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10:51 PM on 11/09/2008
Lieberman pledged? Yeah, we've heard that before, too.
10:51 PM on 11/09/2008
In 2006 Lieberman ran against the Democratic nominee for the CT Senate seat. In 2008, Lieberman not only actively, aggressively, scurrilously ran against Obama, he campaigned for Norm Coleman against Democratic nominee Al Franken.

Just how many ways do you have to get screwed, Democratic Senators, before you say enough is enough, Joe's Gotta Go?
10:25 PM on 11/09/2008
I was mad at joe during he ellection, and still am in some ways but that is over and if he is going to work with the dems then fine, he is an important vote and progressive on a number of issues, i say keep him as long as he says he will work with us.
01:58 AM on 11/10/2008
Obama needs to send a strong signal, he's the leader, he can't hide from this.
04:59 AM on 11/10/2008
He may be the leader but he doesn't have to be a despot. Let the other delegates search their souls before they strip and kick out the turncoat.
05:27 AM on 11/10/2008
hiding? he should in fact NOT get involved, because he is now the president-elect, and this is senate business; it would set a terrible precedent if he stuck his fingers into that. it appears that he is fully cognizant of that (good!), but not all of his supporters are.

also, the senate doesn't need him. they're quite capable of acting on lieberman without obama saying a word. if they really want to.

as to lieberman himself, let him stay in the caucus, but strip him of any committee chairs. the people elected him to the senate on his platform (democratic), but they didn't get to elect him for chairing anything, especially not this incredibly important committee, where IMO he's been ineffectual, and could be an actual danger in the future.
02:00 AM on 11/10/2008
You Betcha!! :-P Odd man out... >>>
09:13 PM on 11/09/2008
An opportunistic turncoat. Ran with Gore, but hedged and also ran his senatorial campaign. Turned independent. He stood alongside McCain on too many occasions vilifying Obama as un-American, associating with terrorists and being a socialist. He never pulled McCain aside to advise him to tone it down. He may have been McCain's real VP pick - Lieberman should be man enough and step down from his Homeland chairmanship and join the Republican Caucus. Do the honorable thing Lieberman. Don't let the door hit you in the *ss...
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08:59 AM on 11/10/2008
Isn't honorable Lieberman an oxymoron?
08:56 PM on 11/09/2008
Sometimes it's better to make your enemies a present. Give Lieberman to the Republican Caucus. Let them try to trust him.
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06:12 AM on 11/10/2008
Let Lieberman join the Republican caucus and then face the wrath of his constituents. He rolled the dice with McCain and lost. Democrats simply cannot trust him. It's not about punishment, it's pragmatism.
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09:00 AM on 11/10/2008
Hear, hear.
08:17 PM on 11/09/2008
I am a Democrat and I watched "milquetoast" Joe L."debate" Cheney in the 2000 VP debate...I could not believe my ears as he, in my judgement caved in to Cheney... He reminded me as a sacophant who would do anything to please Cheney...and now it gets worse...this 2000 VP candidate and "Democrat" vilified Obama and cuddled up to Bush/McCain...he is a gutless individual who should be stripped of his chairmanship....and he is moving toward the Republican side? What is new? He has always looked and sounded like a Republican...let the Repubthugs have long will it be before he betrays them...CN voters...Are you paying attention...As Harry Truman once said, Joe L. (or his kind) " should not be elected dog-catcher in any Philippine village!!" Cut him off at the pass...get rid of him...
08:11 PM on 11/09/2008
So even though JL hasn't proven to be a snake, they still want to keep him around. I hope Sen Obama realizes some of his colleagues have a greater alliance to JL than to him. Keep your eyes open Mr. President!
08:18 PM on 11/09/2008
"HAS" proven...
08:10 PM on 11/09/2008
Out with the old and in with the new. Both Reid and Pelosi need to go. They are an embarassment and potential hiderence to continuing and building upon the majority that the Democratic Party now enjoys. We have elected a new president with new and fresh ideas. The same is needed in both houses of Congress. We need leadership that's part of the solution rather than the problem.
01:47 AM on 11/10/2008
I agree, they have proven to be spineless turds. If the republicans were able to impeach Clinton on a personal matter, these 2 boneheads should have had Bush in cement shoes in no time.
08:00 PM on 11/09/2008
Spineless; wimps!!!! Does Harry Reid even have a pair?!?!?!
I understand that he and the caucus want as many folks on their side as possible, but Lieberman must be held accountable for what he did. I could take tacit support of McCain if that was all there had been, but to speak at the Repub convention, ridicule Obama publicly, and stand behind McCain and Palin while they made outlandish claims about Obama's patriotism and his "pals" without saying nary a word is outrageous.

The Dems need to tell Lieberman to get to steppin' and not to let the doorknob hit him where the good Lord split him as he makes his way OUT the door.
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09:17 AM on 11/10/2008
Reid needs to concentrate on forming alliances with Republicans who he can actually count on. That will vary depending on the issues but it is certainly doable. Harry, there is a Plan B; use it.
This Dog's bite is Worse Than his Bark
07:52 PM on 11/09/2008
Obama came to Lieberman's aide in the 2006 mid-term primary and Lieberman thanked him by siding with McSame and bad-mouthing Obama. Democrats don't need this kind of support. Even if causes the Senate the magical 60 seat majority, kick this bum to the curb. If he wants to slither over to the Repubs side, I'm sure he'll fit right in with that crowd.
Contrarian advocate for truth and justice
09:31 PM on 11/09/2008
That was one of Obama's mistakes. Obama effectively worked against the interests of the Democratic party candidate. He was not alone. It was a sorry demonstration of moral cowardice by the Democratic elite.

Now Lieberman has given Obama and the rest of the Democratic leaders a more personal taste of how that kind of treachery works.

Lieberman is a freshman Independent Senator who has run and campaigned against Democratic nominees. He should be treated like the hostile freshman Independent he is.

If Lieberman wants to vote with the Democrats on some bills let him do so on his own.
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09:20 AM on 11/10/2008
Freshman Senator. Good point. He shouldn't be on any Committees.
It's called Inverted Totalitarianism
07:51 PM on 11/09/2008
Congressional Democrats should reach across the aisle, and
Joe Lieberman belongs on the OTHER SIDE of that aisle.
07:39 PM on 11/09/2008
He'll betray the Republicans as well. The man has no convictions. He trashed Obama at the Republican convention after he vowed not to, and a week before the election kissed Obama's a$$ because he saw the landslide coming. He is a spineless phony. Nobody should trust him.
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09:22 AM on 11/10/2008
If nobody trust sLieberman but Reid trusts Leiberman, is Reid a nobody?
07:28 PM on 11/09/2008
This guy is a RAT and needs to be treated as such.
07:25 PM on 11/09/2008
Why does this require thought? This is a no-brainer! Boot the b@strd out!
10:33 PM on 11/09/2008
Until those last few elections are decided, (the recount in Minnesota, the absentee ballots in Alaska, runoff in Missouri) a quasi-Democratic Lieberman still has the balance of votes and may behave himself for awhile. If the Dems pick up another seat or three, he becomes unnecessary.

He's got a threat---he could resign, and the CT governor would appoint a republican senator for the rest of Leiberschmuck's term.

Reid and Pelosi are tap-dancing on a barbecue grill -- let's wait until the election is over and let this all play out..
06:52 PM on 11/09/2008
Harry Reid is the leader of the Republican Party. He will always be. He says that Joe is a progressive. Lieberman was not elected by Connecticut republicans because he is progressive. I am willing to compromise. Let Joe be a committee god and strip Harry of his post.