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TheHandyman 07:59 PM on 04/23/2012
When the Republiwon'ts were in control under Bush they conducted no hearings on anything important. Then when the Dimocan'ts gained control they held hearing after hearing exposing all kinds of criminal activity and the results were the same. Nothing was ever done. This will be just more of the same. This dog and pony show has been seen so many times even those that put it on hardly ever show up for it  Read More...
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Sapienter si Sincere
12:25 AM on 04/24/2012
As I said earlier, If the evidence supports the case of corruption, prosecute those responsible and hold them accountable. Just apply the law equally to everyone caught in bribery and corruption cases, because selective enforcement of the law for political reasons is really just another form of corruption.
use your head for sumthin other than a hatrack
12:20 AM on 04/24/2012
now this doesn't make sense - we want companies like wal mart to create jobs in mexico so mexicans will stop comin here
Floppin for decades!
08:02 AM on 04/24/2012
Not only from coming here, but taking the jobs from here. Still in Mexico their going to want an American Wal-Mart job. Minimum wage say $8.00 an/hr vs.$.52 c/hr.
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What is a Micro-bio?
12:19 AM on 04/24/2012
I'm a shareholder. Thanks WM!
James Swick
Enjoying the spectacle
12:18 AM on 04/24/2012
Congress wants some of that bribery money.
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12:06 AM on 04/24/2012
The Demo's will do anything to change the focus from the ecomomy.
"Restore America in 2012"
use your head for sumthin other than a hatrack
12:21 AM on 04/24/2012
restore america from the retardos
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11:24 AM on 04/24/2012
Let's be nice, we have had 3 years of name calling. This will part of "Restore America"
01:17 AM on 04/24/2012
Yes, you have yourself real winners there with Mittens and cry baby Boehner.
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11:27 AM on 04/24/2012
Wow, can't wait to restore, the name calling will then be from the outside of the White House. They set a bad example for people like you.
12:05 AM on 04/24/2012
Instead of investigating Walmart for having to bribe Mexican authorities, maybe we need to look at the fact that the only way to get anything done in that country is to bribe those same authorities. I am betting that Walmart isn't the only corporation that has had to pay a bribe there.
12:04 AM on 04/24/2012
If people are waiting for Eric Holder to do anything, don't hold your breathe. He's still reading the operations manual. He's definitely a do nothing DOJ head. So disappointed.
No, I don't live in Cinti.
12:03 AM on 04/24/2012
I have no love for WM, but shouldn't the investigation be held by the mexican congress, why are these two D. representatives wasting taxpayers money on a mexican problem?
12:37 AM on 04/24/2012
if the company bribes foreign officials, they are violating US law. should congress not investigate whether a major US corporation violated the law and then allegedly tried to cover up their own internal investigation?
No, I don't live in Cinti.
11:57 AM on 04/24/2012
If it affects the American citizen. If WM bribed some corrupt mex. who cares otherwise?

Corruption is the way of life in that country. always has been, always will be. More of a problem for Americans is the ever increasing mex invasion and the drug lords. What are these two reps doing about these real problems?
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We are sorry, your micro-bio didnt meet our guid
11:54 PM on 04/23/2012
No worries Wal*Mart.....Im sure our do nothing congress will do just that...
11:54 PM on 04/23/2012
Forget Congress...just hand the whole thing over to the DOJ on foreign corruption charges. Congress will do nothing...especially in the House where Boehner is protective of any wealthy republican benefactors to republican campaigns. Walmart only supports Rs, so don't expect any progress on learning the truth from an investigation by them.
11:53 PM on 04/23/2012
Since this was an abortive attempt at a coverup by the execs at Walmart, I wonder if congress will use an anal ultrasound to show these execs the hsit they have been covering up.
11:49 PM on 04/23/2012
Congress investigating one of the largest, wealthiest corporations anywhere. I'm sure that will go far.
11:44 PM on 04/23/2012
Congress is investigating bribery in Mexico? Our economy is limping along and this Mexico thing and Roger Clemmens is what they are investigating.
11:37 PM on 04/23/2012
Just for fun, will it ever end.....
11:36 PM on 04/23/2012
Why do they even bother ,you know no one of inportance is going to get in trouble over this.i would get in more jail time for stealing five bucks out of the poor box.And I am shure that walmart has never done this in the USA(ya right).Equaility under the law , what a joke that line has become.Politicians forget they are supose to be public servants,not self serving.