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07:00 PM on 04/18/2012
it's carl rove dirty tactics/swiftboating.
running forward, laughing...
06:42 PM on 04/18/2012
No amount of projection is going to save the Republican party. They are dying out and will be a regional party within the next few election cycles. Demographics and their own hatred have doomed them.
corruption rules
06:12 PM on 04/18/2012
I have written at least a dozen comments on this very topic. The one that gets me is righties declaring "Progressives want to take our freedoms away." A belief that depends on ig norance of reality.
running forward, laughing...
06:44 PM on 04/18/2012
Without ignorance of reality the Republican party would already be a footnote in history.

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Fairly Unbalanced
10:38 PM on 04/18/2012
Well they do seem to have a very high tolerance for cognitive dissonance, that's for sure. I have asked on many of these threads what freedoms the righties think they've lost and I never get a response from them.
04:32 PM on 04/18/2012
Hear, hear!
We the People or me, myself and I. How about US
04:25 PM on 04/18/2012
Sometimes I think that we should just give up and let the fools elect the R's across the board. After the debacle that was the Bush admin, you would think it would take a little longer for people to be comfortable with the R's again, but no they are all right back at it, despite the economic proposals of the R's being more of what got us into this mess in the first place and the relatively new policies on the medical and reproductive freedom of women.

Mr. Obama may not have extricated the country from the mess that he was confronted with upon taking office and I don't blame anyone for taking issue with that, but when the oppositions party's only proposals are to double down on the policies that got us into this mess in the first place.... it boggles the mind.
04:17 PM on 04/18/2012
You mean like when the Left accuses Republicans of tampering with elections but then comes out against Voter ID laws?

Or maybe you're talking about the uproar over warrentless wiretapping of international calls but then sanctioning the assassination of U.S. citizens overseas?

No? Then you must mean the fact that Democrats claim to support minorities while their policies have increased the numbers of minority childeren born out of wedlock and the number of minorities that depend on the government for financial assistence?

Maybe you are referring to the Democrats accusing Republicans of limiting access to higher education while continuing to support programs that drive up the cost of higher education and leave graduates with increasing debt?

How about Democrats who accuse Republicans of denying minorities a good education but block voucher programs?

Obama calls Bush "unpatriotic" for running up the debt, but has accrued more debt in 3.5 years than Bush did in 8.

Republicans that want to fix Social Security are accused of throwing grandma under the bus, but they would rather do nothing and throw us all under the bus when it runs out of money in less than 25 years.

Democrats accused the Bush administration of a lack of accountability, but have allowed Obama to apoint even more unaccountable, unreviewed "czars" as well as the Obamacare created "Health and Human Services Secratary" position that has the authority to basically write law without congressional oversight.

This article is the real "projection."
Left Hand of Darkness
07:23 PM on 04/18/2012
So far you are doing exactly what the author has said about Republicans. Thanks for proving his point, numerous times I might add.
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08:10 AM on 04/19/2012
fanned taz
08:30 AM on 04/19/2012
Yeah, because it's only "projecting" when the other side is doing it, right? When your own side does it it's just the truth.
In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night
07:33 PM on 04/18/2012
"Then you must mean the fact that Democrats claim to support minorities while their policies have increased the numbers of minority childeren born out of wedlock and the number of minorities that depend on the government for financial assistence?"

Please explain what policies have increased the number of out of wedlock children?

Are you talking about the ones where they decriminalized divorce?
08:34 AM on 04/19/2012
Um.... welfare. Why bother settling down, getting married and being responsible when my taxes will cover dad's share? That goes for both men and women.

It's ok to have unprotected sex with that guy, but I don't want him raising my kid, right?
It's ok to have unprotected sex with that girl. If she wants to keep the baby she can get welfare to pay for it. Can't prove it's mine anyway.
04:14 PM on 04/18/2012
Actually, conservatives are finally calling out the ridiculous policies and talking points made by the Left. It's a pretty good strategy, certainly better than the 3 year Leftist strategy - "It's Bush's fault"
corruption rules
06:19 PM on 04/18/2012
You can't handle the truth
James Kessler
Sic transit gloria mundi
12:40 AM on 04/19/2012
You mean the 8 years your party spent blaming everything on Clinton? Oh and I mean the 8 years after Clinton was in office.
04:11 PM on 04/18/2012
From the posts on this article I see it feeds the extreme left. The article is mostly BS.
I would have to believe that most who have posted have no relatives friends or neighbors that are not liberal. Now knowing that is not true why does the left love to hate those who do not agree with thier phyospohy of governing. The right does not believe in big government it believes inconstitutional government of modest size. It only makes sense once you digest that it takes almost ten tax payers for every government employee. Today half our folks pay no income tax which is all we have to fund other than SS and medicare. Currently there are about 150 million in the work force yet 75 million pay nothing, 50 million pay only 30 % of the income tax and 25 million pay 70 %. That 25 million population is predominantly the baby boomers who are moving out of these ranks at 10 thousand per day. Thers are few if any new tax payers to pay for more government thus the ever increasing deficit now running at 1.4 trillion every year.
It is math folks and the ship is sinking fast and there is no money for the programs you refuse to give up. Soyour mantra should be spend till we sink because you cannot do both
corruption rules
06:23 PM on 04/18/2012
You display no understanding of economics. I couldn't even begin to educate you, it would be pointless. BTW, the word is "philosophy".
10:52 PM on 04/18/2012
"I couldn't even begin to educate you". I know, its not in your capacity. You are also right about another thing; it would be pointless
because life is too short!!
09:13 PM on 04/18/2012
yes, and when you really "do the math", you will see that seniors, the middle class and the poor, cannot afford to vote republican.
09:46 AM on 04/19/2012
It is beyond deciding for onesself because as of today we are leaving over $50000 debt for every living soul in the country. It is over $125000 per household.
The only decision we can make is are we going to stop the insanity or are we going to run to turin--the direction we are in now.
Not one republican has suggest cutting the current seniors SS or medicare (Obama did)
the difference is they know it is not sustainable for the generations to come as it is.
03:59 PM on 04/18/2012
Greetings Jonathan....

Projection Is The Behavior Of A Serial Bully (In This Cae A Tyrant)

It is not uncommon that serial bullies use projection or even surrogates like yourself to bully others to their side. Let us take a look at some of the signs and you tell me who it sounds like

Is a convincing, practiced liar and when called to account, will make up anything spontaneously to fit their needs at that moment.

Jekyll and Hyde nature - is vile, vicious and vindictive in private, but innocent and charming in front of witnesses; no-one can (or wants to) believe this individual has a vindictive nature.

Adept at creating conflict.

Excels at deception

Uses excessive charm

Glib, shallow with plenty of fine words - but there's no substance

Exceptional verbal facility especially at times of conflict

Relies on mimicry, repetition and regurgitation to convince others

Haughty, high-handed, and a know-all-Arlen Specter described Obama-he has a problem with listening. In a roomful of people, he's always the smartest guy in the room – and always has to prove it.”

Undermines and destroys anyone who the bully perceives to be an adversary

Convinced of their superiority and has an overbearing belief in their qualities of leadership but cannot distinguish between leadership (maturity, decisiveness, assertiveness, co-operation, trust, integrity) and bullying (immaturity, impulsiveness, aggression, manipulation, distrust, deceitfulness)

Constantly imposing on others a false reality made up of distortion and fabrication

Warm regards,

Michael Winters
Truth, Fairness, Civility
05:42 PM on 04/18/2012
Excellent description of conservatives! Thanks!
because life is too short!!
09:14 PM on 04/18/2012
Well done, Michael!
fanned and faved.
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03:51 PM on 04/18/2012
The "half a trillion dollar" projection of ACA savings has been under question by economists of all stripes for quite some time now. By the end of Obama's second term the the path will be clearer. What we thought was the "1%" that could be taxed to bankroll more spending will morph into a dwindling minority of working folks that pay ANY income tax.... the new "1%". The balance will be added to the 2016 $20 trillion debt.
James Kessler
Sic transit gloria mundi
12:45 AM on 04/19/2012
Oh really? Then have fun explaining why Romneycare in Mass. has seen insurance premiums drop 5% just this year.

Oh and by the might want to jettison the nonsense claim that you're attempting to make regarding the income tax.

Because here are some "people" that do indeed pay no federal income tax:

Exxon Mobil
Bank of America
Valero Energy
Goldman Sachs
Conoco Phillips
Carnival Cruise Lines.

Oh and roughly 60% of all other US businesses.

Sorry, you don't get to whine about the poor supposedly paying no federal income tax when its because they simply don't make enough. You especially don't get to whine when you and your party turn a blind eye to the massive number of rich people who don't pay federal income taxes..or other federal taxes.

But feel free to continue to believe that you should pay the rich's share of taxes.
HuffingbookPost: no comments
03:31 PM on 04/18/2012
"I know you are, but what am I?"

we're 99% sure we KNOW what you are!
04:20 PM on 04/18/2012
As usual, the left makes up statistics. How can you be 99% if half of the contry disagrees with you? Maybe you're 49.5%, but even that's a stretch.
04:50 PM on 04/18/2012
The left has always seemed to me to be more about emotions than logic and fact, which explains why stuioh! is able to claime to speak for the 99%. Emotionally, he FEELS as though he is speaking for the 99%.
nothin' micro about my biology
05:04 PM on 04/18/2012
You're forgetting that roughly half the voters consistently vote against their best interests, usually in the name of Guns, God and Gays.
make friends with everyone
02:58 PM on 04/18/2012


It's our only hope.
Aj Beamish
More human than you, man.
02:33 PM on 04/18/2012
The article puts forward a valid assessment of conservatives.

And the trollies post in the comments and verify it. The sad part is they are far too dense to even realize that they are doing this.
Tempus Dicit, Sapientia Audit.
04:13 PM on 04/18/2012
Sad, but so funny!
04:26 PM on 04/18/2012
Stop calling republicans conservatives because they're not. You're all one big herd of sheep.
Aj Beamish
More human than you, man.
09:15 AM on 04/19/2012
And, once again, your comment just verified the article's assessment.
Nebulon V
02:29 PM on 04/18/2012
This would have surprised me twenty years ago. But, I've been observing Scientology for over a decade, and I've seen them employ the same mystifying tactics now used by the GOTP.

I have a deep understanding of how this works, and no clue why people who choose to rewrite reality as it's right in front of our noses think we won't notice.
02:23 PM on 04/18/2012
Rightwingers have perfected the art of being both bully and victim at the same time. Sarah is the master, but Mitt is catching up fast . It truly is becoming a Republican trademark.