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05:57 PM on 04/15/2012
"The one thing history teaches, is that man learns nothing from history..."

Frederick Hegel..

Especially America...!
05:44 PM on 04/15/2012
If America had its way, not one country would have nuclear weapons except itself. Not even its allies.
06:54 PM on 04/15/2012
That also is historical in nature.

The US was so scared during the cold war that it becomes even more insane then normal when the word Nuclear is used.

If you say nuclear power plant people have a tendency of wincing even to this day.
05:40 PM on 04/15/2012
Embargo's didn't work to bring Cuba to its knees and it's not going to work against Iran. Even the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan hasn't worked out. America keeps making the same mistake over and over again expecting a different result. It makes one wonder if these action are really for the benefit of a better world or for the profit of the war machine in America. America is destroying itself from within for short term profit then wonders why other countries want no part of the US government.
If wanting to keep all of human race alive is raci
03:57 AM on 04/16/2012
Here's a question for all,

Does anyone really think that it is America making it's own decisions?
What advantage does it serve America to get involved?
What 2 nations are going to lose the most if a pre-emptive strike were to occur?
What nation will benefit regardless?
03:38 PM on 04/15/2012
When a country depends on war to manipulate the domestic problem the world should pay attention.
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10:09 PM on 04/15/2012
That statement also apllies to the warmongering faction of murderous Khamenie's VF.
03:10 PM on 04/15/2012
This article seems to be the same as the article atributed to Mr. Cole at Asia Times. In any case, it is a logical fallacy that malfeasance on the part of BP and Washington in 1951 and 1953 somehow exculpates Iran from its current support of terrorism. It does simply does not follow. While I do not dispute the facts in your article, you failed to mention Clinton's apology for replacing Mossadeq.

It is time for Iran to act responsibly. But under mullah control and technological proliferation that the West so foolishly provided the world, we can expect to descend into a 17th century state where we barely have technological superiority as compared to the Barabary pirates/Ottomans. The only twist will be that Shiites and Sunnnis first need their own war. Once concluded, in1fidels will see more piracy, more attacks, more hostage taking and ever increasing demands by the newly confident fanatical Mohammaden rulers.

Could it not be asked whether Iran's current policies do not edge the world towards conflagration?
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06:05 PM on 04/15/2012
This post is a nice summary of religious and cultural ignorance, combined with political bias, ethnocentric self-entitlement, and very unscientific historical predictions - any set of tarot cards would be more accurate.

So, in answer to your question, NO. Iran has been trying for the best part of the last 60+ years to be left alone; to exercise its right to self-determination; to be free from foreign meddling (Mossadegh,Taliban, Jundallah, the US sponsored war of aggression with Iraq); and to be master of its own natural resources.

I know all this does not sit well with neocolonialists, but hey, pillaging is SO 19th century.

It's time to move on.
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02:09 PM on 04/15/2012
How can this be occurring? The US Senate has already gone on record with overwhelming support for military action against Iran. And even though Gen. Dempsy has gone on record say our best intelligence shows that no decision to create nuclear weapons has been made in Iran, we are locking ourselves into a path leading to war.

Meanwhile, places with nuclear arms and rockets like North Korea and Pakistan draw little attention. How come we cannot focus on the rfeal and deal with the longer term challenges more realistically? I think the answer is the same as the one to the question" Why has the most like cause of the next major war draw only 200 comments? Far more people are concerned and commenting on the New Orleans Saints 'bounty' program, Lindsey Lohan's latest misadventures, and other forms of fantasy. Is ther a connection between America's retreat into fantasy and the attention for reality?
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01:17 PM on 04/15/2012
Let's not forget there is only one nation that ever used a nuclear bomb...

Lectures from that nation to others, no matter what the rationale, may not be welcomed.
Neil Murphy3111
04:23 PM on 04/15/2012
Our previous use of the bomb has created a really nice peaceloving nation in Japan.
04:46 PM on 04/15/2012
It wasn't just the bombs, though. It was also McArthur's decision to allow Japan to keep its Emperor.

Even with the bombs, if the US had taken down the Emperor, the Japanese would have likely gone ballistic and continued fighting, making a costly protracted US invasion necessary.
11:10 AM on 04/15/2012
Just a reminder that gasoline prices in the U.S. when Bush came to power in 2001 was approx. $1.26 per gallon.
Conservatism is obsolete.
01:18 PM on 04/15/2012
And then the secret energy task force meetings in the WH, and alomist ovrnight prices oubled and billions were made in profit.

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02:52 PM on 04/15/2012
Too bad Bush started those wars in the Middle East and jacked up oil prices.
10:52 AM on 04/15/2012
Why can't we use a simply sentence to handle this. Dear Iran if you produce a nuclear weapon and use it or threaten another country. We and the world will drop nuclear weapons upon your land and destroy everything. Very simple let them have it if they use it . Your gone.
If wanting to keep all of human race alive is raci
04:14 AM on 04/16/2012
That probably should be the proper question for everyone.

Every nation in the world knows whoever unleashes the first will also be the first nation no longer to exist. Iran knows this as does ever other nation. So why so much propaganda? Maybe the same reason there was for the WMD, they need an excuse to give the United Nations for a pre-emptive strike, just as they did with Iraq, it is not America that are pulling the strings here, but the Israeli lobby, as was the case in Iraq.
Robert Frank
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10:29 AM on 04/15/2012
01:07 PM on 04/15/2012
Mr. Chamberlain I presume?
04:51 PM on 04/15/2012
Indeed, war with Germany left Britain in a shambles and directly led to its decline as a worldwide imperial power.

It would have been smarter of Britain and France to not declare war on Germany, watch Hitler pursue his plans to take over Poland, the Baltic States, and the Ukraine, and let Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union deplete each other in the massive epic war that would have ensued.
09:48 AM on 04/15/2012
If the decision to pursue nuclear energy and whether Iran should pursue a nuclear weapon were placed on the ballot in Iran, the Iranian would likely support both modalities with 80% or more voting in the affirmative. No country wants to be invaded and destroyed, nuclear weaponry is the only safeguard.
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10:08 AM on 04/15/2012
No one ever threatened to invade and destroy Iran...not the United States and Not not sure what enemy the Iranians think is out there ready to pounce on them...this is purely for their own power and desire to be the superpower of the Persian gulf, and within the Islamic world.
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06:42 PM on 04/15/2012
Noam Chomsky:
As if two wars in the region are not enough. Obama is now building up for a third war against Iran. It's widely claimed that Iran poses most severe crisis facing the US. Congress has just strengthened sanctions against Iran.

Obama has been rapidly expanding (the military's) offensive capacity on African island of Diego Garcia, which is claimed by Britain. Britain expelled the population so that the US could build the massive military base that it uses for attacking Middle East and Central Asia.

The navy is expanding facilities there for nuclear powered guided missile submarines with tomahawk missiles, which can carry nuclear warheads. Each submarine is reported to have striking power of a typical naval carrier battle group. The Obama build up also includes 100's of so-called bunker buster bombs, the most powerful in the arsenal of nuclear weapons. These are intended for blasting hardened underground structures, aimed for Iran.

The planning for these bombs began under Bush, but languished. Obama accelerated the program as soon as he took office and they're now to be deployed years ahead of schedule, of course, aimed at Iran.

A very respected British strategic analyst, Dan Plesch, points out, ”They’re gearing up totally for destruction of Iran. The US bombers and long-range missiles are ready today to destroy 10,000 targets in Iran in a few hours. The fire power of US forces has quadrupled since 2003, accelerating rapidly under Obama."
04:35 AM on 04/15/2012
How come Professor Cole is not the most important adviser President Obama can have in dealing with Iran?
03:20 AM on 04/15/2012
economic sanctions should be abandoned. bill clinton clearly said when sanctions are passed the people who suffer are the masses and not the real perpetrators. if the individuals can't get what ghedaffi got the nation should be spared. its time to acknowledge those imposing sanctions to a nation are cowards.
01:37 AM on 04/15/2012
Iran’s supreme theocrat, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has repeatedly condemned the atom bomb and nuclear weapons of all sorts as tools of the devil, weaponry that cannot be used without killing massive numbers of civilian noncombatants.

If wanting to keep all of human race alive is raci
02:32 AM on 04/14/2012
This entire Nuclear escapade is just that, both the US, Israel and the rest of the world knows this, its about oil, and the conquest of it , and the losers will be ..........

US and Israel has been pounding the propoaganda drums for too long, we all know nobody is will to set off any Nuclear bomb anytime soon, for fact is whoever does will be knowingly eliminating themselves off the earths map, and the WMD beat was refused last time at the United Nations, only this time it is well known the US objective has nothing to do with Nuclear arms, be careful, for Iran has powerful allies as well, China will be no walk in the park, and lack of access to oil will hamper any military, not to mention the extreme dept the US already is in, it would be a much better idea to maybe say " I was wrong " and can we work something out so our economy doesn't go into the toilet,
Nathan Brittles
Duc,sequere,aut de via decede
01:14 AM on 04/15/2012
We went down that road with Iraq. Liberals lied then, and they are dishonest now.

Consider. Even when an opportunity is created to secure more oil in our own hempishere, liberals whine that it cannot be done.[yet have the temerity to claim that we are after everyone elses in the ME].
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12:32 PM on 04/15/2012
Respectfully, the only lies I remember going down that road to Iraq came from the Neocons behind their banner of the Project for the New American Century, not Liberals.
12:39 PM on 04/15/2012
Why is it that the US is producing more domestic oil now than under Bush/Cheney?

But more to the point: Why would you want to pump the last barrel of domestic oil out of the ground now? Your strategic thinking needs to be re-thought.