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01:31 AM on 05/09/2012
all states should get the outlaw judges off the bench.
Anthony Romeo
01:57 AM on 05/09/2012
04:31 AM on 05/09/2012
There should be a very big riot in that state, and force that judge off the bench. The human nature can only be pushed so far until the primative state comes back to defend one's self.
01:28 AM on 05/09/2012
I work in Texas for two years, all I heard was how big and how much better everything was in Texas. When I got ready to buy a house, They took me out to a place and called it prime Texas land. I told the realtor, we build landfills over better look and property, then this. Since both baby Bush and Poppa Bush came from Texas, why don't we take a gigantic bulldozer and push the state of Texas all the way down to El Salvador. As a country, I believe we would be far better off. How does a state finished dead last on SATs behind Puerto Rico and have anything to brag about? Maybe we should annex the entire country of Mexico, then maybe they would finished behind Texas.
01:57 AM on 05/09/2012
With your spelling and grammar, bet your SAT was zero. If Texas was so bad, how come you stayed two years?
02:35 AM on 05/09/2012
He couldn't read the map to get out! And he doesn't know the Bushes are from Maine! They relocated to Texas.
11:02 AM on 05/09/2012
That is a great question, I was hired by a very large manufacturing and under contract to teach, machining operations and tooling operations to a state that has no upper ship program of any sorts. So no one understood the terms surfaced feet per minute when performing machining operations, no one, not even the engineering department. So I spent two years in a place hotter than Hades, teaching basic machining, to people for many many years but had never received any formal training. Do yourself a favor and Texas also, start some type of training programs. You'd be amazed the amount of intelligence outside of Texas that could be imported. Instead of being known as the only state in the United States that got there. ass kicked by Mexico and have an to be rescued out of the close fist of the Mexican army. Do everyone a favor, try to elect people outside of Texas to become governor, Perry is such a big joke.
02:09 AM on 05/09/2012
youve never been in texas in your entire life.
01:26 AM on 05/09/2012
10 years in prison for failing to register? Ummm, i'm no fan of rapists, but the punishment doesnt fit the crime.
01:48 AM on 05/09/2012
Exactly...he should now be allowed to do more unpunished crime to make up for his loss.
01:13 AM on 05/09/2012
just another way the police can make a distressed 11 year old sign papers and get into her head after a traumatic situation
01:10 AM on 05/09/2012
This guy is going to live with this forever. It will affect him psychologically. Do you know what it is spending almost two decades in a living hell for a crime that had nothing to do with him? His brother let him rot in jail while he went on with his life. I am so sick of these innocent and good people jailed and wicked people free. He should sue the brother and also the law. I hope this man gets a lot of money back. The brother has the same name as the ex President of Nicaragua whom was also no price. "Daniel Ortega"
01:09 AM on 05/09/2012
This pisses me off on so many levels, women and girls like this that lie about something so serious is what makes it so hard for a lot of REAL rape and abuse victims to come forward or believed and an innocent man gets his reputation ruined for the rest of his life and gets tossed in jail.
01:49 AM on 05/09/2012
Don't get pissed off....This is what women do. Know it and act accordingly.
03:03 AM on 05/09/2012
It pisses me off too, the women that lie should be facing charges.
01:09 AM on 05/09/2012
This isn't about justice, this is about the judges' prides. When a judge makes a decision it is out of the hands of the victim or defendant to reverse it without a big circus The way I see it, the judges, the police, prosecutors, defense lawyers, probation officers are all part of a circus and their number one concern is their jobs, not the victims or defendants. Once you get in their cage, they all wanna bite. Stay away, do not break any laws even if they sound silly. They'll make your life a living hell. And never agree to probation, it's a never ending scam to keep losers employed, do the jail time and never ever break a law again.
01:01 AM on 05/09/2012
The conviction for the non-registering will likely stand. There has been precedent set on similar situations, like if an innocent man escapes from prison, he still gets a felony charge for escaping.
01:00 AM on 05/09/2012
ya this is another example of how stupid our court system is. If the woman who it happened to said it didn't happen by him, the court should stand up immediately and take notice. When it is possible that justice has not been served, that should take presidence over a stupid registration process of someone who wasn't even guilty. All judges should stand up immediatly and set things right without all the procedural nonsense. Hasn't this mans life been ruined enough already!!!!!Where's the common sense God gave them..
12:54 AM on 05/09/2012
The arrogance of the "legal" system is galling and I don't see it changing for the better any time soon.
GreatGrand mama
We must make our choices with care
01:04 AM on 05/09/2012
has to be a republican judge..
The worst blind is the one that refuses to see
01:33 AM on 05/09/2012
why? jerks come in all colors and parties...just look at your comment, at your age your brain must be failing on you huh?
12:36 AM on 05/09/2012
It's a paint by number!
Tim Day
Am I waiting to Live or Waiting to Die.....
12:31 AM on 05/09/2012
Have faith in the system huh? Seems they rarely get it right....
12:20 AM on 05/09/2012
Some of these MRA's need to drink less or study more. Spelling of 5 year old girls is better. I knew they'd be all over this new witch trial. "see, they all lie"... typical men. Let's go over the court documents, then have a conversation.
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01:08 AM on 05/09/2012
Well, Jin, at least we write in complete sentences and know correct punctuation. You seem....bitter. Go burn a bra. You'll feel better.
01:47 AM on 05/09/2012
That's your argument? The philosophy of Archie Bunker. lol. By the way, can one of you please, admit just once to being a masculinist. Or is it that whole FBI is watching ever since you are all hate groups now thing with the SPLC?
12:14 AM on 05/09/2012
This happens way too many times. Do the lying parties ever get punished?
12:55 AM on 05/09/2012
Not very often. Prosecutors don't punish the liars because prosecutors do not want future people to not come forward and admit that they were lying; thus, allowing an innocent person to be freed from prison.
01:04 AM on 05/09/2012
No, there is NO punishment for this in our legal system. That is why so many do it. Stay out of kansas...Their courts could have records showing your not the biological parent and still make you pay for that child, ask Judge Richard Anderson.
Just a little bent
01:34 AM on 05/09/2012
Not only Kansas, but Canada and most US states can (and do) require non-biological fathers to pay child support.

It happened to my brother who married a women with a 12 year old boy - and when they divorced - he had to pay child support.
Viet Nam vet & Merc. BA English Lit. Atty. at Law
12:11 AM on 05/09/2012
This recent conviction for failure to register will provably be appealed. Hope that justice is done.
Kickaha Ness
Tired of hearing it ain't what it is
02:53 AM on 05/09/2012
4years later.