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03:57 PM on 05/24/2012
It was a little slow during the set up, but the last 20 minutes finished with a bang. I had a feeling they were going to try to kill Victoria when she told Conrad she was going ahead with her plans, I don't think she's dead though. It was a great end to the season finale.
In Blackest Night
03:55 PM on 05/24/2012
Wow, I couldn't disagree more about either Charlotte or Faux-Manda.

I've enjoyed watching Charlotte's devolution as the season progressed, from a sweet, troubled girl dealing with her family's problems without the tools to do so, into a mini-Victoria who is simply bitter and mean, but also doing so without the tools to accomplish it. Even she realizes this, in her moment of guilt.

Faux-Manda was obviously coming back, especially once it looked at all like Emily would open up to Jack. Otherwise, there's not a whole lot of drama there. And without drama, well, you don't have a show.

I do agree, however, that Victoria avoided death, but Lydia did not. In some ways, Lydia was really a tragic character, being used as a pawn by one Grayson after another.

I can't believe I need to wait until September. This is going to be one long summer.
Expressing Who I Am
02:43 PM on 05/24/2012
I would love to see the season finale on Hulu even though I was watching Law & Order: SVU at the same time.
02:34 PM on 05/24/2012
Loved the last 10 minutes of last night's show. Halfway through this first season I thought that Emily and Nolan will end up discovering that they are actually brother and sister (hence the reason David Clarke asked Nolan to look out for her). The lady that Nolan went to see (the same one we hear left suddenly and disappeared from Grayson Corp. & the one that pulled a shotgun on Emily when she went to her home and saw Nolan there) may turn up to be their real mother -- or at least their aunt (their mother's sister). Just a thought.
03:54 PM on 05/24/2012
I agree with you.
01:26 PM on 05/24/2012
This was a fantastic season finale. I don't think Victoria is dead, she's too great a character. The finale set up so many storylines for next year - the aftermath of the plane crash, fake Amanda putting a wrench in Emily/Jack's relationship, Daniel and Ashley, Emily's mom being alive, etc. Great writing!
05:05 PM on 05/24/2012
To elaborate, I think Victoria knew full well that something would happen to the plane, so she pretended to get on and secretly got off. She'll go into witness protection until the hearings/trial, so everyone thinks she's dead. We'll see how her family handles her death. Daniel will turn against his dad and get back with Emily, which works for Emily. She can't have Jack, and she needs to remain near the Graysons. Then, in Revenge fashion, Victoria will pop up in one of the episodes in a huge twist. Charlotte survives, goes to rehab and she and Declan continue to have issues. Obviously, Jack can't end up with fake Amanda, so somehow he finds out the baby isn't his or something to that nature. I can't wait to find out what the real story is behind Emily's mom. Love love love this show.
08:29 AM on 05/25/2012
Totally agree with you. I do not think Victoria is dead at all. She is a great main character. I don't even know if the plane even blew up, they did report it on the news, but I don't think they showed any part of a plane? Victoria HAD to know that Conrad would do something to the plane, she knows him better than anyone.

I really cannot wait for next season!
01:20 PM on 05/24/2012
Oh that last line was perfect! Let me know that Season Two was going to be right on the money.
01:01 PM on 05/24/2012
Oh I love your recap & wit about it all! Just great & I agree 100%
12:26 PM on 05/24/2012
Yeah, there's absolutely no way that Victoria is dead. Mike Kelly would be incredibly foolish to go through with that. Lydia, sadly, has fewer chances.

Agree COMPLETELY that Charlotte should not return. She likely will, though, since she hasn't discovered her sister is our Emily, though. Boo.

Biggest surprise was definitely Faux's pregnancy. I literally yelled "Oh My God". I actually loved the trashy girl, so I'm glad she's back!

Our take:
02:47 PM on 05/24/2012
I really like Charlotte! I think Victoria knew exactly what was going to happen, got off the plane and will go into hiding until she's safe...which will make for a great twist when she pops up. Just a thought!
12:04 PM on 05/24/2012
They'll need to have a real power-house actress play the part of Emily's mom, to keep up with Madeliene Stowe....hmmm, maybe Jessica Lange or Meryl Streep?
"I am not a Number. I am a Free Man!"
11:07 PM on 05/24/2012
I nominate Sharon Stone.
10:15 AM on 05/25/2012
There you go!
11:42 AM on 05/24/2012
i thought the whole scene letting the white haired guy live was just wrong. i know why, but just so totally out of character. in true soap opera style of course faux amanda had to spoil the happy ending..........and victoria/stowe, she's just to juicy to give up.........
11:38 AM on 05/24/2012
Three Questions are still unanswered
1. Was the evidence against Grayson Global on the plane that was destroyed?
2. Is the Child Faux Manda carrying really Jack's.
3. Who and where is Emily's mother.
Other than that it was a great season finale.
11:24 AM on 05/24/2012
Victoria never got on the plane, youll see! That would have been great if Conrad tossed the daughters body back on the bed and said " Your not mine anyway" !!!
"I am not a Number. I am a Free Man!"
11:08 PM on 05/24/2012
11:09 AM on 05/24/2012
I love this show. It is absolutely my favorite.!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure Jack and Emily will get together sometime. I love Nolan, how he can do all this stuff with electronics. Please give me some classes!! lol
In Blackest Night
03:57 PM on 05/24/2012
I disagree. I think that whenever Emily finally opens up to Jack, he'll die in her arms. More than likely, he will be collateral damage due to something she did.

This is, after all, a soap-opera. :)
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11:02 AM on 05/24/2012
I watched five minutes of this show last night, the first time I have ever seen it. Reminded me of a cheesy soap opera, which happened to be at night. No thanks.
12:50 PM on 05/24/2012
Thanks for the input - glad to know this information!
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12:54 PM on 05/24/2012
You should be glad. I am a very important individual.
01:28 PM on 05/24/2012
LOL - yes, because five minutes of one show is ample time to make a decision about an entire season.
11:01 AM on 05/24/2012
I love this show, it's my favorite.But charlotte needs to grow up or disappear and PLEASE get rid of faux-Amanda , I an sooooo tired of her....Emily needs to be with Jack, and I love Nolan and Declan.Can't wait to see who Emily's mother is......