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08:16 AM on 12/03/2008
Well at least he got one thing right

Chris Cox is a f$%king tool
08:14 AM on 12/03/2008
You know, it just might be a good idea. The "silent megalomaniacs" running the place now have really caused problems. BIG PROBL:EMS. Cramer just might be someone people will listen to and I do not think he can be bought off.
07:20 AM on 12/03/2008
Jim Cramper, send your resume in. The TT will put it in the pile with the other 200.000 and get right back to you as soon as they vetted them all.
07:11 AM on 12/03/2008
I support Jim Cramer for SEC Chairman!
Freedom went out of style too soon
08:07 AM on 12/03/2008
I second that. He certainly has a little better grasp of economic regulation than a retired Democrat or Republican Congressman. And it will get Cramer off of the television. Everybody wins!
06:00 AM on 12/03/2008
Make me the next SEC Chairman!!! I know how to do it!
05:30 AM on 12/03/2008
Oh heII to the no!

You're part of the dang problem Cramer - lying to the American public is not cool.
03:13 AM on 12/03/2008
03:01 AM on 12/03/2008
The self-proclaimed "goody two shoes" is a perennial cheerleader for the Wallstreet Casino. The "bosses" love him.
Fox News is Watching Our Henhouse
02:50 AM on 12/03/2008
Cramer, like Louis Ruykheyser before him, is a shill, a cheerleader for a system of "investing" whose premise should have been questioned by true populizers with the best interests of their audience in mind.
Where were the voices that explained:
In 2000 we had a crash of major proportions in which many companies NEVER came back and many people on Main Street who had never "invested" lost their shirts; then we had the wave of Enron style collapses, which lost more money for investers; then we had more deregulation and less oversight than before Enron; then when the Middle Class was losing earning power, factories were closing, jobs being outsourced, the Ceos of Fortune's top 400 companies enjoyed increases in pay of 15-20% for every year of the Bush Administration, bringing their average "compensation" and that of their fellow executives up to over 10 times what their counterparts in other nations make, and 10 times more than their predecessors made just 30 years ago?
Who was out there saying this equation = escalating income inequality and that the Stock Market was a gamble and a scam for most?
Who was saying the faulty premise here is that the Stock Market is a religion? As evidenced by people actually believing that if they "parked" there money with a bunch of executives who were draining their own companies, that somehow these executives would give them a return on their money!!!

This was insanity and Cramer promoted it.
05:32 AM on 12/03/2008
But we got Sarbannes-Oxley didn't we? Which actually just made it more intrusive for the average worker to find a job.

Oh, and established a new *accounting/consulting* industry to get all the businesses up to speed on compliance. Handy, that was.
08:14 AM on 12/03/2008
Here-Here! Exactly! Cramer has been a shill for Wall Street and without his bells and whistles he'd be exposed for what he truly is. He is pure entertainment and little else. Seems Cramer has gotten caught up with his own celebrity and should step back and take a good hard, long look at his market pronouncements.
02:43 AM on 12/03/2008
Unfortunately the agency doesn't come with padded walls. JK, love you Cramer!
02:10 AM on 12/03/2008
Oh, brother. This is the loser who caused so many to lose it all in Bears Stearns.

I don't know how he can show his face any more, much less still be such a blowhard.
01:55 AM on 12/03/2008
Well Obama's incoming Treasury secretary convinced congressional Democrats to just chill when the Fed went back on its promise of transparency in following the $2 trillion in emergency money to Wall Street. (No wonder the market rallied with Obama's nomination of *that* gift.)

So I say why not go for Cramer, who actually might crack down on abuses, cause it ain't gonna happen over at Treasury.
01:35 AM on 12/03/2008
I vote for JOINT CHAIRMEN of SEC including Cramer and Dillion Radigan from Mad Money!

Both these guys have been outraged at the ILLEGAL activities by the BANKSTERS on Wall Street!

They would be far better than COX!
01:13 AM on 12/03/2008
He's so loud. I can't watch him
Made It To 2013
01:05 AM on 12/03/2008
No, unless they want the whole stock market sunk.