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10:37 AM on 04/26/2012
What is the most disturbing is that Israel vilifies any and all criticism of itself from anyone who speaks. For a country that we both provide financial aid of over 100 billion dollars and protect their right to exist, you would think that Israel would welcome constructive criticism and correct their course to become a country that is respected globally.This is not the case.....and now, I will certainly receive replies that vilify me from all the usual bigots.
12:58 PM on 04/26/2012
This is quite similar to what goes on in the USA. The ones who vilify you correspond to the right wingers in the USA who listen to LImbaugh and watch Fox News who vilify their political opposition. There are plenty of people in Israel who agree with you who are vilified as well.

Your point is well-taken.
03:27 AM on 04/27/2012
The aid is about $3 billion a year. Big picture that is nothing. Pocket change for Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.
here to tell the truth
10:21 AM on 04/27/2012
It's 6 billion and a 7 billion $ loan that's forgiven at the end of a year. Since it's nothing let's cancel the welfare that Israel gets and see how you and the "professional victims" whine.
11:00 AM on 04/27/2012
The real figure is closer to 10 billion per year.
The US has forgiven about 30 billion in loan guarantees to Israel over the past 20 years. The US paid to import Russians to Israel in the 1990s. The US paid for the Merkava tank, Lavni jet fighter Arrow missile and more.
Israel receives more US money than any other nation on the planet. Israel receives all of their money in the first quarter of the year. They are the only nation who receive all of their money this way. Israel then gains interest on the US money while we pay interest to China on it.
Veritatum Dilexi
07:25 AM on 04/26/2012
Oh, man you think politics are rough here? Try it in Israel. Netanyahu is one of the saviest and most persuasive, most ruthless and dictatorial there ever was. He says it's for the good of Israel, I say it's for the good of Binyamin Netanyahu.

One thing this guy is good at is comebacks and staying on top or near the top. In in the United States, the equivalent would be for President Clinton to become First Husband and start running the country via his wife, the President.
Republicans are out of ideas.
11:29 PM on 04/25/2012
It seems Israel is not in a "good place" at this point in time. A lot of Israeli's have been protesting things going on there - guess we'll see how it all turns out. Personally, I'm sick and tired of all this bickering in the Middle East. Wish we would just get out of it. Maybe the Arab Spring will change things for the better.
It's easy to blame someone else for your own fault
05:55 AM on 04/27/2012
How about America stop aiding and invading every one?
10:50 AM on 04/27/2012
A lot of Israeli's have been protesting things going on

Polls indicate that they do not support attacking Iran
10:38 PM on 04/25/2012
If 60 Minutes wants to do a story on Israel, how about the one where 2 Israeli agents in 2008 was caught posing as CIA agents trying to get financial assistance for an Iranian terrorist group.

Bush found out about and went ballistic according to the article.

This was reported in Foreign a couple of months back.

But then again, no one is suppose to criticize Israel or its sometimes wrong headed policies.
03:26 AM on 04/27/2012
Source please.
08:24 AM on 04/27/2012
10:35 AM on 04/27/2012
As in my previous post.

Source: Foreign
Till Death Do You Barrier Island...
09:54 PM on 04/25/2012
Play nice in the sand box or pit if you will...
08:57 PM on 04/25/2012
The Israeli government considers any opposition to their monstrous policies as anti-Semitic bias. They are Tyrants.
1st 505thParachute Infantry Regiment 82nd Airborne
09:15 AM on 04/26/2012
We pay Israel tribute in the billions per year, manufacture weapons and armor, planes and guns and bombs for them. US soldiers die for them daily for decades. And now they interfere in our politics and even our TV shows. I mean my GOD.
They have deflected all attacks on them onto US. No suicide bombs there for a decade- but our guys die every day.
They are clever, manipulative and a horrible ally that spits in our faces.
Sick of Israel.
12:42 PM on 04/26/2012
Fan'd n Fv'd Lion
You forgot to mention-"cover their crimes with our UN veto" And loan guaranties.
And they have long interfered with our politics and media.....
01:26 PM on 04/26/2012
ditto . . . . BDS BDS
07:15 PM on 04/25/2012
It was rather entertaining to see Michael Oren sweat under questioning and lose the credibility that he never had.

Kudos to 60 Minutes for standing in front of the bully and tell them they can shove it.
06:50 PM on 04/25/2012
The true enemy of Israel is a well informed citizen of any country. All Israel strives to do is suppress the media sources from exposing the truth about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.
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08:57 PM on 04/25/2012
Very true.
09:02 PM on 04/25/2012
Paul Krugman made the point yesterday that the current Israeli regime is on a suicide mission. He's right.

Published 00:43 25.04.12
Latest update 00:43 25.04.12

Paul Krugman: ‘Israeli government policies are a form of national suicide’
New York Times columnist and Nobel prize winner: criticism of Israel silenced by accusations of anti-Semitism.
06:04 PM on 04/25/2012
I'd like to hear 60 minutes reply to Netenyahu's claim that he made their story softer.
I didn't find anything in that report to sound anything like a bias against Israel. The hard fact of the matter is that their occupation and annexation of the West Bank has resulted in terrible hardships and problems for the Christians. Seems to me that they should recognize they have a problem and work with the Christians to correct the problem and quit playing the victim. I've paid many $$ in taxes to support Israel and they don't seem to give a damm about the Christians or anyone else other than themselves.
06:50 PM on 04/25/2012
US tax dollars fund the Israeli occupation and land theft. If Americans really knew what their tax dollars were being used for, it would be a far different story.
Very few really know how much we give Israel each year. It is highly classified info. Most experts place it around 10 billion per year.
Israel Only Fires Back!
06:58 PM on 04/25/2012
Yeah, I'm sure had the Arabs won the 1948 war they started to eradicate the state of Israel and the West Bank had not been [cough] annexed the Christians would be a lot better off now. I mean we can just tell by seeing how great Christians have it in the Arab countries surrounding Israel, right?
09:02 PM on 04/25/2012
The US including liberals like me have and continue to support the right of Israel to exist and self defense. That has been abused by some in Israel and their supporters who believe that Israel can do no wrong. The war of '48 is not under discussion, what is under discussion is the problems in the West Bank post the war of '67. Some of us understand that a primary policy of lIsrael in the last forty some years is is to use their military and other resources to ensure that Israel will always have enemies and therefore can always claim to be the victim. Square inch by square inch they have annexed the most useful and economically viable areas of the West Bank and if Christians in many of those are the losers well that is just fine with Israel.
1st 505thParachute Infantry Regiment 82nd Airborne
09:25 AM on 04/26/2012
The arabs didnt invade anyone in 1948. The jews invaded the arabs who were defending their land and homes. After it was over- and every year since the jews have been taking more and more and more and more arab lands. When is it enough.
Israel- take of the jackboots- your starting to look eerily familiar.
06:01 PM on 04/25/2012
Less than a week after the arson of a mosque in northern Israel, dozens of Christian and Muslim graves were vandalized in an Arab section of the Israeli city of Jaffa.

More thahan 100 graves were vandalized in the Muslim cemetery of al-Kazakhana and at a nearby Christian cemetery in the Ajami neighborhood of Jaffa, according to residents and a CNN producer who visited the locations.
Among the words spray-painted in Hebrew on the gravestones were "price tag" and "death to all Arabs."

"Price tag" is a term frequently used by radical Israeli settlers to denote reprisal attacks against Palestinians in response to moves by the Israeli government to evacuate illegal West Bank outposts, or as retribution for attacks by Palestinians.

Local residents told CNN that police who arrived at the scene on Saturday morning tried to cover up the graffiti using white paint. The police also asked locals to clean up the graffiti.

"This is bad, this very, very bad. This is all because of the settlers that moved into the neighborhood. When they did this, the writing was on the wall," Jaffa resident Kamel Satal told CNN.
11:42 AM on 04/27/2012
I gasped outloud when I got to.... Price Tag
01:46 PM on 04/27/2012
The Zionists will say that vandalism's a one off affair, the work of delinquent kids, or that Muslims themselves did it. But when a Jewish cemetery is vandalised ANYWHERE in the world - it's automatic proof of a rise on "Anti-Semitism! AAAAARRGHHHH!". Especially in Europe.
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05:19 PM on 04/25/2012
Michael Oren said 60 Minutes was doing a hatchet job on Israel. It never stopped. Mr. Oren should not have been surprised.
Let's see, how many times has 60 Minutes done a hatchet job on an Arab country? How many time has that intrepid Simon done an expose? Uhhhhhh, don't bother me. Can't you see I'm taxing that puny blister on my shoulder. Well, ummm never. Israel is a free country. You want Simple Simon to get killed or something.
07:08 PM on 04/25/2012
You don't watch much of 60 Minutes' stories, do you?
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01:36 AM on 04/26/2012
I did in the beginning but I try not to. When I realized that its bias is to skewer Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East and it could find no fault among the Arab dictatorships I stopped completely.
05:28 PM on 04/28/2012
Just for you:
Israel ex security chief says leadership misleading public on Iran
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12:43 AM on 04/29/2012
This is story currently circulating on Huff Post. I responded to it at length. I don't have time now.
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04:48 PM on 04/25/2012
vat a sughpize!!
04:08 PM on 04/25/2012
I think that CBS have fully the right to mock itself in a "60 bad and lies minutes". Remember, There is nothing illegitimate in attempting to influence the content of a report about your government that is going to be unfavorable. Every government in the world does that, and that's part of the give and take in relations with the mainstream media. So long as it's not done by threats (and no one ays that's the case here), there's nothing wrong with it.

Finally, despite Oren's efforts, this was one of the most biased pieces I have ever seen on a major American television network. Were the 'occupation' of the 'West Bank' (or by 'occupation' do they mean the '1948 territories'? That's never defined) to come to an end, there would likely be no Christians left in Israel on either side of the 1949 armistice lines. Look at Gaza, look at Iraq, look at Egypt - do I need to go on? I believe that the 'Palestinian' Christians are motivated by fear of what their Muslim brethren would do to them if they spoke the truth about who is treating them well and who is not. Ask Nonie Darwish.

I wonder if anyone at CBS will now understand how out of touch with reality they are. Nah, that would be expecting too much.
04:43 PM on 04/25/2012
"Biased" as a description depends a lot on perspective.
07:12 PM on 04/25/2012
Of course it's a lie. It has to be. After all they are criticizing Israel. I guess Bob falls in the category of a self-hating jew.
03:32 PM on 04/25/2012
Liberate Palestinian Christians / Muslims from Israelis !
Sam Adamson
Stands for what's right
04:12 PM on 04/25/2012
Do you need more dhimmī?
here to tell the truth
10:36 AM on 04/27/2012
Do you need to get the smoke out of your face?
04:13 PM on 04/25/2012
Well-said, my friend!! Well-said.
here to tell the truth
10:37 AM on 04/27/2012
Be quiet, you add nothing to the conversation.