And as you said, I have no clue of what they were celebrating.
But, I could enjoy watching the handsome guys, lol.
Africa, I would like to know more, most of us know and understand so little.
I would love to go there.
Years ago,
I went to Southeast Asia, I worked and lived very close with the people.
I fell in love with the people and ended up staying for the better part of 14 years.
I am dreaming of retirement abroad.
I would like to consider Africa and live with the people.
Incidentally, I am gay which makes things more complicated.
Any recomendations/information/contacts to do this would be appreciated.
Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment.
11:40 PM on 04/10/2012
I should like to see a dialogue about the latest translations of the Dead Sea Scrolls. I am currently reading "The Dead Sea Scrolls and the First Christians" by Robert Eisenman, and it is fascinating.
11:20 PM on 04/10/2012
I think you should look into the next wave of personal reformation that I call Theofatalism(tm)....this is the belief that God really does control everything...even our thoughts. In every battle God controls both sides...can you believe that? It is documented in my web sites and a trilogy of books that I will be happy to provide free of charge in .pdf format. Theofatalism consists of five basic principles that I have illustrated with events from history, religion, anthropology, cosmology, economics, politics and can visit the sites and google it for reference and google my name also...Thanks...Lewis Tagliaferre
retired professor of History, Comparative Religion
11:12 PM on 04/10/2012
A CD series came out several years ago called: "Beyond Theology." It was a three CD program featuring many religious and scientific and Philosophers addressing subjects which ranged from the nature of reality, who is God to Global Warming to building community. Get the series and ask its contributors for articles.
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09:36 PM on 04/10/2012
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
10:49 AM on 04/14/2012
that is so juvenile
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05:53 AM on 04/15/2012
This was one of two posts on this subject; other was serious.

This was after I read a list of other churches.

You should try finding your sense of humor.
08:58 PM on 04/10/2012
I'd like to see an in-depth look at Unitarian Universalism.
Always learning
08:56 PM on 04/10/2012
Hi Jaweed,

Something worth mentioning might be The Clergy Project. These are ministers, reverends, deacons and so on that have changed their religious beliefs. The program supports clergy during the period of transition; many are in the closet and need assistance reconciling their new beliefs with their lifestyle as leaders in the community.

This story has already been picked up by ABC News and the Washington Post.
Mambo Racine
07:33 PM on 04/10/2012
VODOU! Traditional Haitian Vodou is alive in Haitian-American communities, but it is also vibrant among internationals who keep our communities together online! See for one website with much information about this religion. One of many online discussion groups is found on Facebook (yes, this ancient religion is alive and kicking on Facebook!) at .
Abdul-Halim Vazquez
12:25 AM on 04/11/2012
And Santeria as well.
Change is Challenged, chngr changes/CROSSED
07:32 PM on 04/10/2012
"""Faith Shift: What Religion Stories Should We Write About Next? """"------ when it comes to religions it becomes focused on God and other dieties and their acceptance or denial and so on. I read a book about the rise and fall of civilizations, Charles Lamb wrote a book, he did mention that taxes have played a big role in the rise and fall of civilizations but the history of taxes have not been given proper scrutiny, as to how and in what way they make or break civilizations. That history, I was able to write in my dissertation, and strangely enough, it was so fascinating so see when and how the first tax on earth was imposed. How it was used to take from rich and help the poor and so on. The rates of the taxes also have changed upwards and upwards and surprisingly, only in monolithic religions they have gone down and down. Most of the economic troubles in the world are also related to this man made tax system , verses religious imposed or instructed system.
So that is a very interesting combination of religions, taxes, nations, economic turn around and extending the thought processes for all. There has to be something interesting as there are 2.5 billions Christrians, 1.6 billions muslims and 1.75 budhists and hindus now witnessing shift in faith besides others trying for some answers as they learn from their faults and religious illusions.
07:30 PM on 04/10/2012
Would love to see more balanced and fair reporting on the VODOU religion -- in Haiti, in New Orleans, around the world -- and especially how Vodou heals community.
Mambo Racine
08:01 AM on 05/05/2012
Thank you Mambo Sallie! I told them this already, weeks ago. They haven't contacted me, have they contacted you?
09:43 AM on 05/05/2012
No cpntact. However, I do know that Saumya Haas has written a few articles on Vodou this past year and I hope she keeps it up!
Abdul-Halim Vazquez
06:53 PM on 04/10/2012
I'd like to see more stories on smaller little known religious movements, both old "cults" and new.

Ken Wilbur and the Integral Movment




The Moonies (The Unification Church)

The Imani Temple

The Boston Church of Christ

Five Percenters

Hebrew Israelites, Rastas and other forms of Black Judaism

Religious interviews with folks on more individualized paths, Erykah Badu, Lauren Hill, Common, Carlos Santana, Saul Williams, Michael Muhamad Knight, Hakim Bey, Meshell Ndegeocello, GZA, RZA, De La Soul

The Legacy of ELijah Muhammad. What will happen to the Nation of Islam when Farrakhan dies?
The Knocker
a mind is a terrible thing to waste
07:54 PM on 04/10/2012
If I may add to that, the people who are also leaving the Nation of Islam and joining mainstream Islam as Malcolm X did.
06:40 PM on 04/10/2012
I would love to see more about Paganism and especially an interview with Starhawk!
06:35 PM on 04/10/2012
It would seem that most of what you are intending to talk about are sociological aspects of established religions. IMHO, that's not where the action is. Let me suggest that you take a hard look at the interface between quantum physics and resulting theistic/deistic beliefs. First, your readers as a whole probably have no idea what we've learned about the fundamental role of consiousness in collapsing probablities into actualities; i.e. literally creating what we experience as reality. Second, there are still relatively unknown authors out there who are coming to essentially religious conclusions based upon hard science, inescapable facts from replicated experiments going back to the early 19th century. This would dovetail with another fascinating subject: the scientifically confirmed accuracy (numerous studies from universities, etc.) of all sorts of psi: from telepathy to meduimship. The 21st century will (if we survive our worst instincts) see the rebirth of religion in a higher form, supported by, if not predicated upon, scientific discoveries that continue to shatter the materialist, mechanistic universe. So there are the makings of a couple of cool articles. Maybe scientists like Dr. Robert Lanza (not quite a deist, but tending in that direction) or Dr. Richard Conn Henry (a deist reluctantly converted by science), would chime in if you decide to go there.
05:23 PM on 04/10/2012
I believe it is difficult to ignore the neo-Calvinist movement, spearheaded by pastors such as John Piper, Tim Keller, Mark Driscoll, and David Platt among others. Many young evangelicals have become apathetic towards a faith tradition they see as obsolete and simple-minded. Those among charismatic and Pentecostal groups especially have become discouraged by the lack of a robust theology in an overly-emotionalized faith, often characterized by a "name it and claim it" theology. However, many of these disconcerted teenagers and young adults are finding new life in Christ through the teachings of John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, and those following in their footpaths. Growing within this emerging movement are a large number of "charismatic Calvinists" as well, practically an oxymoron only a few generations ago. It is also interesting to see how many of these individuals, some of which grew up in a "you can't be a Christian and a Democrat" home, align themselves politically.