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07:35 AM on 05/10/2012
As the press continues to probe Accretive Health, it seems surprising that there is no investigation into the actions of the Minnesota Attorney General, whose integrity can be called into question based on her poor judgement in taking this case to the press rather than keeping it in the courtroom. I have friends who work at a wireless phone company who are constantly surprised to find the Minnesota AG filing unwarranted lawsuits against them - all of which are eventually dismissed. Ladies and Gentlemen - this is tax money being spent for needless lawsuits - not the creation of jobs!
One side note - has anyone investigated a Minnesota trading company who had no interest in Accretive Health stock until the day before the AG's story was released to the press? Of course, they shorted the stock. Could there have been a leak?
10:59 AM on 05/10/2012
Interesting how you suddenly sign up to comment on this one article. And whose paying your wages, my little turnip?
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03:00 PM on 05/10/2012
lil turnip jest fell off the truck.
11:47 AM on 05/10/2012
12:46 AM on 05/10/2012
This is some aggregators bs and nobody is doing nothing.
12:39 AM on 05/10/2012
Everybody should slow down and check the facts This company is not a debt collection company. They mostly get money from insurance companies. How can you all miss that. Right now, new jobs in a city is really important. That is what the Mayor is supposed to do.
11:03 AM on 05/10/2012
The mayor is not supposed to give money to a company that abuses the rights of the citizens who pay his salary. Perhaps your employers should have thought about that before violating those rights and the law? You reap what you sow. Isn't that what you tell patients in debt? You made this mess, now deal with it?
02:23 PM on 05/10/2012
Insurance companies do not like to pay up either. I'm sure that in some cases when they dither on paying the providers, the insured will fear that their credit rating will go down the toilet and that providers will be reluctant to continue treating them so they pay out of pocket. If Accretive is linked to insurance companies it's unlikely that they are working on behalf of the health care consumer.
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11:26 PM on 05/09/2012
"...$1.3 million more for rehabilitating its LaSalle Street offices." Look up that address on Google and tell how much renovation you think their offices needed. Seeing as how it's on the same block as the the Federal Bank and CBOT? I can say with some certainty, since I work a block away, that it's not much. At lest not 1.3 mil worth.

This TIF nonsense is only going to get worse.
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06:49 PM on 05/09/2012
Imagine a nation where there was no such thing as something as perverse as a Health Care Debt Collection Corporation!

Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Certainly the most prosperous nation in the world should be above such things...
09:16 AM on 05/10/2012
Indeed Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!
02:26 PM on 05/10/2012
We are fast losing our claim to being the "most prosperous nation in the world." How about the "most greedy nation in the world?"