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02:01 PM on 05/09/2012
These women need someone else to raise their girls, this is barely short of child abuse. The mothers really need some psychological counseling.
02:00 PM on 05/09/2012
These parents are the biggest suckers ever. If they add up all the entry fees and subtract the miniscule prize money and cost of the cheap trophies and crowns, they will see who is really winning......the pageant director! I bet the hotels let the director use their conference rooms free because they know how many rooms will be booked by these crazy pageant families. Another win.......for the hotel/venue.
01:46 PM on 05/09/2012
This woman needs professional psychological help. Child pageants disgust me.
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06:33 PM on 05/09/2012
*ALL* pageants disgust me, they are based on who's the most superficial/fake.
01:40 PM on 05/09/2012
All this show soft child Porn...where are all you Liberals now?
01:42 PM on 05/09/2012
Right here, honey. Agree. This is shameful. It's disgusting.
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02:38 PM on 05/09/2012
The contestants are overwhelmingly from the south; sorry but you won't find many liberals on that show. Expecting liberals to clean up another conservative mess, sigh.
05:11 PM on 05/09/2012
You will never find a conservative exploiting children, which is exactly what is going on here. I have never met a conservative from the south Mr. Jimmy Cater!! Nothing but Liberals on this show. Only a liberal would fight for the Megans law and the very next minute put there kids on a show like this...All Liberals think they can have it both ways.
01:26 PM on 05/09/2012
Somebody please take this woman to visit an orphanage. The kids are cute, as little kids tend to be, but (no offense) not the prettiest in the planet, like if it matters. What planet are these people from? Oblivious planet? Out of the "You Are Going to Ruin Your Children Future" solar system?
01:18 PM on 05/09/2012
One wonders where the $500,000 came from...
01:17 PM on 05/09/2012
Well NOW I see where the next generation reality star is being bred...:rolleyes:
01:17 PM on 05/09/2012
And we wonder why some children are so messed up early in life and later in life.
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I don't answer (to) libs.
01:05 PM on 05/09/2012
These lowly people wil one day answer for exploiting their children and attempting to turn them into the next generation's hookers. A total field day for any pervert and degenerate.
12:43 PM on 05/09/2012
What cracks me up about this show, and these pageant families, is that they are spending oodles of money on this hobby, while most are living in mobile homes! They are not planning ahead financially for their children's future. They are just wasting money on them being little divas who will be completely unprepared for the real world when they are older. I find it very sad. If you can afford to give them this hobby and still provide for their future, more power to you, but that doesn't appear to be the case for most of them.
02:03 PM on 05/09/2012
What worries me is there are so many people who watch this show that is remains on the air. Not only are the mothers sick, but the viewers are, too.
12:39 PM on 05/09/2012
People like her make me sick. How many children are out there who don't even own a $20 dress? How many children are in need of food and health care in the world? These kids need to learn that their self worth has nothing to do with their looks.
12:37 PM on 05/09/2012
All these moms are raising them to be on mtvs teenage moms. terrible parents.
12:28 PM on 05/09/2012
I have watched this show ,and sadly many of the children are not pretty,just have tons of make-up on,and they will not grow up to be the beauties their mothers tell them they are. It will be a sad awakening. And I do believe this is child abuse in many respects. A lot of the kids are unhappy with the fusing, and others are just too spoiled and bratty for words......
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12:27 PM on 05/09/2012
The thing I really don't understand about this is how is this a money maker for the participants? Where do the monies awarded to the winners come from? I wouldn't pay to see some 4-year old in an $8,000 dress, but obviously someone else will.
12:26 PM on 05/09/2012
These people shouldn't be allowed to raise children at all.
05:04 PM on 05/09/2012
Dr. Phil is warming up his chairs for them as we speak....
06:32 PM on 05/09/2012
LOL you're probably right!