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05:49 PM on 05/23/2012
right... SHAME on facebook!! shame on them for asking something as complex as what sex you are..


kids these days... they're exhausting..
07:40 PM on 05/23/2012
I am a 52 year old Grandma and I get sick and tired of having to type Miss or Mrs or Mr anytime I file out anyuthing online. Shouldn't my name be enough? Just asking?
The Right
08:48 PM on 05/23/2012
Yeah, they didn't even have a spot to check YES or NO (or I wish)!!!
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05:13 PM on 05/23/2012
Oh my my . He/she hasn't decided what they are .. But Facebook must accomodate or fix the problem .
05:12 PM on 05/23/2012
It is NOT Facebook's RESPONSIBILITY to define who YOU are. Or what a person is. That is up to you, the individual. You are NOT an 'OTHER' you are a living breathing human who has people in your life that support and love you. You are NOT a victim of society or anything else. Make a decision, you can always change your mind if things don't work out, but the world would be very complicated in defining...'other'. In your letter, I hear a person that is confused and needs confirmation of their decision. You might want to look for a support group but Facebook is NOT the BAD GUY here. It is ultimately YOUR DECISION, not the perception of the onlooker or the world. or Facebook or your employer to define who you are. Good luck....
06:26 PM on 05/23/2012
CJ is not asking Facebook to define which sex he/she is. He's simply asking for the choice of "other". Not a big deal for Facebook to accomodate.
06:49 PM on 05/23/2012
Thank you for your clarity of thought in this matter. Your answer to CJ is perfect. Bravo.
05:10 PM on 05/23/2012
WOW who knew
05:06 PM on 05/23/2012
The decision has already been made, you are either male or female. If you decide to change that, it is your right. But as of this moment you are either a boy or a girl. Don't try to make things harder for yourself than they already are.
05:11 PM on 05/23/2012
I totally agree
05:19 PM on 05/23/2012
Actually, that's not true. Even speaking purely physically, sexuality can be difficult to determine. There are genetic males that are physically females. There are people born with undeterminable genitalia as well. It's far from black and white.
06:21 PM on 05/23/2012
...and this article mentions nothing about that, so....Dave's correct. live with it.
yes, my micro-bio is too large for one line ...
06:35 PM on 05/23/2012
So you're saying black and white is easy to determine? Not for Stevie.
05:01 PM on 05/23/2012
Very confused individual!!!
sinner saved by grace
07:39 PM on 05/23/2012
yes but just think we can finally mean what we say when we tell him/her to go #$%^$ itself
02:46 PM on 05/29/2012
Yes, you are.
04:55 PM on 05/23/2012
To say 'There are a lot of people still decided' is just wrong. It's frustrating for you but you have to understand that 99.99999% of people identify as either male or female and that is including LGBT people regardless of sexual orientation or birth gender. People that 'aren't sure' or 'can't decide' are the minority of the minority. Facebook doesn't have a responsibility to anyone. If you don't like it don't use it, but don't complain that it doesn't revolve around you.
07:06 PM on 05/23/2012
I agree
04:54 PM on 05/23/2012
So now you just get to make things up about yourself and demand recognition for them? CJ, I feel I am 99 percent male, but still 1 percent female. I haven't decided if and when I will be 100 percent male. I demand that the world celebrates my spoiledqueer status!
04:50 PM on 05/23/2012
with all due respect to what your going through, i dont think u should even post that. there are ALOT of so called "friends" out there who would LOVE to discrimminate against u. yes do what u want but if ur not sure that u should be "as" then dont change ur facebook thing. ur mom can live without u being posted as her whatever and so can u. yes this is an issue not arguing against that but facebook has a "interested in" option and since u said u liked girls........well then start with that. post whoever u were born with and u can easily change if theres a need for it. baby steps. also mark zuckerberg probably KNOWS that gays/lesbians/transgenders exist but he a) doesnt care b) doesnt want to aknowledge and/or c) doesnt think this is an issue. u dont like wats on the internet then dont go there or dont use it other than practical purposes. nuff said.
Joe Brindley
Don't tread on me.
04:42 PM on 05/23/2012
Someone give the girl....boy...girl...a tissue.
04:41 PM on 05/23/2012
Sounds like it's time to quit worrying about your "status" on social media sites, and get ready for the real world kiddo! And quit being so self centered. The world is NOT all about YOU, nor your glbtq friends. You are now lobbying for things that even "straight" people could care less about, just to keep your homosexual lifestyles out in front of everyone.
05:16 PM on 05/23/2012
06:22 PM on 05/23/2012
04:37 PM on 05/23/2012
If this kid hasn't made up his mind in the past seventeen years I don't think Facebook should be expected to wait around another seventeen for him to do so.
Justice belongs to all, or it belongs to none
04:33 PM on 05/23/2012
I have male relative who want to add me as a relative. They're guys, I'm a gal. But, since they are guys all the options are MALE. What? He was hatched? He didn't have a mother? Guess it makes it easier to market to us if we can be identified as neat little pegs to be fitted into neat little slots.

And good luck CJ. Folks like you are our future.
04:24 PM on 05/23/2012
CJ, technology hasn't yet caught up with your situation. More importantly, the world we live in will always be judgmental and try to put you "in a box". Be true to yourself, worry less about how people "see" you and enjoy life. My wish for you is to be kind, considerate and tolerant of all humans because we are all different, not just what our sexuality is. We are fed so much garbage but in the end (as you age) kindness, laughter and peace are some of the things you will find (hopefully) are most important. Pay no mind to individuals who are negative about life and enjoy pointing out things about you that they do not agree with. They just don't understand and it is their loss.
02:48 PM on 05/29/2012
Technology: Incapable of putting "sibling" in a drop-box.