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12:26 PM on 12/01/2008
If I were looking to inflict harm on the US, I would be very afraid!
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01:23 PM on 12/01/2008
Hence the reason the GOP is coming undone.
"They never stop thinking of ways to hurt Americans, and neither do we"
05:07 PM on 12/01/2008
Here we go again......... our U.S. has a rare talent for choosing the most ill-suited for positions dealing with international matters. We consistently choose Israeli worshippers to deal with the middle east and Capitalist apologizers to deal with world governments and leaders, and now, someone that blabs about fighting world terrorism while the U.S. continues it's genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan!
Rome never learned until it caused it's own decline and fall, and now, our U.S. not having learned a damned thing about history continues on it's vainglorious way until it's inevitable fall. Our U.S., like Rome is too blinded by superiority not to realize that it is not god. Our U.S., like nature itself that begins the slow process of killing us off the moment we are born seems not able to stop itself from securing it's own ultimate end.
09:05 PM on 12/01/2008
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12:25 PM on 12/01/2008
If I were a terrorist, I would be very afraid!
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12:12 PM on 12/01/2008
Dr Rice is a real force and sharp as a tack. I'm truly glad he chose her.

I remember early in the primary when she was with Hillary's campaign and she was supposed to be spying out Obama at one of his rally's. When she came back, she quit the Clinton camp and joined the Obama camp.
12:16 PM on 12/01/2008
That's quite interesting
12:06 PM on 12/01/2008

Obama knows he owes Dr. Rice big time and her day is coming for something realllllly BIG! I'm not blaming Obama because it was a political decision he had to make in order to bring this party together...but she was his first choice.
12:16 PM on 12/01/2008
So you were involved in the transition?
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01:24 PM on 12/01/2008
What says that this was a political decision? She certainly looks quite qualified to me.
09:32 PM on 12/01/2008
Agree with Angelic11. What do you think the whites in this country would say if PE Obama would have given Dr. Rice the SOS job? Remember when Colin Powell endorses Obama.
12:06 PM on 12/01/2008
More cutting edge judgement on the part of our new President. He is living up to his promise.
12:03 PM on 12/01/2008
Dr. Rice has been 'punked'. She carried Obama through the election and covered him well on national security issues; one could say she was his "Mock Chief of Staff". I am certain she was his first choice for Chief of Staff; but he had to go with Hillary as part of the 'political deal' for her support during the campaign.

Remember what Hillary said..."Everybody's asking what does Hillary want?" ...well this was IT!

SOS would've been ...should've been Dr. Susan Rice!
Life is hard. After all, it kills you.
12:15 PM on 12/01/2008
I doubt very much that Obama felt he needed to pick Clinton over Rice (or over anyone) for SoS. And I doubt that he was "forced" to pick Hillary for ANY position to get her support. Hillary supported him during the election because it would have hurt HER not do do so, not because of any deals. O's not the type of person who picks anyone because he feels he has to out of pressure. If that was the case, Hillary would be his VP!
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12:17 PM on 12/01/2008
I whole heartedly concur!
Soror quaerens lucem
12:16 PM on 12/01/2008
Hillary is not Chief of Staff she is Secretary of State.

Rahm Emmanuel is O's chief of staff.

US Ambassador to the UN is not a joke.
12:00 PM on 12/01/2008
Forceful opponent of genocide.

Ambassador Rice, let me suggest your first official mission should be to the West Side of Chicago.
12:17 PM on 12/01/2008
I view this as a cheap shot; sure she's against violence, black on black crime but let me assure you white on white crime exist as well - just in by a different method. It's usually the entire family.
12:40 PM on 12/01/2008
I'm not sure why you find concern for the destruction of African Americans a cheap shot.

Care to explain?

In case you're wondering my point is that before we go off lecturing the rest of the world about genocide, we might very well tend to our own doorstep as well. There are many ways to destroy a people - it's not just massacres.

And I would have made the same comment if the new Ambassador were Saxby Chamblis and billed as a forceful opponent of genocide.
11:54 AM on 12/01/2008
Did you hear this woman speak today? She's got this "who you talkin' to?" vibe. Very poised, very strong voice.
12:30 PM on 12/01/2008
"who you talkin to" ???
11:52 AM on 12/01/2008
Then she must have supported getting rid of Saddam. He was behind plenty of mass killings.
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01:26 PM on 12/01/2008
When we supposed him... I know it is hard to accept, but Iraq was a better place under Saddam than it is today!
01:37 PM on 12/01/2008
Tell that to the Kurds.
11:49 AM on 12/01/2008
With Susan in the UN maybe there will be a direct focus on Sub-Saharan Africa and its problems.
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12:07 PM on 12/01/2008
I hope so. There is always genocide taking place in Africa.
12:19 PM on 12/01/2008
Africa is more of a quagmire than Iraq. Good luck with that.
11:45 AM on 12/01/2008
Hell yeh! Go Barack! Woohoo!
11:28 AM on 12/01/2008
I wanted her for NSA but as long as she is out front and visible I will be happy with that....yes she is easy on the eyes and it is dumb to say she is HIGHLY INTELLIGENT!
Self Sustainability is the Future
11:24 AM on 12/01/2008
i don't like her last name, but i like her. she seems smart and spunky.
12:09 PM on 12/01/2008
I am very disappointed that he did not chose Susan Rice
for his SOS. She'S smart and savvy HONEST and hard working.
He would not have to look over his shoulders or hire
a food taster. Now with Billary he's defintely going to need
a FOOD TASTER . and he better watch his back.
10:57 AM on 12/01/2008
Two words:


Obama ain't bringing no knife to a foreign policy gunfight, he's bringing sledge hammers.......
10:40 AM on 12/01/2008
"forceful advocate of stronger action, including military force if necessary, to stop mass killings"


We talk about the Holocaust and say "never again", yet these things go on every day. I'd love to see us use our might for right.