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Organic Gardener, Carpenter, Philosopher, Agitator
09:09 AM on 05/10/2012
This is so sad that our country had become so cowardly that individual law enforcement officers can't even use their own common sense and over rule the procedures when they can clearly see that there's been a mistake. Head scarfs and a toddler are now things to watch out for? Growing up in the sixties as a catholic I remember my mother and just about all of her friends wearing head scarfs. For one, is a nice light weight garment that can keep your hair in place and second, it used to be that to go into a church it was a strict rule that women had to cover their heads and men were required to uncover their heads and just about every women of age I saw wore a head scarf and in the winter they often had that plus a long coat from neck to foot covering everything. Today, all those women would have to be searched and suspected of something. Americans would do well to remember their history and christians would do well to remember that the basis of their religion is unconditional love.
08:50 AM on 05/10/2012
the TSA is awesome! never question them! now let them molest your kids and grandma, steal your I pads, smuggle drugs and put you threw the radioactive naked body scanner ( a little cancer never hurt anyone) you must blindly play security theater, no questions!
now take off your shoes and belt and get rid of your 4 ounce bottle of apple juice!
Seriously, it's time.
09:17 AM on 05/10/2012
Do the shoe dance carefully - if you don't it angers the hydraulics elves.
[you do not want to go flying with upset hydraulics elves on board.]
10:30 AM on 05/10/2012
dont fly and they will never look at you.
11:27 AM on 05/10/2012
Unless you encounter VIPR roadblocks, bus and train searches. Other than that, walking is an option too, I guess.
12:13 PM on 05/10/2012
are you a TSA employee? or are you one of the last 3 people who still think the tsa is anything more than a creepy bunch of civil rights violating goons ?