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Ah, research. The enemy of too many.
10:11 AM on 04/24/2012
So, like... is that her boss never heard of the internet before, or did she just think something like this wasn't going to get out and her life was going to be made miserable?
09:16 AM on 04/24/2012
This woman says she needs money for ongoing treatment from the transplant and years of future psychiatric care resulting from this. I doubt any transplant team would ever allow someone this unstable to donate a kidney. Let's wait for the real story to come out.
09:31 AM on 04/24/2012
There are no national standards of living donor care in the US, and the so-called psychological evaluation is usually nothing more than a 45 minute meeting with a social worker which emphasizes the illegality of receiving payment for an organ.

The need for mental health treatment is because of the damage incurred BECAUSE of the donation, not anything pre-existing.

The fact is, the transplant program and the National Kidney Registry should've recognized the coercive possibilities of the employer-employee relationship and not approved the donation in the first place.
09:40 AM on 04/24/2012
I know the drill. I went through the entire evaluation for transplant and received a transplant from a cadaver donor after a few years on dialysis. There are many organ brokers in this country that match people up for fees but most hospitals and transplant surgeons will never do those because of ethics. I have a feeling this particular case involves some type of payment.
04:32 PM on 04/24/2012
If you job prosects depended on giving up an organ and you gave in to that pressure only to be thrown away like human trash I dare say that you might be in bad shape yourself. If the transplant team cut open someone who was there under duress they belong in prison.
Tracee Collins
08:56 AM on 04/24/2012
What a wicked, wicked crone. She deserves for her new kidney to be rejected. That would be just.
Or maybe they could fire HER, for painting thier company in such a blatantly heartless light.
09:36 PM on 04/24/2012
I agree, & she should be fired. Management taking kidney from employee is an unethical practice. Similar to having affair with a subordinate, taking advantage of employee by managment, etc.... That is corporate greed to the max. If I were the kidney, I would reject the witch!
Helen Greenfeld
"There is Nothing New Under the Sun"
08:22 AM on 04/24/2012
HER BOSS IS A TOTAL MONSTER. That being said what goes around comes around.
There is no magic
08:35 AM on 04/24/2012
I love the thought, "what goes around comes around," but I have never seen anything to support that. Karma is much like Superman - - a great idea, but fiction.

Sure do agree with your first sentence.
Helen Greenfeld
"There is Nothing New Under the Sun"
09:22 AM on 04/24/2012
trust me in this case Karma or whatever will come back to bite her in the butt bigtime. Believe it or not the punishment is built in with the crime. No one goes unscathed. I've seen it over and over unfolding. It's not fiction it's reality. By the way I loved Superman even though it wasn't real. :)

There is no magic and nothing new under the sun.
07:24 AM on 04/24/2012
Most of us struggle to find a way to thank our donors who give the gift of life whether it is through the courage of a dying wish or the bravery of a living donor. We don't succeed. I, th, th, I'm gra, grat, I app, appp, appr...but the words stick to my tongue, they shrink to nothing on my lips in their insignificance to express the depth of what I feel for this gift that is hope wrapped in a miracle presented with pure love and sacrifice. This situation is dreadful. The upside of this story is that in another article Ms. Stevens said that she doesn't regret the donation because the man in St. Louis is living a healthy life. She is a lovely spirit. Although it is not enough, thank you,Debbie.
07:15 AM on 04/24/2012
I think it marvelous when others do what I would not do. However, I also wonder why they do it for someone who is not related to them or a friend of deep connection. If one is dead/dying, then the donation might very well be a moot point and donation seems both humane and reasonable.

What on earth was this woman's motive for giving a kidney to some stranger so that her boss could get a donation from someone else? Makes absolutely no sense to me. I've never had a boss in my entire life I would do something even remotely this important for.
08:00 AM on 04/24/2012
While I would not do it, I do believe their are some truly nice people on the earth still. Maybe not a lot but some.
09:09 AM on 04/24/2012
When her kidney wasn't a match for her boss, it was part of a "chain" donation where kidneys are matched up with others across the country. Her kidney went to St Louis. Her Boss got her kidney from two people in S.F. in the same situation. It didn't match the other person there, but matched this woman in NY.
Micheal Anderson
When the Rebels become the Tyrants
06:58 AM on 04/24/2012
And corporations are people.
Don Giovanni
Woody's guitar says it all.
07:56 AM on 04/24/2012
Really mean, unfeeling people.
06:31 AM on 04/24/2012
Something is not right with this story. She is now suing for millions using an attorney that does his cases in front of the TV cameras. Her kidney went to a person in St Louis, not to her boss. She got hers from a person in San Francisco. It was a "chain" donation. I have a feeling money was involved from her boss to this woman. When you have children, you do not donate a kidney to a stranger. By the way, I was lucky enough to receive a transplant 4 years ago from a cadaver donor.
Micheal Anderson
When the Rebels become the Tyrants
06:59 AM on 04/24/2012
It was so the list could shift to a better match for her boss.
Jack Davies
06:17 AM on 04/24/2012
While my gut reaction involved voodoo dolls of the kidney thief, but upon reading the full story, I can't shake the suspicion that Ms. Stevens is not being fully forthcoming about something in this story. Can't put a finger on it, but it just sounds off.
08:28 AM on 04/24/2012
I have the same feeling. As the saying goes, there are two sides to every story and there is a lot more to this story than we know. This one just does not pass the stink test. Something here smells a little fishy...
02:47 PM on 04/25/2012
Ask her boyfriend. . . there's the real story
04:47 AM on 04/24/2012
Going to Hell, check.
03:46 AM on 04/24/2012
Who wants to bet that boss watches Fox news and supports some right wing republican? That's the only way someone can become that coldhearted.
just disgusted in general
02:36 AM on 04/24/2012
That's just beyond cold. Recovery from donating a live kidney can take awhile and I think the boss was unrealistic about that. Either that or she manipulated her employee in a really morally bankrupt way.
I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist
02:16 AM on 04/24/2012
Here's AAG's official response to this complaint. Thoughtful of the CEO,John Pickett, to list his phone # for us. 631-587-0700
Grandma with eye on the future
02:10 AM on 04/24/2012
Everyone should contact this company and the recipient and let them know how we feel about this outrageous abuse.
12:48 AM on 04/24/2012
The Gift of Life is a precious thing and the people that give us these gifts are special Shame on Jackie Brucia, a shrewd animal to manipulate Debbie and her job to get a kidney. Ms Brucia is so undeserving . How can Atlantic Auto Grp even allow someone with no morals or heart work for them? Maybe in time rejection and failure will prevail and the High and Mighty Jackie .Brucia will be back to "plugging herself in for hours in a week". I really think AAG should look into Ms Brucia's actions of using the work place and position she has at this job to set things in motion for her onw personal benefit in getting this kidney.. Its like giving a big contract to a supplier for super bowl tickets.for Life