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11:36 PM on 11/13/2008
Palin, the party is over. Grab Joe the Plummer and leave.
11:34 AM on 11/14/2008
there is something wrong with the plumbing in her brain!!
01:16 PM on 11/15/2008
Oh,and don't forget Tito the builder,also,too...
11:31 PM on 11/13/2008
I have heard this woman first thing in the morning, during the election campaign and I wanted to cover my head and run back to bed. I have heard her spouting the same nonsense over and over again and I tried getting the media to follow up on the other candidate's (McCain) dubious associations.

McCain has/had an association with Gordon Liddy. Mr. Liddy has some frightening tendencies, like wanting to blowup law enforcment officers, etc. When Palin started with the Ayers story, no one mentioned McCain's associations. The media again gave a pass to McCain once again. No one brought up much about the Keating 5.

To me, Liddy is a more troubling association. Ask Palin about Liddy and McCain. Liddy held a function in his home for McCain, the media covered that up also.

Let's be fair. Would this question shut up Palin? I doubt it. Ask her about her husband's association with that questionable party in Alaska.

Palin is so fixated on this nonsense story. If the President-elect was such a threat, don't you think that would have come to light when he was investigated for the election? This Rove-style politics must STOP, for the sake of the free world. It is divisive, hateful, and serves no useful purpose. Can you imagine Palin in the White House? God help us all.
11:05 PM on 11/13/2008
Palin really needs to go back to alaska, the election is over. She has nothing to say that we want to hear. The right person won the election and obviously she is a very sore loser.
10:59 PM on 11/13/2008
The fact that the GOP considers questioning the government, and realizing that the government is indeed fallible, is un-American, is in itself un-American.
10:45 PM on 11/13/2008
But you know, I'm always going to get a nice laugh out of the "conspired to destroy the Pentagon" routine.

Holy creeping jeebus, they blew up an f'in toilet.

That makes pretty much my entire high school football team a gang of terrorists. I think they blew up 3 of them before senior year was over.
02:18 AM on 11/14/2008
Didn't John McCain also joke about blowing up a toilet in the capitol with an M-80? I think he said something about it on the Tonight Show. Was he making fun of his campaign (Palin) for making a big deal out of Ayers, like he was making fun of his campaign (Palin) for violating the McCain-Feingold Act?
10:15 PM on 11/13/2008
I still won't listen to her...thank goodness for the mute button.
Reading her response is always it continues to prove that she is incapable of speaking in complete sentences. In addition, she is incapable of speaking properly....but as it is all just blah blah blah, I guess "who cares"?

I guess I should just let this all go and quit blogging, but if we don't continue to give her NEGATIVE feedback, she may be empowered to continue...sigh!
Pay it forward, the movie..
10:31 PM on 11/13/2008
As it is in getting over a breakup with someone you loved, the only way you know you're over it is when you no longer even think about it anymore. She must get the biggest not interesting anymore message from everyone. If Alaskans want this embaressment, they can have her.

For the Alaskans who have figured out what a horrible mistake they made, get rid of her. Put her in jail if you can get her on the ethics charge.
02:19 AM on 11/14/2008
Or on where the $47 Million went when she was mayor of Wasilla.
02:16 AM on 11/14/2008
That's a bit how I feel. I know I should stop, but to give her unanswered and unchallenged time to speak is not okay with me. There has to be a counter-voice of reason to the swill she spews. I would love for the MSM to strap a pair on and call her out on her idiocy. When she said, "Do you have any questions from someone who voted for McCain?" Was she serious? Why answer a question from them? The know where you stand. It's all of us SANE people who voted for Obama who would LOVE some insight into that warped way of thinking and speaking you have. I especially loved the guy who asked if "God answered prayers" by Obama getting elected. She TOTALLY sidestepped that answer saying that yet, "Prayers to keep our country safe were answered." NOT that prayers to have Obama elected were answered. What a convenient god she has in her blazer pocket....
08:07 PM on 11/13/2008
"It's time to move on"

Why even say that if you're not going to do it?
08:04 PM on 11/13/2008
Why the HELL doesn't one of these reporters ask her about her husband and the Alaska Independent Party? If Obama's past associations are fair game, so are her current ones.
10:09 PM on 11/13/2008
Exactly! Her involvement with the AIP should be seen as more troubling than Obama's limited association with Ayers, because it is! Why is it off limits?
02:20 AM on 11/14/2008
Maybe she'll get so desperate for attention, that she would do an interview with Amy Goodman. That would be great.
06:43 AM on 11/14/2008
Or how about the churches she has affiliated herself with. Witchcraft, blaming the Middle East violence in part on Israeli Jews who haven’t accepted Jesus (Jews for Jesus), end of days, speaking in tongues, believing theology should be incorporated into government, creationism, and so on. She will never see that her attacks about Ayers or anything she doesn't agree were vindictive or wrong because she is one a mission from God.
08:03 PM on 11/13/2008
"Now is the time to move forward together, start progressing America."

Together? With whom?

Sarah says she's "...still concerned...if anybody still wants to talk about it [Bill Ayers], I will...still bothers me...I think it's still fair to talk about it. "

"However, the campaign is over...chapter is closed. Now is the time to move on and to, again, make sure that all of us are doing all that we can to progress this nation."

Which is it Simple Sarah? Holding on(like a pitbull) or letting go and moving forward so we can "progress" this nation?

Double-speak or gobbledygook English doesn't get it. You really need to go back to the nether regions from whence you came and invest in a real re-education for yourself---
preferably, English as a Second Language for starters. Time to go home. Quickly! Let the adults handle things down here. OK? Buh-bye
07:19 PM on 11/13/2008
You know this is all Obama's fault! If he would make some cabinet announcements- or some kind of news- they wouldn't have to troll for news from Sarah Palin.

Please, please, please, Senator Obama, at least announce that you adopted a dog- anything to get Palin's face out of the media. A dog announcement would give the 24 hour news networks busy for at least two days!

By the way Sarah, could you get yourself a speech coach? I know 6th graders who have a better grasp of the English language than you do.
07:00 PM on 11/13/2008
William Ayers has done more FOR this country than Palin has or ever will. Would somebody in a high place please make this argument so that Simple Sarah hears it, gets it, and then goes away?

07:59 PM on 11/13/2008
Gets it???
06:37 PM on 11/13/2008
The article is clearly written to ignore the message of unity Sarah delivers. Why ignore the real stuff and focus on Obama's buddies? I don't get it. It isn't Sarah who does this, but the writer is more guilty of doing it.
02:23 AM on 11/14/2008
She's speaks like an IPOD Shuffle. Sometimes she will play a unity sentence. This next phrase is about Ayers and Obama being Un-Am3rican. You never know what is going to play next.
05:01 PM on 11/13/2008
WHY does the mainstream media - Wolf just sit there and allow this stupid lie to keep be said? After she does her dog & pony show prepared lines.... WHY at this point does CNN not say - basically its all a joke and BS... or ask like Dave Letterman about G Gordan Liddy & John McCain??? Ask her something?? Why do they allow these things? SAY SOMETHING Wolf??!?!? You just sat there like a puppet.
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05:14 PM on 11/13/2008
If CNN were so desperate for an interview with her, at least get Jack Cafferty. He would put her more to shame than she has already done for herself.
04:56 PM on 11/13/2008
It's a good case of What You Say, You Are.
04:51 PM on 11/13/2008
Was she concerned about Todd when he was a member of the Alaskan Independence Party who had hailed Tim McVee as a hero.

In one breath she says she would be honored to work for him and in the next breath she has concerns about him, not a good impression while interviewing for a job Sarah.

Here's a new job for you, go learn about American History
07:39 PM on 11/13/2008
Is Palin a BiPolar bear?
10:30 PM on 11/13/2008
Hey, "Thenobullexpress"! That's not funny!!!
Bipolar people I know are a hell of a lot smarter than the average "Joe" or "Jane"
Sarah makes a lot less sense than someone in a full throttle break from reality.
Really - I'm all for hashing out Sarahs BS, but please leave the BPD people alone.
01:50 PM on 11/15/2008
Sarah made a speech at one of the AIP's conventions. Why wasn't that pounded into our ears like Ayes!?