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Just a legal girl on a mission for the truth
03:07 PM on 05/04/2012
Obama's 2nd Term: First priority, FIRE GEITNER!
08:07 PM on 05/04/2012
You tell them, LegalGirl!!!
03:03 PM on 05/04/2012
Ummmmmm. "Who to vote for? Goldman Sachs or Goldman Sachs? Hard choice"

But I don't worry my silly little mind over it. Afterall, one ponzi scheme is as good as another. And so it goes, when the past is prologue.

What did you think would happen when you got a pResident who was puppeted by Zbig and Robert Rubin and HiLIARy as Secretary of State to keep the WARMACHINE profiteer$ in business full tilt?

When nothing changes, NOTHING changes. And that, my friends, is the working definition of #insanity.

As Matt Tabbei has said: this is the equivalent of a dope dealer selling you oregano instead of pot. Very outraging, if you smoke (I don't .. but I get the level of depravity)
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You can observe a lot by watching.
02:56 PM on 05/04/2012
So Geithner is a liar. That's news.